Rollback RX Professional – An Instant Time Machine for Your PC

RollBack Rx Pro in a recovery windows tool that allows you to restore your system to a previous state depending on your needs. Be it for data or disaster recovery. In basic terms a time machine for your PC to go back to eradicate file deletion, viruses, and so on.



What is Rollback Rx Professional

As the name eludes it’s a tool to roll back your PC to a previous state & time. Through what they call “snapshots” a picture of your PC at a point in time allows you to revert back in the event you lose any data, get a virus, or have any sort of system failure. A complete Windows restore solution that anyone can use to protect their data & safeguard in the event anything may occur in the future. A time machine for your computer that can save you when you least expect it or when you need it most.

Let’s say you’re using your computer & somehow malware infects your system rendering it useless. Rolling back to a snapshot of the previous day or time before you were infected assures the safety of the PC & more importantly the data on it. You can even grab specific files from a previous snapshot without fully restoring to that point.

RollbackRX instantrecovery


What are the features of the software?


  • Unlimited Snapshots (Can capture unlimited points of restore)
  • Reverse system crashes
  • Go back minutes, days or even months
  • Works w/VMWare (Virtual Machines)
  • Supports Multi-Boot
  • Retrieve files from a crashed PC even if it cannot boot
  • 256-bit AES encryption on snapshots


Rollback RX Demo ( Click To Play The Video )



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My Personal Experience w/Rollback RX Professional

In my initial testing with Rollback, the experience was sub par, to say the least. After creating a snapshot of which I tried to restore to it actually caused my system to boot loop with an error. Eventually, I was able to boot into RollBack’s pre-boot menu & restore to said point however it wasn’t without some effort. So it didn’t start off great. Outside of that, however, creating snapshots & restoring files from previous instances did work as advertised.

The interface & features were easy enough to navigate & setup snapshots but the initial issues the program caused didn’t leave me with much confidence.

RollbackRX commontask


Buy Rollback RX Professional for your Windows PC

System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 2 GB
Required Processor 2 GHz


Price & Tiers of the software

When it comes to pricing RollbackRX Pro can be purchased on a per license basis. Purchasing more licenses helps you receive a bigger discount overall. Multiple licenses allow for use across more than one machine.

Single license= $69

3x License Pack= $155

5x License Pack=$250

There’s also a home edition if you’d like to test out a simpler/free version before buying the pro.

RollbackRX price

Be sure to use our below links to take advantage of said savings when buying in bulk.

Get Rollback RX Professional for your Windows PC

These versions include the full system recovery set of tools & you can even check out their server edition if interested.


What others are saying about the software? 

Rollback RX simplifies software and hardware testing fully reverses computer crashes and enables users to instantly undo software-related problems in mere seconds. It doesn't just clean-up software installations or malware infections, it fully reverses them with no leftovers left behind littering your disks. –TweakTown


My personal thought on the features, price and user interface of the software

Horizon Datasys tool provides all sorts of features for system recovery be it full images/snapshots, backup solutions, Malware remover. All of which really make it a useful all in one stop shop for dealing with your system.

For what it offers & can help you save your data which to most is priceless I’d say Rollback RX Professional comes in at a fair standpoint especially when you consider the discount you can get when buying bulk.

While the app itself is easy to navigate & walk through there is major room for error when messing with such an app. As from my own experience as someone who's technically savvy, I had issues with the system being locked out & unable to restore originally. Making me jump through hoops to get it working again isn’t the easiest or best solution out there.


Final Verdict/Conclusion

Rollback RX Pro offers a wide array of features to ensure your system stays safe & is easily recoverable be it for work or personal use. That said the app while offering so much also risks your data at times with its snapshot/rollback feature. While the initial halting of my system left a bad taste I can say it’s other main features worked well enough to get my machine up & running & allow me to recover some files from previous months during my test.

It’s an app to have for the “just in case” moments however once you do have it & need it you’ll be thankful you invested in such a service. Assuring your system is safe, secure, and running efficiently all while providing you your own time machine within the app. Secure your system today with Rollback RX!


Get Rollback RX Professional for your Windows PC

7.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • File Retrieval
  • Ability to create full image/snapshots of your drive at any given moment
  • Unlimited snapshot support
  • Protect/Remove Malware/Viruses easily
  • If not handled right can cause file/system corruption which in itself can be a major issues
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