Jutoh Review and Video Demo – Read and Watch This Before You Buy!

Jutoh is a tool that makes creating & publishing e-Books, iBooks, and so on easy & effective. Providing you an all in one publishing environment to create, edit, and distribute your ebook all from one application.



What is Jutoh?

Jutoh is a tool for publishers who want to create, edit, and publish any sort of ebook. Whether it’s for Amazon, iBooks store, or personal distribution Jutoh gives you the environment to produce a quality ebook with text, image, and other media.

You can create a new one out of scratch or import documents & have them converted to an ebook format. Beyond the conversion process, Jutoh is a full-on editor that allows you to edit any media for the book. You can use it to design the cover, add pictures, and so much more.



Features of the software


  • Supports wide range of file formats to import (docs, ODT, text & more)
  • Full formatting tools (Paragraph styling, text styling, etc)
  • Epub 3 Export
  • Image support
  • Layout page editor
  • Cover designer
  • Footnotes & Endnotes


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My Personal Experience with Jutoh

I’ve created several eBooks in the past & have used multiple applications. Jutoh offers up a lot of features & options all in one environment. Not only does it support a wide range of formats for you to import your content into it but it also has a full-fledged editor.

So if you type up your ebook within a .docx format you can easily drop it into Jutoh to revise & format it for publishing. That step as well can all be handled within the app itself as it supports ePub exporting & uploading to a service of your choice.

I also enjoyed the virtual desktop interface it gives you to work on your project & easily jump to helpful tools within the app. It takes the tedious work of ebook publishing out & eases the overall process. Coupled with it’s clean but featured packed interface I had a great time testing out the app. The ability to create, edit, organize and publish all in one place.



Watch Jutoh Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)




System Requirement

Windows OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mac OS Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 30 MB – 90 MB


Price & Tiers

Version wise here’s a breakdown of what you get per Jutoh version

Standard – $40

Includes all main features from the ability to import, edit, & create ebooks

Jutoh Plus – $80

This adds support for HTML & scripting templates which is great for businesses who want to automate the ebook creation process

They also offer the option to upgrade from the standard to plus version for only $40 if you decide to later on. If you're just using it for personal use, then the standard version will serve you fine however for businesses who are looking to automate & push out a series of ebook based content may consider the plus version.



What others are saying

“Are you thinking to publish your own eBook? If your answer is yes, then this is the article for you. If you are an author, writer, blogger, etc. and want to publish your own eBook without outsourcing then Jutoh is surely gonna help you.” –Tech2Blog

“Best eBook creation tool on the market, hands down! I've tried the rest and this is by far the best! It gives you complete control over production and creates the professional looking results we are all looking for. In addition, the customer service I experienced was unparalleled. The developers are courteous, confident, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend purchasing this product without hesitation as it delivers the promise the other programs cannot!”- Jack Kinsley, author of Club Medicine


My Personal Thought about the Software

Features 5 / 5

Jutoh offers everything you’d want in an ebook app. A full-fledged editor, import options, export options, cover design and so much more. Everything to import, edit, convert, publish ebooks.

Price 5 / 5 

Jutoh comes in at a very affordable $40 entry price & additional upgrades are available in your interested in the scripting option.

Ease of Use 3 / 5

The app offers a great interface that makes organizing your thoughts & content for the eBook at hand a breeze. When it comes to dealing with a lot of media be it text, images or what have you, you’re going to want an app that makes it easy to revise & find information when you need it.

Jutoh offers all of that & then some. However, for first-time users or ebook authors, the app could offer an easier to follow interface/instructions.


Verdict & Final Conclusion

Over Jutoh is a one-stop shop for publishers. If you are looking to create an eBook Jutoh offers you all the tools you need in one place saving you time & money. It’s a great solution to import, edit, revise, and publish mostly all ePub formats saving you the hassle of having to jump around.

While I feel it could offer a bit more instructions/wizards for first-time users the app itself just packs so much into one interface.

Import text files to start creating your eBook, design a cover, format/style your text, check for inconsistencies that would cause issues on Amazon or Apple devices and finally compile your work for publication all through Jutoh.

A sophisticated tool that makes digital publishing within reach for anyone at a very affordable rate. If you’re interested in the ebook/digital publishing field look no further than Jutoh.



8.8 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Full fledged editor
  • Support for Import/Export of various Epub formats
  • Interface offers multiple ways to organize and format your content with ease
  • Cover design built in
  • Easy publishing tools ( Publish to Amazon, iBooks, etc)
  • Free Trial Available
  • Interface can be daunting for first time users/publishers
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