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NovaBackup is a data backup and restore software for your PC / Laptops developed by NovaStor, a leading developer of Server and Network backup software. Taking a backup of data stored on your PC at regular intervals of time is very much critical to prevent any type of data loss.

Because data loss may occur when your computer gets corrupted or the OS stops booting due to a severe malware attack and since you may not be aware of such incidents, it is important that you take precautionary measures well in advance.

Nova Backup software is one of the best and an easy data backup and restore software application available in the market because you need not be an IT expert to take backups using this software.

The speed of the backup and restore process is very high and you can complete the process in simple and easy steps.



How easy is it to install the software?

The installation of Nova Backup in your PC is very simple and easy and requires a series of typical steps just like other software in the market. But before the installation of the software begins, you will be getting a prompt message which asks you to install the Backup client prior to installing the Nova backup. Once the backup client is installed, you need to follow a series of simple steps which lead to the installation of the software.

Also, please note during the installation process, you need to choose the type of installation like custom or typical. And then you need to provide your name, email and enter the activation key or choose Evaluation if you want to try the trial version of the software.


What are the features of NovaBackup?

Apart from the backup and restore feature which is the core function of NovaBackup, the software also offers others top-class features which makes it the best in the market. Now let’s discuss about some of the features and the advantages of the software.

  • NovaBackup allows you to take backup of either your individual files or the entire PC hard drive.
  • The software allows you to take backup of your files, videos and images to various online and cloud storage devices like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, iDriveSync, SkyDrive, and SafeSync.
  • The automatic scheduling feature takes backup of incremental changes that happen in between full data backups.
  • The software offers the best backup and restore speed of your data when compared its other competitors.
  • Multi-threaded backup and restore feature allows for the faster processing of data during the backup and restore process by allowing for the overlapping of file read and write operations.
  • The auto shut-down feature allows for the automatic shut-down or restart of your Windows PC once the backup process is completed.
  • With the disaster recovery image backups, the software ensures to take an image backup of your entire system and restores your PC to normal within a short period of time.


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How easy is it to use the software?

The user interface of Nova Backup software is very simple and easy to use even by novice users for taking backups of their data files in a secure manner. Yes, you do not need to be an IT expert for taking backups and restoring your PC with Nova Backup. Let’s see how to use the software for scheduling and taking backups of your data files.

NovaBackup contains 9 tabs with each one performing different functions. The home screen contains three important functions of the software namely Taking a backup of the data files, creating an image backup of the entire PC and taking backup of the data files to an online cloud storage. You can also see the list of recent jobs and scheduled jobs at the side of the Home screen.

Nova Backup home

In the copy tab, you can create a copy of your files, images or videos present in your system. You can either create the copy instantly or schedule it to run at a particular time period.

Nova Backup copy

The backup tab allows you to take backup of the files, folders, images, videos, and audios present in your system. Similar to copy function, you can either run the backup or schedule it to run at a particular time frame. Before taking the backup, you need to provide a name for the backup job and choose the location where you would like to save the backup.

Nova Backup backup

The restore tab allows you to restore the data or the entire system back to an earlier point of time using the backup taken. You need to select the backup to perform the restore process and you can do this by clicking the import button and browse the backup file.

Nova Backup restore

The log tab keeps a log of all the backups and restore operation performed and displays them to the user.

Nova Backup log

The schedule tab allows you to schedule a backup task that starts automatically without any user intervention. The tab also contains options for editing and deleting the scheduled tasks.

Nova Backup schedule

The device tab shows a list of available devices and hard drives connected to your PC.

Nova Backup device

The status tab displays the status of a backup or restore operation that you run.

Nova Backup status

You can use the support tab to contact their support team for any assistance or access their detailed knowledgebase for any doubt regarding the usage of the software.

The image backup option available at the home screen allows you to take backup of the entire system and store it as a backup image file on your PC. In case of any disaster, you can restore the system back to normal by using the backup image file that was created earlier.

Nova Backup imagebackup

The cloud backup option available at the home screen allows you to take the backup of your data files and store it in a cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox etc.

Nova Backup cloudbackup

So you would be now aware of all the functions and features of the software and must have a clear picture of how to perform backup and restore operations.


Watch NovaBACKUP Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)




What do others say about NovaBackup?

You can find a number of positive reviews for Nova Backup on the internet and some have even declared it as the best backup software that you can find on the internet. Though the reviews were all positive, I could find a mixed response in the user comments.

The number of positive comments was equal to the number of negative comments. Some of the negative comments that I went through were minimal support, setting up the software was difficult, extra fee for support assistance etc.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials that you can find about the software on the internet.

NovaBACKUP is the best data backup software because it’s both easy to use and fast – you won’t find many data backup apps that are this easy to use, and it was the fastest app in our backup and restore tests. Even though the CPU usage and compression were just average, the comprehensive list of advanced features makes this app a very flexible data backup solution.” – TopTenReviews

Overall this is a great product that is hampered by the developer's constant need to get every cent possible from the customer-base. If your trial works without a problem, you'll find the expansive feature set a blessing compared to significantly more expensive offerings from competitors.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version ?

The only limitation in the trial version of the software is the time period during which you can evaluate the software for free. You can use Novabackup to perform backup and restore operation without any restriction for a period of 15 days. After that, you need to buy the full version to continue using the software.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 3 GB
Required Processor Premium 4 or higher


What is the price of NovaBackup?

The NovaBACKUP PC is available in three packs and the price of each pack differs. While the price of the software for 1 PC alone is $49.95 per year, the price of the 3 pack and 5 pack bundle is $79.95 and $99.95 per year for 3 PCs and 5 PCs respectively.

At present, there are no offers available for the software that you can find on their official website. But you can check this review again to see if any offers pop up in the future and we will keep you updated if we come across any such offers.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for the software which allows you to get a full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the software.


Verdict and Conclusion:

NovaBACKUP PC is one of the best data backup software that you can find on the internet. The software is simple and easy to use and does not require you to be an expert in using the software for performing data backup operations.

The backup and restore operations are performed at such a high speed when compared to most of its competitors. This could be the best fit for you if you are looking for a simple and effective data backup software.



9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Performs backups and restore at a high speed
  • Nominal price of the software
  • Free Trial Available
  • CD / DVD backup option is not available
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