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Do you have your favorite PDF file that you want to read on your mobile phone? Or how about an  eBook that is inaccessible offline due to its DRM restrictions? Ever felt like wanting to convert them to the more convenient ePub format?

No one could deny that having a mobile book is more convenient than having to carry an actual one.

With this very convenient way of reading, writers and publishers have adapted to this need and have been selling online copies of their craft. However, some online copies of books have various access control schemes that could limit its accessibility. This is called the Digital Rights Management or DRM.


In this review, I will show you how Epubor Ultimate Converter can be of help to people who purchases and reads books online.


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But first, let us tackle what DRM is.


Online piracy has always been a widespread issue for digital media. May it be books, movies or music; people tend to share copies of copyright protected data without having to pay for them.

Thus, DRM has been formulated.

Digital Rights Management or, as I’ve mentioned, DRM is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. A user may be able to access the files they bought online through the online console only. Or may only be able to listen, read or watch the media through one device. These and other systematic approaches to protect copyright infringement are one of the many ways DRM functions.


As we have talked about during the introduction, avid readers would like to have their books accessible anytime, anywhere. With DRM, this may limit its accessibility. This is where Epubor Ultimate shines.


What is Epubor Ultimate Converter?

A converter that has everything a user needs for converting books to PDF, EPUB or Mobi and display them just exactly the way they are. Just by simply dragging and dropping the books, you will be able to convert them to any format that you need.

Only, they made it simpler and more user-friendly!  You could watch their video tutorial below.



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Noteworthy, Epubor Ultimate Converter is the very first converted that supports the Kobo DRM version 3.19! This means that Epubor will be able to convert your eBooks on Kobo with its latest update, 3.19.

Decrypting DRM protected files is one of the best features this software could offer.

As mentioned on the introduction of this review, DRM protected files could only be accessed in very limited conditions to protect it. With Epubor Ultimate, you will be able to decrypt the DRM encryption of the file and be able to create copies of the file for you to be able to access it anywhere.

Reviewer’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copies of DRM protected media/files. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. We, at TheCheapSoftware.com do not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.

The software automatically detects your eBooks whenever it is connected to your computer. You simply have to drag and drop them into the main interface and, without doing any further setup, the files will be processed for you automatically.




  • Supports eBooks purchased from: Amazon Kindle, Barnes $ Noble Nook, Sony, Kobo, Google Play, Lulu, Smashwords, Fictionwise, and more…
  • Input formats: EPUB, PDF, AZW, AZW3, AZW4, Mobi, PRC, TPZ, Topaz, TXT and HTML.
  • Output formats: EPUB, Mobi and PDF (Common font size and large font size).
  • Decrypts DRM encryption


My Experience with Epubor Ultimate Converter

I took advantage of the 30 days full free trial for Epubor and it never disappointed me.

Reading has just become a hobby of mine. I usually read magazines and I was able to appreciate Epubor Ultimate! The magazines I have, only come as PDFs and I may have a bit of difficulty reading them due to the limitation of the file format when placed onto mobile devices.

Epubor Ultimate helped me a lot!

Being able to convert PDF files to ePub, it made it easier for me to read through my mobile devices since ePub files are more versatile whatever device it is being viewed at.

There was just a little problem with the interface when I had it installed. Not sure what it was, but it really didn’t look good. However, I didn’t mind it that much for I am more focused on how it functioned for me and not how good it looked.


I was not able to take advantage of the great feature with regards to DRM decryption since the books and magazines I read online are free. But this feature should not be taken lightly. Let’s just say you bought a book for $30. Even though you bought it, there are limited ways that you can access it. With Epubor Ultimate Converter, you will be able to decrypt the DRM protection and be able to create copies of your books for your convenience!

The speed of conversion is extremely fast too!

I tried converting 30 books and magazines myself and it only took less than 10 seconds for it to be able to convert them. Such a great software!

Personally, I'd rate the software 5/5 for its features and how easy it was to use.



Other things you should know about

Epubor Ultimate Converter does have a 30-days full free trial but even so, they still offer a 30-days money back guarantee for their customers who did not get the satisfaction they expected with the product.

More so,

It may just be a very simple product, but it does have a customer service support that promises email response within 24 hours and also a live chat support. Talk about pure convenience!

There are some issues that aren’t really that extensive. Epubor made sure that information about these issues and other small questions from users are catered on their FAQ Page and Q&A Community.

They support both Windows and Mac operating systems as well.


What others think of Epubor Ultimate Converter?

“Works just perfectly. I didn't imagine that I can convert the DRMed eBooks to the format I want so easily. Thank you guys. ”

“Great Software. I am Very Glad I am A customer. I absolutely love Epubor Ultimate. Thank You Have A Great Day. ”
—-James Tompkins

Morrati and James Tompkins are only two of the 144 reviewers (most recent count during the writing of this review) that have expressed their satisfaction of the software. Most likely, they are well satisfied due to the fact that Epubor Ultimate is easy-to-use, full-featured and most especially…


System Requirement

Support OS:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Mac OS X 10.8 and later, including 10.11 El Capitan



Normally, Epubor Ultimate Converter costs $59.99.


A site-wise sale is ongoing and they are now selling the software for $24.99 for Windows users and $29.99!

But I got more great news for you guys!

Using this link that we have, you may get 10% further discount on top of that sale! And this should be for a very limited time only.


Is it worth it?

If you like purchasing and reading books online, this is a good buy for you! With approximately $22, you will be able to unlock DRM protected books and bring them anywhere you like! Not just that, if your source only provides PDF files, using Epubor Ultimate Converter, you will be able to convert it into an ePub file format making it a whole lot easier for you to read its content.

The software is only worth your need. So you be the judge!





9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Displays all compatible files within the software’s interface automatically
  • Wide support of books purchased from online platforms
  • Wide Input and Output file format
  • Decrypts DRM encryption
  • Very fast conversion speed
  • Broken interface when I installed it on my PC
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