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DVD Ripper is a software which is used to convert the DVD file into a video format like AVI, MP4, WMV etc., so that they can be played back without having the need to insert the DVD into the drive. Most of the laptops which are manufactured recently do not come with a DVD drive and hence in such cases the DVD ripper software can be of utmost help.


The main reason for which I was searching for a good DVD ripper software is that my new laptop do not have a dedicated DVD drive and since I don’t want to lose all my old movie DVD’s, I want to convert them into a normal video and store it in my new laptop. I can make use of my old laptop which has a DVD drive to convert the DVD’s to normal video file.

So when I was searching for good DVD ripper software, I just came across this Magic DVD ripper which apart from converting the DVD file can also assist in taking backup of the DVD videos. Though I was able to find mixed reviews for the software, their reputation in the business for more than 11 years has made me to try the software. But it is my usual practice to use the trial version of the software before buying the full version. So I made this review after trying out the trial version of Magic DVD ripper.



Is it Difficult to Install?

The installation of Magic DVD ripper software is a very simple process and does not have any complications. Just download the software from their official site which is around 6 MB and then once you run the application file, it will guide you through a series of simple steps which you need to follow before installing the software in your PC.


Features of Magic DVD Ripper

The Magic DVD ripper comes with a good number of features which I feel is really worth the money. To be honest I have not tried any DVD ripper software before and this is the first time I am using one. So when I browsed for various DVD rippers, I found that almost all the software comes with more or less the same features.

The backup DVD feature which is available in Magic DVD ripper cannot be found in most of the other DVD ripper software available in the market. This feature allows you to take backup of the DVD file and store it in your PC which can be used to later.

Magic DVD ripper comes with a lot of different video formats into which you can convert your DVD file. Some of the most popular formats that are available in magic DVD ripper are AVI, MP4, WMV, Xvid, DivX etc. It also offers video formats that are supported by your apple or android devices.

Another notable feature available with magic DVD ripper is it allows you to upload a specific video format created by you into the software and then convert the DVD video into the video format uploaded by you.


Click Here to Download Magic DVD Ripper for Free


Magic DVD Ripper User Interface

The user interface of magic DVD ripper is very simple and easy to use. Even an average user who does not have strong technical knowledge can use the software seamlessly. Apart from converting the DVD file to other video formats, you can also take back-up of the DVD file. Let’s discuss about them in detail.

Converting the DVD video file:

Open the magic DVD ripper software after inserting the DVD which you want to convert into the DVD drive.

Now select the DVD source from the drop down menu. Normally it will detect the source automatically if there is a DVD in the DVD drive. In case if you have a DVD file stored in a specific location in your PC, then you can select the file by choosing “From hard disk’ option in the drop down menu.

magic dvd ripper-select source

Then select the destination folder where you want to save the converted video by clicking on the browse button.

magic dvd ripper-select destination

Now select the output format into which you want to convert the DVD video by clicking the Profile drop down menu in the output section. You can choose a variety of video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, VCD, SVCD etc.

magic dvd ripper-select video format

Please note that the input section will be filled automatically once you choose the DVD source.

Now click on the start button at the bottom of the software to start the conversion. It takes some time to convert the video usually depending upon the length of the DVD video. For me it took nearly 30 minutes to convert a 45 minutes DVD video.

magic dvd ripper-start ripping

You can check the ‘Shut down computer when job is done’ button at the bottom of the software if the conversion takes long time and you want to sleep. You can also pause the conversion process by clicking the pause button at the right side of the conversion bar.

magic dvd ripper-pause button

Once the conversion is done, Ripping Completed pop-up box will open like below.

magic dvd ripper-ripping completed

DVD backup:

Magic DVD ripper comes with an additional option of taking back-up of the DVD file which cannot be found in many of the DVD ripper software. For taking the backup, insert the DVD into the DVD drive, choose the destination folder and then select the Backup tab.

There are three options available for taking the DVD video backup. You can either choose to take the entire video backup or skip certain regions and take back-up of particular portion of the DVD video. So choose the option as per your need.

magic dvd ripper-backup options

Now select the start button to start taking the backup of the DVD video. You will be getting a pop up box like earlier once the process is completed.

As said earlier, you can upload your desired video format to which you want to convert the DVD video by selecting Import Profiles from the Profiles button present at the top of the software.

magic dvd ripper-export format

If you encounter any issues with the software, then you can try contacting them or refer to their online tutorial by clicking the Help button.

magic dvd ripper-help


Click Here to Try Magic DVD Ripper for Free

User Testimonials:

I personally use to do an extensive research on any software which I like to buy by going through a number of reviews and comments of the users who had used it earlier and get to know about its pros and cons. Likewise when I went through the reviews of magic DVD ripper, the one common thing which I observed is that the software offers a very less number of Output video formats when compared to most of its competitors.

But I could not find any comments from the users who have used this software before. So I decided to try the trial version before buying the software to see if the output video formats available are sufficient to meet my needs. So I would suggest you to try the software first and buy the full version once you are satisfied with its features and performance.


Limitations of Trial Download:

The trial version of Magic DVD ripper software allows you to convert or take back-up of DVD video file for a maximum of 5 times and once you have reached the limit, you need to buy their licensed version to continue using them. Each time when you open the magic DVD ripper, a pop up dialogue box appears which tells you how many uses are left in the trial version like below.

magic dvd ripper-start


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 100 MB
Drive DVD-ROM Drive


How much is Magic DVD Ripper?

Magic DVD ripper is one of the cheapest DVD ripper software with a good number of features that you can buy in the market. The cost of Magic DVD Ripper software is starting from $39 . Unfortunately there is no free upgrades. You must pay extra for software upgrades

You will be getting a $5 discount on the price of magic DVD ripper by visiting their official website mentioned below. You can also save nearly $30 by buying both the Magic DVD ripper and Magic DVD Copier software which seems to be a great deal because each of them costs $39 if you buy them separately. Plus these bundle come with free lifetime upgrades

Please note that the offer is valid only for a short period of time and may expire soon. So try to grab the opportunity and don’t miss it.

I personally advise you to try the trial version before buying it.

Go to their Magic DVD Ripper official website to get $5 offer on their DVD ripper software or $59.96 offer on the combination of DVD Ripper + DVD Copier with full lifetime upgrades. Also your purchase is protected by 30 days money back guarantee


Verdict & Conclusion:

Magic DVD ripper with its simple user interface offers a good number of features for an average person to convert the DVD video files smoothly without any technical issues. The only negative seems to be the less number of output video formats available in the software which could have been taken care by the developers. Overall the software is good to use if you are a non techie and don’t have any big expectations.


Click Here to Try or Buy Magic DVD Ripper


Reviewer’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. We, at do not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.

8.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Options available for uploading a user defined video format
  • Have 30 days money back guarantee
  • DVD back-up option available
  • Can try the software for full function 5 times
  • The number of available output formats is less when compared to other similar software
  • There are no Free software upgrades if you buy magic dvd ripper alone. Consider to buy the bundle magic dvd ripper + copier
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