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AV Voice Changer is a software application that allows the user to change or morph their voice to a different tone in an effective manner. You can modify your voice and make it look like a masculine or a feminine as per your wish. Irrespective of your age, you can make a change or modify your voice that suits a particular age group. The software allows you to do real-time changes to your voice during a Skype or Facebook call.

The software also supports a long list of VoIP devices apart from Skype, Facebook, and other voice chat applications. Apart from morphing your voice, the software also allows you to edit your voice and other audio files in a simplified way.

It also offers features that allow you to record your voices and convert audio files from one format to another format. The software is one of the best in the market as it contains a large number of voices from which you can choose.



How easy is it to install the software on your PC?

The installation process of the AV Voice Changer software is very simple and easy to follow. Like various other software applications, the installation of the software involves a series of typical steps which you need to follow before the software is installed.

During the installation, you need to choose if you alone want to use the software or anyone can use the software. Though the installation is simple, it takes more time for the software to install than a usual software application. In my case, it took nearly 3 minutes to complete.

Also please note, after the installation of the software, it will ask you to allow for the installation of Avsoft Virtual Audio device in your system which is mandatory for using the voice changer software. Once you accept, the virtual audio device will be installed and you can start using the software.


AV Voice Changer Diamond Video Demo




What are the features of AV Voice Changer?

As said earlier, the software comes with some of the top class features which makes it the best voice changer software in the market. You can make use of these features to cut, edit and convert your voice and audio files. Let’s discuss the features the software offers to its users in detail.

Voice Editor – This feature allows you to edit your voice and audio files as per your requirements. You can cut, copy, add effects to your audio files.

Voice Morpher – This feature allows you to morph your voice and modify it to a different one.

File Morpher – The File Morpher feature allows you to add effects, morph and convert the audio files to other formats in a simplified manner.

Voice Recorder – The feature allows you to record your voice from any VoIP devices, Skype, Facebook, or other instant chatting applications in an effective manner.

Effects – The software offers a large number of voice effects to its users. Currently, there are 30 voice effects, 17 non-human voices, 70 background effects, and 40 plug-in audio effects.

Voice Analyzer – The voice analyzer feature allows you to improve your voice by analyzing the four characteristics of your own voice namely harmony, pitch, brightness, and score. You can compare these characteristics of your voice with other good voices and thereby you can make improvements to your own voice.

Voice comparator – This feature allows you to compare your voice with other imported voices and make improvements to your own voice.

Nickvoices – AV Voice Changer offers more than 100 hundred nickvoices which the users can use in an online chat zone.

Parody Mixer – This feature allows you to create a unique parody voice by mixing other parody voices.

Voice Mimicker – This feature allows you to mimic the voice of other famous personalities and mix it with parody voices to create a unique voice of your own.


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How easy is it to use the software?

Though the user interface of the software may look simple and neat, it may take some time for the users to get through the working of the software. Only after using it for a couple of days, you come to know about all the functions of the software in detail.

Also, the developers failed to design a proper user interface because most of the tips or pop-up window does not have a proper close button which indicates the end of tips. Now let’s briefly discuss how to use the software and its various features.

As soon as you open av voice changer diamond, you will be getting the main screen like below. The morpher button is turned on by default when you open the software which you can turn off if not required. All the voices that you record will be morphed if the morpher is turned on. You can turn it off if you want your original voice to be recorded.

AV Voice changer morpher

You can change your voice to an already present male or female voice of a particular age group by clicking the nickvoices button where you can see a long list of male and female voices of different age groups.

AV Voice changer nickvoice

You can also change your voice by moving the cursor over the Pitch-Timbre graph present at the middle of the main screen. The voice changes as you adjust the pitch-timbre graph and you can continue the process till you get the desired voice.

AV Voice changer graph

The voice beautifying and voice effects window allow you to improve your voice and add additional effects to your voice respectively.

AV Voice changer voiceeffects

You can edit your voice or audio files by clicking the voice editor button. A separate window opens when you click the button where you can open the audio file that you wish to edit. You can see various edit options like cut, copy, paste and add additional effects to the audio in the voice editor screen.

AV Voice changer voiceeditor

You can batch convert your audio files to other formats by clicking the File Morpher button. Before converting the files, don’t forget to choose the output folder and the output format for the audio files.

