Backup your precious DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum!

Do you have tons of Original DVDs?

Ever thought of creating a backup of those DVDs and just using the backup instead of the original copy to preserve it?

Then this software is for you!

Creating a copy of original DVDs would be very tricky since they are copyright protected; but it has been made possible by WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.



What is WinX DVD Ripper?

This software backups or rips any DVDs that you have, including ISOs. You only have to take a DVD or an ISO that you created and make a backup by using this software. The software has been designed to be very user friendly; easy to use in other words. You just have to insert the DVD that you want to rip or create a backup of and the software would automatically prompt you through the steps that you need to go through.



I have taken my time on checking out this software and I could surely say that this software works magnificently and would definitely buy it if only I had a collection of precious DVDs!

Here is my full honest review.


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Navigation and Features

Everybody loves a software that, not only does what it promises, but also makes the whole process smoother and as simple as it could. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum absolutely does not disappoint at this. You only have to insert your DVD into your DVD drive and this prompt would come up


You simply have to click OK on this window and it would take you to the next step wherein the user will be asked to choose the format he/she would like the backup would be in.


This window will give the user all of the formats that are available. On the left, you could see Device Profile. If you’d like to have the output of the ripped DVD to be optimized for a particular device(eg. iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S7 Edge and many more) you only have to select the specific device on the listed device profiles.

This feature is really cool…



Ever experienced an output not fitting the whole screen when watching a movie on your phone? This actual step fixes that issue. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has enlisted almost all of the popular devices and has taken note of these devices’ resolution. Which is why the output of the video ripped would be optimized for that device profile you have chosen.

If you are unsure of what format to choose, the software also would provide regular users of the recommended file format; this basically means that this file format works 99% of the time.

After selecting the format, you will be taken to the last step that you would have to go through before completing your DVD ripping.


On the left-hand side, the…


Video Editing Tools

WinX DVD Ripper does not only rip your DVD but it also has a few yet essential video editing tools.



On this tool, you will be cut unwanted borders of the video or even cut a selected segment of the movie; Pretty awesome especially when you want to cut some scenes not suitable for young audiences.


Audio Enhancement

WinX DVD Ripper has a simple audio enhancement tool wherein you will be able to select from a drop down box your preferred audio enhancement. Most users are not really particular with this and just leave this one to its default selection. But if you are a picky user and knows what you need, you should be able to maximize this feature.


Hard-Subbing (Subtitles)

Normally, the subtitle file is separate from the actual movie file and not all mobile devices could read that subtitle file. With WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, users will be able to actually engrave the subtitle to be part of the movie. This means movie + subtitle in a single video file!

That’s not all…

Some users like to multitask and do a lot of things at the same time. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum could surely put your whole computer system into a strain and would affect your multitasking efficiency. The developers of WinX DVD Ripper have created a solution by allowing the users to limit the software’s CPU utilization. This could be found on the lower right-hand side of the final step before completing your DVD rip or backup.

When you start ripping, the software provides the users two options: the first one is to shut down the computer when conversion is completed and the other is open output folder when conversion completed.

The first option would give WinX DVD Ripper the permission to shut down the computer. A great option you could select whenever you are ripping a DVD right before sleeping. Just make sure no unsaved windows are opened, you may lose some files in the process or the computer might not fully shut down.

The second option would just basically open the actual folder containing the output.

Something I noticed though, the remaining time is not the actual remaining time. It could state that it would go on for more than 20 minutes but it finished ripping in about 5 or 6 minutes. It’s not really a bad thing, but I just think it would be really better if this remaining time would actually tell the users the actual time the whole ripping process would take.




My Experience when using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

In my opinion WinX DVD Ripper is an excellent software which has great output, formats and device profiles. It supports a lot popular formats and mobile devices. On the other hand it supports multiple languages; users can change the software’s language depends on their needs. Worth mentioning, the video and audio qualities are really amazing, the conversion speed is pretty fast and the user interface is easy to use; even if you are not that good in computers; the software is designed to guide you through the next step.

