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Speccy is a part of a suite from Piriform offering quick & all access to the specifications of your system. See all the information about the hardware in your PC, get detail reports on their current health, and proactively use it to solve problems that may be occurring such as overheating & so on.

This takes the default window system manager & blows it out of the water with its level of detail while remaining in an easy to use application. You can get this app standalone or as a part of the Piriform bundle of 4 apps in 1.



What is Speccy?

Speccy is a system utility that gives a breakdown of your PC. Providing a summary of hardware/software such as OS, CPU, RAM, graphics card just to name a few.

Going into each section allows a deeper dive at said hardware. This is particularly useful if you have a custom built machine & want to know more details about your parts. However, as a whole, the tool can be used to also get a rundown of the health of your hardware.

Temperature monitoring is one big advantage of the app which can show you when things are overheating or running at temperatures they shouldn’t be.

Speecy home screen


How it works?

The app first shows the user a summary of all the basic hardware in their computer. Basic info such as the type of CPU, RAM, and hard drives. From there you can take a deeper dive into each section.

Clicking on a specific topic will give you advanced details such as CPU core usage, model #, temperature readouts & much more. These will vary depending on the category you pick but all give a ton of detail that the typical windows utility either omit or have to be sourced from multiple places versus one.

Speccy also gives you the option to save the state/summary of your machine as a snapshot. This can be useful if you want to compare your hardware state at one point in time to later on in the future, you can even export as an XML format to place into a spreadsheet.


Features & Benefits

Feature-wise Speccy offers:

  • Detailed system reporting (CPU, Motherboard, RAM, etc)
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
  • Save Snapshots of system log (Useful for comparing or even sending out to someone else for IT support)
  • Speccy Portable (Take the app on the go)

There are many benefits to having a handy tool such as Speccy. If you ever need to reference system info be it a version of your OS, model of your graphics card, or usage of your CPU then you can quickly check all in one place.

Furthermore, as a troubleshooting tool, you can use it to verify all hardware is running at optimal conditions & not running too hot or not cooling the parts enough.

Piriform’s speccy is more of a pre-emptive tool if anything. Helping you catch problems before they occur. That’s where the true value of the application lies. Furthermore Speccy Portable allows you to take the utility on the go & plug into any machine so in terms of an IT tool for getting a full rundown of any PC you plug into it’s also highly useful.

Speecy features


Click Here to Download Speccy Portable for Free


My Experience w/Speccy

In testing Speccy I have to say I was pleased with what it had to offer for a tool that most non-IT savvy folks wouldn’t know or want. The attention to detail while still maintaining a simplistic UI is what I enjoyed the most.

I like the idea behind giving a simple look at first glance but under the hood giving all sorts of details & information on the hardware within one's machine.

The ability to snapshot & export logs is another great feature that I enjoyed using. I found it ideal for the situations where you don’t quite know what’s wrong & want to pass it along to someone else for a second or more informed opinion.

The temperature readings are another big plus from me as in the past I’ve used multiple apps to achieve this wherein Speccy I get it all in one. I get to view my info, monitor temps, and see my system as an overview all in one place.


Watch Speccy Pro Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)





System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, 2008, 2003
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 600 MB


My Personal Thought about the Software

Features 4 / 5 

It does one thing really well & that’s delivering useful and advance system info in one place.

Price 5 / 5

For what it does I feel Speccy comes in at a fair price considering the basic version is free & the pro/paid model simply offers more features to enhance the experience.

Ease of Use 5 / 5

Again another category in which it excels in. Simple at a glance but diving into each section offers you a very deep dive at all your hardware.


What Others are Saying

“Speccy is a free system information tool from Piriform. With a simple design, portable support, and a detailed list of hardware and software components, Speccy is the best system information utility available.” – Lifewire

“If you ever wanted to probe deep into your PC's guts without going through the effort of popping its hood, you should check out Speccy (free). This utility serves up a wealth of data about your PC's operating system, attached peripherals, memory, storage, and much more. Although Speccy is more stable than PC Wizard, it doesn't have as many features as that application or HWInfo64, PCMag's Editors' Choice for Windows system-information utilities. Still, Speccy has enough going for it to warrant a download if you need just the basics.” PC Mag


Final Verdict/Conclusion

Speccy is a tool that some people won’t find useful at the surface. For those who don’t care about specs or monitoring their hardware, it simply may not be worth it. However for those who do and or deal with some sort of IT position on a regular basis then Speccy is a no-brainer.

The free version gives you the ability to overview everything & get a rundown of a machine simple & easy. Furthermore, the monitoring aspects of the app help you resolve issues before they even begin. Maybe you have an old computer, newly built one, or what have you.

Speccy is the tool to help you monitor & review all that info. You can use our link down below to get Speccy for free & give it a try or upgrade to the pro version which provides advanced system info, auto updates, and premium support. All for only $20 or take further advantage & get the full 4-in-1 Piriform bundle which includes apps like CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva for only $40 instead of $90. Monitor & keep on top of your PC today with Speccy!




9.3 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Clean & simple to use AI
  • No need to use multiple system monitoring apps
  • Free version Available
  • No widgets available to monitor temps etc outside of the main app window
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