AV Voice changer filemorpher

You can record your voice by clicking the Voice recorder button. In the voice recorder window, click on the record button to start the voice recording. Once done, click on the stop button to stop the recording. You can save your voice recording in your PC by browsing the save window which automatically opens once the recording is stopped.

AV Voice changer voicerecorder

The other features of the software like Parody mixer, voice comparator, and voice analyzer can be accessed by clicking the Utilities button.

As said earlier, the parody mixer allows you to create a unique voice by mixing your voice with other parody voices present. First, you need to select the voice that you like to parody and then record your own voice and use the parody mixer to create your own voice. You can save the created voice by clicking the save button.

AV Voice changer parodymixer

The voice comparator feature allows you to compare your voice with a list of voices that is present. You need to select a voice with which you like to compare and record your own voice and then compare both.

AV Voice changer voicecomparator

The voice analyzer can help you in improving your voice by analyzing the four characteristics of your voice namely harmony, brightness, pitch and score.

AV Voice changer voiceanalyzer

You can also change your voice while chatting in Skype, Facebook, Viber, VoIP devices and other online chat zones by clicking the Online Voice Changer button. Once the Online voice changer window opens, you need to choose the chat application or device in which you wish to change your voice. Then follow the instructions given for each chat application to change your voice.

AV Voice changer online voicechanger

It is advised that you use your microphone while chatting for best results.

For any help or support regarding any issues that you face with av voice changer diamond, you can go to their FAQ page to find a solution or contact their support team by using the help button.



What do others say about the AV Voice Changer?

It is very important to know what others feel about a product before making a purchase. So it is very important to go through the reviews and what other users say about the software. When you search Google for this AV voice changer review, you mostly find positive ones which itself is a clear indication that the software can be trusted.

Also, most of the user comments that I went through were good and only a very few had some issues with the software. Some of the complaints that I found are poor UI, should include more video tutorials, parody is difficult to use etc. Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the software.

A powerful voice-altering program with many features and abilities, and applications in many places. If you work with audio/voice at all, this is a must-have program for your work suite. It allows you to be very creative, and precise, can save in virtually any format, handles audio as well as video, has great support (both official and online friends) and should handle all your audio needs.” – User

AV Voice Changer is a professional voice modulator software that can also provide endless hours of fun. It has a growing library of sound effects and an intuitive graphical user interface. However, it only works with Windows computers and its free version is gimped, nags you endlessly to upgrade and requires a key to work.” – TopTenReviews


What are the limitations of the trial version?

While most of the software allows you to access all their features in the trial version, it is not the case with AV voice changer diamond software. The software allows you to access only limited features of the software in the trial version. So you need to buy the full version in order to use all the functionalities of the software. Also, the trial version is limited to only 14 days after which the software becomes useless.

AV Voice changer trial


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Required RAM 250 MB
Required Space 150 MB
Required Processor 1 GHz
Sound Card Full Duplex Sound Card


What is the price of the software?

The price of the AV voice changer diamond software is $99.95 in their official website. Though the price may seem to be high for some, it is really worth the money considering the features it offers. At present, the software is available only for the Windows OS and not for the MAC.

If you feel the price high, then you can go for the lighter versions of the software namely Voice Changer Software Gold and Voice Changer Software Basic which are priced at $39.95 and $29.95 respectively.

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For all the Cheap Software viewers, there is an exclusive offer of 30% for the Diamond version of the software alone which you can claim by making use of the discount coupon mentioned below. Please note that the offer is valid only for a short period of time and may expire anytime soon.

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There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for the software which entitles you to the full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the software within 30 days from purchasing it.


Verdict and Conclusion:

So AV Voice Changer software allows you to have fun while chatting with your closed ones by allowing to change your voice. The software also offers various other features like voice editing, file morpher, voice comparator and voice analyzer which allows you to enhance your voice. Thus AV voice changer diamond can be the best fit for you if you are looking for a professional voice modulator software.



8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • A lot of features apart from the core voice changing function
  • A number of masculine and feminine voice of different age groups from which you can choose
  • Batch conversion of audio files
  • Free Trial Available
  • Poorly designed UI
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