Advanced Systemcare Pro and Ultimate: My Full Honest Review


Ever felt like your computer is much slower than it was before?

Technology always has improved at an unstoppable pace. But as technology progress, the users seem to have been left out of the loop and somehow are ignorant to the changes technology has offered them; and by “offers” I meant the good and bad things that technology brings.

It’s not really technology’s fault, however, these essential information are not provided to the users until they are actually hit with the bad thing; and by bad thing, I meant spywares, heavy junk files and other random stuff that greatly slows down the computer’s performance.



Ever heard of IoBit’s Advanced Systemcare?

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate is one of the most popular all-in-one protection there is available on the internet. It is one of the softwares I have found when I was scouring the world wide web for the best protection I could get. There are two versions : Pro and Ultimate. Ultimate is basically the Pro version with antivirus in it.


Most people would suggest an antivirus software.

But is it really all a user needs?

For your information, viruses should be the problem 50% of the time, but what about the other 50%? It should be the junk files that are weighing down your computer and plenty of misconfigured settings that extremely slows down your computer. Virus is a type of malicious software that replicates by itself when executed. They are a threat, but only when they are executed. Junk files, however, are unnecessary files that you get while browsing the internet and, if not cleaned up, would significantly wear down your computer’s performance.

Software like Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 10 goals to help the user get rid and protected of both elements. I've installed and test it. This full review of mine will help you understand what this software does and decide if you need it or not.



Installing this software is just a matter of clicking the next button until the installation succeeds. One thing that needs your attention would be the virus database update.

When the installation completes, the homepage for Advanced Systemcare comes up and on it you would see the Virus Database Update that you strongly need to update for its antivirus feature to work.


Advanced Systemcare Ultimate Navigation and Features

I expected softwares such as Iobit’s  Systemcare Ultimate to have quite a complicated dashboard due to its wide variety of features. However, their developers have innovatively designed it to be as simple as possible for users to easily navigate to.


I will provide my experience with regards to the 5 features this software has offered us.



On this tab is where you can perform one-click quick or full scans. If you want to perform a scan on a specific drive or a folder, you could opt to use the custom scan and select the custom location you’d want to be scanned.


Clean & Optimize

This part is where Advanced Systemcare takes care of your junk files and several other stuff such as cleaning private files, cleaning your computer registry for malicious or useless junk, boosting your internet speed by identifying issues that could potentially slow down your browsing and optimizing your computer system and even your disk. Doing all at once would take quite some time, so if you only want to do a few particular optimizations, you could just put a checkbox on the items you want to perform and uncheck the ones you want to skip.



This provides users the ability to turn off unnecessary programs that are running in the background if you need all the computer’s performance to be on the maximum, accelerate your computer startup speed by giving suggestions to the users on what to do with the programs that starts whenever the computer boots up. A deep optimization function that helps users to optimize the computer by performing tweaks to its deep configuration. Included in this function is an App/Toolbar cleaner, which is basically IoBit Uninstaller, designed to remove programs that you deem unnecessary and further scans your computer to remove all the files associated with the program you just uninstalled.



Iobit, the developer of Advanced Systemcare, has designed a wide variety of programs. Starting from the uninstaller up to managing processes, Iobit has made sure their software is well-equipped for all the users convenience and all could be found on this tab.


Action Center

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate also has a software update checker. Whenever there are new updates for your software, it will be posted on this Action Center tab and prepared the update function for the users. Also, the security and performance checker could be found on this tab. There are some optimization that this software could not do by itself and requires a different Iobit application; this tab posts the issues and would provide the actual software you need to fix the issue.

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My Experience with Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 10

I would say the software is indeed great. An all-around protection and system tweaking software that helps users to save tons of time and trouble when dealing with such concerns.

One thing that I did not appreciate with the software however, is how it is setup by default. Advanced Systemcare is set to delete your browsing caches and cookies instantly.