Downside is that the software only supports DVDs; if you’d like to back up your VCDs instead, this software may not be for you. Also, the software only has a few editing tools such as crop, volume adjustment and hard-subbing a subtitle into the movie. These editing are indeed the essential ones but having more editing tools in the future versions of the software should be great.


System Requirement

Operation System
Microsoft® Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)

1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above

256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

Free Hard Disk
100MB space for installation

Graphic Card
256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

DVD-ROM drive

Input Supported
DVD disc (NTSC & PAL), DVD folder, ISO image file

The price?

I’d say it is pretty much practical.

Original DVDs are not cheap. And if there is a tool like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that helps user preserve them, I’d say it is certainly worth to buy one.


WinX DVD Ripper Testimonials

Checking other people’s statements/opinions about the software is always worth it. Here are some few that I have found.

I just tried the program with a DVD of mine, and it worked quickly and flawlessly. If you want a fast, effective, and fairly user-friendly DVD-ripping solution, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the way to go.
– Rick Broida (CNET review)

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers a comfortable interface to carry out DVD ripping operations as easy as possible. The application completes the conversion pretty fast and with little impact on system resources.
– Ionut Ilascu (Softpedia review)

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum does a very good job backing up and transcoding your DVD collection, including your copy-protected discs. It worked flawlessly in my tests.
– Jon L. Jacob (PCWorld review)

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a great solution when it comes to converting DVDs into any format of your choice. With it, you'll be able to enjoy all of your multimedia files on tons of different devices without incompatibility issues, no matter what kind of gear you're using.
– Merche Contreras (Uptodown review)

At the end of the day, almost nobody who wants to rip a DVD will regret buying WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. It's a speedy program with a host of conversion and customization options. Only a few small omissions kept it out of the top spot in our review of the best DVD ripper software. Review


How much is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

If you visit their OFFICIAL WEBSITE, the software is on a -35% sale at $39.95. Normally, a single license should cost %59.95. If you would by 3 licenses for 3 PCs, it would be for $45.95; quite the big savings right there.

There are also 2 outstanding software packages that are on sale right now: WinX Home Pack and WinX Super Video Pack.

WinX Home Pack is a bundle of 3 softwares: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, HD Video Converter Deluxe and DVD Copy Pro. Currently available at $49.95 from the normal $159.85.

The WinX Super Video Pack is an all-in-one solution for your DVD and video collection. You could grab one, normally, for $279.65 but is on an incredible sale at the moment for $59.95.

A 30-day Money back Guarantee has been ensured by Digiarty for your confidence in buying the software.

If you would like to try the software out first, like I did, you definitely can through clicking here. But please take note: [icon icon=”lightbulb-o” color=”#dd9933″ size=””][/icon]The free trial version only rips the first five minutes of a DVD and output a 5-minute video as a pure experience and also disables “Trim” function as watermark.


Verdict and Conclusion

Definitely an amazing software for those people who loves to collect original DVDs and would like to preserve them by creating backups of it. If you are not that enthusiast in supporting the movie industry, you may find this software quite expensive.

Though it is really quite expensive.

I have found some few softwares that offer the same services as WinX DVD Ripper, however, not in the same quality and definitely not as smooth as how WinX DVD Ripper has been designed.

So, in the end, I’d still say, the software is definitely worth it for your original DVD collection.

I’d rate WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with a 5/5 in its features and a 4/5 for its price.

Overall, I’d be giving a 4.5/5 for this one.

Reviewer’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. We, at do not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.

8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Fast Ripping Speed
  • Could copy any DVD including copyright protected ones
  • Capable in converting DVDs into several different device platforms
  • Software walks you through the whole ripping process
  • Capability of limiting CPU Utilization
  • Competitive price knowing there are free softwares out there offering the same service (not the same quality and ease-of-access)
  • Could only back-up DVD; not VCDs and Blu-Ray
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