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Copernic Desktop Search provides a desktop search tool that indexes all of your files from documents, pictures, to even e-mails on Outlook. Offering a faster & detailed way to search for files on your computer. Searching files that aren’t even accessible through the standard windows explorer search. Get better & faster search results through Copernic.

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How it Works:

Copernic works by first asking you what your preferences are when it comes to indexing your files. This can also be manually tweaked depending on your needs. This specifies which files you want Copernic to have access to so that when you search results are provided instantly.

Since the index is stored locally as soon as you search be it simple or complexed/refined search you get instant feedback.

Copernic Desktop Search home screen

The server-side version allows for indexing of multiple users so that you can share files/index with each other. You have a basic search which you can pull up by toggling a hotkey. Outside of the simple search, you have the ability to refine your search based on parameters such as file size, date, and many other variables.

Your results are then displayed in the center of the app in which you can open the file location or preview the file itself all within Copernic.




  • Search Microsoft Office Documents
  • Search over 150+ file types such as PDF, DOC, HTML, PHP, JPG
  • Search outlook emails + attachments
  • Search Local PST files
  • Customized Index Scheduling
  • No Index Limit

Now, why would you use this over something like windows search? Copernic’s local index makes searching almost instantaneous. The ability to specify the index & scheduling allows it to always be up to date & easy to your files whenever you want. Furthermore, the parameters easily allow you find files that are certain sizes, types, and so on allowing you to narrow specific searches.

The bigger benefits come in the business sense where you can use the Shared/Server software to search for documents & other files shared amongst a company.  All of this is an app that’s pretty easy to use & packed with features from file preview to customizable options.

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My Experience w/ Copernic Desktop Search

I tested the free version of Copernic which limits you with some features however I was able to use the basic search to compare to that of windows & was surprised. Indexing two of my drives search was near instant after the first index. It quickly pulled up relevant results & unlike windows ignored files that had nothing to do with the parameters.

Customizing the options was simple enough & the interface was packed with all sorts of options to refine & customize the search. I will say that it’s a bit overwhelming compared to a simple search box which may not appeal to many people. Locally having the search index was highly convenient throughout my testing. However, I can see how this would be more beneficial in a business setting.

The ability to install on a server & have access to multiple files across different users is highly beneficial to the workflow. Outside of wishing the interface was simplified a bit the engine & core technology worked great!

Copernic Desktop Search refine


Watch Copernic Desktop Search Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)





My Personal Thought about the Software


Features 3/5

At its core, the search functionality is a great feature however outside of the search options & server side version there isn’t many features offered outside of a typical search.

Price 4/5

Copernic is fairly priced depending on your version & if locally indexing your files is important to you as well as speed & efficiency then investing in it is worth it.

Ease of Use 3/5

The app itself is very simple to use & setup with some customization. However, it’s a bit overwhelming compared to what you're used to in a simple search box.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 256 MB
Required Space 30 MB


What is the price of the software?

Copernic Desktop search offers a free trial & comes in at $49.95. That said via our link take advantage of the 60% off coupon when you download the trial by clicking on the 30% offer in the bottom left. That in conjunction with our link offers you the app at 60% off for only $20. However, as that offer may expire at any time we also have a flat 20% off coupon at the link below.

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What Others are Saying

“Copernic Desktop Search is a niche product for a small audience. For most users, the free version will be enough (if the default Windows search isn't already doing the job). Copernic does go that extra mile by throwing in email search from a single console, which could come in handy. Ultimately, Copernic Desktop Search accomplishes what it advertises and does it well, but the Pro version may be a tough sell. Download it and try it out for yourself.” – CNET

“A very competent and balanced product to instantly search files and documents stored on your computer.” – Gizmos Freeware


Final Verdict/Conclusion

In the end, Copernic Desktop Search is definitely a great alternative to the windows search function however it is something that only a specific user would need. The indexing & local search is quick & efficient. The best use case for an app like this would be in a professional setting with a server-side install.

The ability to quickly pull up files & revise/refine a search is powerful. You can then immediately open the file & or jump to the location. In the end, if windows search isn’t cutting it for you then Copernic is a good alternative.




7.7 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Instant file search
  • Local Index (Files are locally indexed on your hard drive & updated at set intervals ensuring your search is always fast & up to date with latest files)
  • Free Trial Available
  • Bit of a learning curve as app is geared toward a more specific user as most people are used to standard windows search
  • Bloated interface
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