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With Wondershare MobileGo,  now it is easy to manage your iOS and Android mobile phone by sitting comfortably at one place with your laptop or desktop with the help of a software. You just need to connect your mobile device to your PC or laptop to start accessing your phone on your computer.  The software allows you to

  1. Manage the media files, contacts, apps and other data files present in your mobile phone from your PC.
  2. You can also export and import media files to PC, download apps and music for your phone and play mobile games on your PC.
  3. Backup your mobile devices & restore it
  4. Recover the lost data files, safely erase the unwanted data and junk files present in your mobile and free up more space.
  5. You can also use the software to send SMS, manage your contacts, use the apps present in your mobile phone on your laptop or PC.
  6. You can also view the notifications for your mobile phones on your PC.
  7. The software also enables you to play games that you have downloaded from the app store on your PC.

All you need to do is just download the software on your PC and connect your iOS or Android device to the PC and start using wondershare mobilego.



How complex is the installation?

There is no complexity involved in installing the MobileGo software on your PC. It is a simple software that involves only a series of simple steps that you need to do before installing it in your Windows system. But please remember that the installation of the software takes some few minutes to complete, unlike other software which gets installed in seconds time. For me, it took nearly 3 to 5 minutes for the software to get installed on your Windows 8.1 PC.


What are the features of Wondershare MobileGo?

The advanced features that the software offers to the user help in restoring your mobile back to normal after some unwanted virus attack or mobile become corrupt. There are also features that allows you to recover the deleted photos or videos on your mobile device in a simplified manner. Let’s take a look at the features that the software comes with.

The phone transfer feature allows you to transfer data, video, audio and apps from your mobile phone to any other device irrespective of the device model or network.

Data erase features allows you to safely and securely delete the unwanted data files and media files from your mobile device permanently.

Space saver feature helps you to free up more space on your mobile device by cleaning the junk files and optimizing the data present in your mobile device.

Data recovery feature allows you to recover the audio, video, contacts, text messages and other important data that you might have deleted accidentally.

The backup feature enables you to take backup of the data present on your iOS or Android device in an efficient manner.

The restore feature allows you to take restore your phone back to the normal condition by using the backup taken earlier.

The de-duplicate feature helps you in finding the duplicate contacts present in your mobile phone and manage them accordingly.

The download feature allows you to download video from YouTube, music, and videos from various other websites.

You can also send text messages to the contacts in the phone from your laptop or PC,  export or import photos from your PC to mobile device or vice versa.



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How easy is it to use the software ?

The user interface of Mobilego  is pretty much simple and easy to use by an average user. There is no complexity involved in accessing the features of the software and the menu is very neatly designed to suit that.

All the features of the software are clearly visible and there is no need to navigate deeper to use them. Wondershare mobilego's feature is divided into 4 tabs which contain all the functions and features of the software. Let’s discuss in detail about all the 4 tabs and the features it contains.


First, connect the phone to the PC by using the phone USB cable. The phone will be connected to the software once you accept the authentication message that pops up on the phone. Now you can start accessing the media files, send SMS and manage the contacts through your PC.

Wondershare mobilego automatically detects the phone model and if it fails to detect, then you can download the driver for that particular mobile from their official website and install it on your PC.

Another important thing which I like to share here is the software does not connect to my phone initially and only after multiple trials it connected to the mobile. So please make sure that you don’t face the same problem.


My Device tab:

The main screen shows all the popular functions that are most frequently used and the bottom of the screen shows the total and the available storage on the phone. The information icon present below the phone displays the complete details about your mobile phone. The camera button is used to capture your mobile screen and save it to your PC.


The Apps button displays all the apps that were installed on your phone. You can choose any number of apps and either uninstall or export them to other devices. You can also install a new app to your phone by choosing the respective app file from your PC.


The contact button displays all the contacts available in your phone. You can either create a new contact or export or import a contact to or from your computer.


You can send a new SMS or view the messages on your phone by clicking the SMS button.


The Music button displays all music files available on your phone. You can add new files from your computer to the phone by using the Add button. You can also delete the files that are present in your phone.


In a similar manner, you can view, add or delete the photos and videos present in your phone by using the Photos and Videos button respectively.


You can access the file manager of your phone by clicking the Files button. You can then explore the files present in your phone and in your SD card by selecting the appropriate choice.



Super Toolkit tab:

The super toolkit tab of wondershare mobilego is divided into 2 parts based on the features it contains. The top part contains the advanced features and the bottom one displays the essential features.


