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Video and photos are one of my favorite way to capture memories and tell a story. Magisto takes that a step further and makes those stories come to life in an interactive way that is as simple as a click of a button.

Allowing you to simply drop in all your video and photo content, select a theme, and some other basic options, then letting Magisto video editor and maker handle the rest. With a little bit of time, behind the scenes work, it creates a stunning video highlighting all your media in a creative and professional manner.

May it be for personal use to showcase a vacation or a professional storyboard for your new product launch this tool can get it done.



What is Magisto?

Magisto is an application available on web as well as mobile platforms that takes your pictures and videos and transforms them into crafted movies; adding transitions, music, and titles upon your choosing to highlight your content in a creative way.

All these in 3 simple steps: adding your content, picking a theme, selecting your music.

Then you could watch as Magisto’s engine crafts a work of art. All the while giving user control over their preference of taste in the music or way transitions occur. So if the final take needs some revision you can easily do that as well.

In short it allows you to showcase your wonderful trip, new product, family photos to your friends and family with a click of a button. No editing experience needed or expensive software. It’s quick, easy, and a super intuitive interface.






-Variety of themes to select (Vacation, Business, and so on)
-Discover other people's content shared on the platform
-Simple 3-step video editing process
-Album/Movie storage built in
-Variety of music selection to use on videos
-Edit/Choose order of photos or transitions in your finished product
-Simple sharing options upon video completion

Whether you're in the web interface or using the iOS or Android mobile app all these features are easily available at a simple tap or click. As simple as importing your content and seconds to minutes later watching the masterpiece that Magisto creates for you


My Experience with Magisto

In my case I wanted to use Magisto video editor and maker to take pictures from a recent trip and showcase them in a unique way versus just a plain old album or photo slideshow. I was able to take all pictures and time lapses I had and simply import them, then i set the theme of the video I wanted along with music that I felt fit the scene. From there a minute later this app outputted a movie that made my memories from the trip that much more exciting.

And not just that!

It also allowed me to edit after the fact in case I wanted to swap pictures around or change transitions which I felt was a nice touch as it allowed me to save the best pictures for last


The great thing about it is its simplicity.

I edited mine via the web interface but also after downloading the iOS app it really is that simple across platforms. I can see myself using it in a number of situations and, even more importantly, the response it gets from when you share it out to family and friends. It already takes great memories and amplifies them in the way they're presented.

I strongly believe that Magisto video editor  is worth it and useful in a number of scenarios for work or play. All with the ability to save you great time and money but without risking its quality in doing a creative output.

Outside creating my own content it was a refreshing to see the “Explore” tab as apart of the website. This allows you to see other content shared from users across multiple categories. Not only did it let get an idea of what was capable with Magisto but it was just nice to see other users adventures, demos, and so on. Adding a bit of a social element to it all, as at the end of the day these creations are meant to be shared.


Great experiences with the product. I’ve had nothing but that when I used Magisto on both personal and business related projects.

I used both the web and mobile version to get a feel for how they operated and both performed flawlessly. If there was anything minor I wanted to change, Magisto offered the ability to easily swap clips/media after the finished video. Taking three simple elements video/photo, music, and a theme and making a high end produced video in the matter of minutes.

Not a single complaint.

When it comes to how easy it was to use, Magisto really takes the cake.

The interface, whether it's the mobile or web version, is as straightforward as it gets. From importing your content, selecting a theme and music, reviewing the final video or making minor adjustments like text titles and re-arranging clips, this app broke it down into simple steps.

If you’ve never used a video editor before you’ll still feel right at home as Magisto’s overall interface is sleek. Keeping everything essential and not cluttering nor confusing the users with unneeded buttons or steps.

Anyone with Magisto create a stunning video in a matter of minutes.


Why use Magisto vs a simple editor?

A video editor may offer more function and options over what you create it takes time. Whether it’s final cut pro or iMovie, there are various steps and tools involved to making a production worth sharing out to family and friends.

With Magisto, there is literally no learning curve.


Click Here to Create your Cool Video in 3 Steps within Minutes

The engine handles everything for you and optimizes your content to fit into the overall video. It makes the process not just seamless but saves you time in the long run from having to wait for render times, editing, and learning the software at hand. This is what makes it ideal not just for personal use but business application as well.

Magisto business plan offers great templates and options for longer videos which is ideal for product demos and so on. Highlighting what's most important and not taking time out of your day to do so. This is one of the reasons why this tool is all the while worth it.


System Requirement

As far as requirements go the web version works on any computer with a browser. However the requirements come into play when you’re looking at the mobile app.

iOS: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 9 or later

Android: Given Android varied market the Google Playstore lists requirements on a per device basis so you’ll need to manually check with your phone/tablet in the playstore


Price and Which Version You Should Get

With regards to the version, It really depends on what device you want to use. You can use your desktop computer or mobile phone to edit your movie.

The best choice in my opinion would be to use the device that already has all your photos/videos on it. This eliminates you having to transfer the files over and you can seamlessly take that material and convert into a cool movie right away.

Pricewise, here's how Magisto broke it down.

Free: All apps and standard usage for all users is free however you're limited to how many photos/videos you can use.

Beyond that to take advantage of more content and ability to other features such as post-editing, downloads, and so on you’ll need to choose between these 3 plans.


This decision really depends on your needs and how often you’ll be using it.

If adding your logo and ability to further customize/brand the videos you’ll be making then you may want to look into the marketers plan. However if your just an individual and or smaller scale project/company then I’m sure the “business” plan will suit you.



Magisto Video Editor and Maker makes video editing dead simple, just like how everyone wants it to be.

Without any learning curve or the need to know the software head to foot, it focuses on the simple steps of importing your content and selecting options such as themes, soundtracks, and extra features, if you have the specific account.

Following those steps, and a couple minutes, you're presented with a highly produced video that can be used in a variety of situations: may it be in a personal or professional scenario. It can be used to present a great video of your family vacation or for a social media marketing campaign for your business.

Many people will use it differently and something so simple can really vary depending on the content and way the user shapes it. All in all if you're looking for a simple way to create video content then Magisto is a must.



9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Various Movie Themes to Choose from
  • Simple interface/process
  • Supports multiple photo/video formats (jpeg, mp4, etc)
  • No video editing experience needed
  • Available for iOS , Android and Internet Browser
  • Can Create Cool Video Fast
  • It’d be nice to see further music choices in the soundtracks
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