It is great that the software works like a magic and does as they promise, however, for people like me who utilizes caches and cookies very often, I lost my ease of access to my links because the software deleted them. You can however change this setup by going to the settings and unchecking things on the auto-clean part.


Also one disappointing fact about this software is that installing it means you have to install a ton of different Iobit tools that they’ll constantly remind you to do for your computer to be well-optimized. Users don’t need that. What users need should be a tool that holds everything they need. Not a software that recommends other softwares to suit the users needs; not to mention you have to pay for it.

On the brighter side, the software does what it is intended to do and that alone means great for all the interested users.


Is it really practical?

I'd say yes if you only get the Advanced Systemcare Pro 10 instead of getting the Ultimate version. If you don't know how to manually clean your computer the Pro version should work like a charm for you. Also worth mentioning that if you buy this software, you'd be able to install it to 3 PCs with the cost only $6.67 per PC Per Year

The antivirus in the ultimate version did not quite get a positive impact on most of the people who did check it.

On the other hand…

Advanced Systemcare Pro 10 did well enough in optimizing my computer speed. So, for practicality issues, best to get the Pro version rather than Ultimate version.


Advanced Systemcare Real Testimonials

There is no actual review page from their official website, so I had to search for other reliable sources where I could get some testimonials and I have found a few:

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 uses Bitdefender's antivirus engine, yet its test results don't come close to Bitdefender's. The independent antivirus labs don't include it in testing. And where Bitdefender is the only current product that has beaten Norton in our antiphishing test, IObit scored near the bottom. As an antivirus, this product doesn't impress.

Our Editors' Choice picks for commercial antivirus protection are Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. All three cost $10 more than IObit, but that's a well-spent 10 bucks, as they offer much, much better protection. If you want antivirus plus system optimization, choose one of these products and add a top-rated tune-up product.
-Neil J. Rubenking, Lead Analyst for Security from

Advanced Systemcare PRO 9 provides an easy-to-use PC maintenance tool that produced an overall improvement of 9 percent to our test PC. The boot-up speed was improved by 10.5 percent. The diagnostic consistency was impressive with a 99 percent consistency rate. While it's one of the easiest PC system utility apps in our review, the installation automatically installs software you may not want.
– TopTenReviews website


System Requirement

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 300 MB of free disk space
  • 1024*768 screen resolution and above


How much is Advanced Systemcare & Should I really Get it?

This software comes with two versions: Pro and Ultimate. The ultimate version is basically the Pro Version but with Antivirus.

The antivirus feature of this software is not that great as per most of the reviews about it.  But if you want it, you could buy the ultimate version for $29.99 good for 3 PCs with additional 2 months (14 months) of subscription by using this link.

Cleaning up 3 computers manually(using free software) could be a bit of a hassle. You will surely get the practical help that you need with Advanced Systemcare Pro 10 since it only costs $19.99 for 3 PCs for 1 Year!

You could purchase the Pro version by clicking this link.

If you would like to try it first, you can go for the free 15 day full trial of the software without submitting your credit card information (Mediafire Link).

All your purchase is protected by 60 days money back guarantee


Verdict and Conclusion

Advanced Systemcare Pro and Ultimate are both innovative and are ideal. However, the competition in the market is just too tight. Other developers are offering these types of services for free, others offer it in an insanely high price yet proven and tested to have worked excellent with a bigger audience.

I really recommend you to buy the pro version instead the ultimate one, because the Antivirus feature on the ultimate is mediocre compared to the top leading antivirus software





8.3 Total Score

PC Tune up Features:
Antivirus Feature On Ultimate :
Ease of Use :
  • Easy to Use Navigation
  • All-in-one software for protection and system tweaking
  • Detailed summary of errors
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Responsive customer support
  • Affordable Prices. The Pro version only cost you $ 19.99 for 3 PC
  • Is set, by default, to erase all browser caches & cookies that users may need. but you can change this setup
  • Mediocre Antivirus on Ultimate Version.
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