The phone transfer allows you to transfer any media files present in your phone to any other device or to your computer. After opening the feature, you need to select either phone transfer or backup transfer.


You should now connect a device from which you like to transfer files and then choose the files which you like to transfer. Please note that you can transfer only contacts if you are using the trial version.


Data recovery option allows you to recover the lost data in your phone. You need to select the type of file which you like to recover and then click next.


Then choose the scanning mode whether you like to scan for the lost files alone or scan all the files. Now the recovery starts and displays a list of deleted files which you can then select to recover.


Data eraser feature allows you to delete the sensitive files and other junk files permanently from your phone in a secured manner.


MirrorGo features changes your computer to phone and you can play games present in your mobile on the PC screen. But I could not use this feature as it showed some error on my PC.

One-Click Root when accessed allows you to root your mobile device and access the administrative rights available in your phone.


One-Click Backup allows you to take backup of all the files, apps and contacts present in your phone to your computer. You need to select the files that you like to backup and choose the folder where you want to save the backup.


Restore allows you to restore your mobile with the backup taken. Select the backup folder and then click Restore button to start the restore process.


De-Duplicate features of wondershare mobilego helps in identifying duplicate contacts present in your phone and allows you to merge both the contacts into a single one. For this, you need to either select the account on which you like to search for duplicate contacts or all the accounts.



Install Apps allow you to install single or multiple apps from your PC.

Import from Outlook and Export to Outlook allows you to import or export contacts from or to the outlook respectively.


Download tab:

You can use this tab to either download video from YouTube or from any particular website. You can also download apps from Google play store. For downloading videos from YouTube, select the video and then click on the download button to download the video to your mobile.



Forum tab:

You can use this tab to join the Wondershare mobileGo forum and start discussing with the members of the forum.



Download Wondershare MobileGo for your Windows PC

What others say about wondershare mobilego?

When I was searching for reviews on the software, I could not find many and came across only very few reviews. The reviews that I went through were all detailed and praised the software in terms of the feature and functions it possesses. Only a very few reviews have complained about the price and the performance slowdown it brings to the PC.

While the reviews were good, the opinion of the users who have used the software earlier was not so great and they had several complaints about the software. Many users reported that the software crashes when they connect the phone and some said that they lost all the contacts when the phone is connected to the PC.

Hearing many negative comments from the user, I strongly advise you to first try using the trial version of the software and if it works good for you, then proceed to buy the licensed version.


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

The trial version of the Mobilego does not possess any limitation on the functions or in the features of the software, rather you could find the limitation in the trial period. Yes, you can use the free version of the software fully only for the first 5 days of installing the application on your PC or laptop.

Once the trial version expires after 5 days, you need to buy the licensed version to continue using the software for managing your iOS or Android mobile phone from your computer.



System Requirement

Windows Requirements
OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003
Required RAM 256 MB
Required Space 200 MB
Required Processor 750 MHz
Mobile Requirements
Android Android v2.0 to v6.0
iOS iOS 9/8/7/6/5
Symbian Symbian 40/60/^3


What is the price of the software? Is there Any Coupon

The wondershare mobilego software is available in two different subscriptions and the price of each one varies. While the price of the software for 1-year subscription is $29.95 for 1PC, the price for the lifetime subscription is $39.95 for 1 PC.

The developers of the software are also planning for a business version of the software, the price of which will be available soon on their official website. The business version will be available for the lifetime subscription and can be used on more than 1 PC.

At present, there is 10% Off special Coupon of mobilego that you can get by clicking here. Please note that the coupon may expire anytime, so hurry up and grab it while it is still available

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for the software which entitles you to get the full refund of the money if you are not satisfied with wondershare mobilego within 30 days of buying the software.

Please note that since user opinions about the software are not so great, it is recommended that you try downloading the trial version and then buy the full version if it works fine for you.


Verdict & Conclusion:

Wondershare MobileGo is for those who like to access the apps and other features of their mobile phone from their PC or laptop. With the software, you just need to connect your iOS or Android device to the PC and start managing your mobile phone from the computer.

The various features of mobilego allow you to send SMS, transfer media files, recover deleted files, erase junk files and save more space on your phone etc. In some cases, you find it hard to connect your phone to the software which seems to be a big letdown. Other than that, the software does what it promises and you can give a try to see if it works for you.


Download Wondershare MobileGo for your Windows PC

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7.8 Total Score

  • A good number of features that allows you to clean and optimize your mobile phone from the PC
  • You can transfer media files to any device in a simple way
  • Download YouTube videos for your mobile phone from PC
  • MirrorGo feature of the software does not function properly
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