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Time Doctor software is a time tracking and time management software that helps in efficiently tracking the time spent on your work on a daily basis.

The software plays a vital role in tracking the working hours of your employee and helps in improving their productivity during the work. The various features of the software track the time spent on each and every project that your employee works and prevents them from wasting time unnecessarily during the work hours.

Managing the employees of your business and improving their productivity is always a tough job, especially if your organization is large.

But this Time Doctor software allows you to effectively track the time spent by each and every employee of your organization and help them in improving their productivity if they get easily distracted to other happenings. The software also takes a screenshot of your employee computer and thereby you can easily supervise their work from any remote location.



How easy is it to install Time Doctor?

The installation of the software is very simple and easy and does not have any series of steps, unlike other typical PC software. You just need to click the application file that was downloaded and you were not required to click any button or make any selection.


What are the features of Time Doctor?

The software offers a number of features that help in effectively monitoring the work done by your employees and how much time they waste during the work. There are also features that help in improving the productivity and create a detailed report on each employee based on their work time. Let’s discuss in brief about the features the software offers to the user.


  • The primary feature of the software is time tracking which helps in tracking the time spent by each and every person in your team on each project and thereby help in improving their productivity.
  • Help you and your employees to avoid the distractions and disturbances and fully concentrate on your work. Whenever you deviate from your work and browse any other website like FB or YouTube, then the software notifies the user whether they are still working on the task which helps them in continuing with their work.
  • Website and Application monitoring features allow you to monitor how much time your employees spend on the Internet and other applications present in their work system.
  • The integration feature allows you to integrate Time Doctor with other software applications present in your PC and thereby allows you to monitor the time spent on using these applications.
  • Screen Monitoring feature takes a screenshot of your team members PC at regular intervals of time. Thereby you can come to know when the employee is working and on which task he is working.
  • Payroll feature allows you to pay your employees based on the hours they have worked which was tracked using the software. The feature allows you to pay your employees by using PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer.
  • The GPS Tracking feature allows you to track the location of your team while working. Please note that the feature tracks your team only while working and not the entire day.


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How easy is it to use the software?

Though the user interface of time doctor is simple and easy to use, it may take some time to get accustomed with the software. At first, it might seem a little bit tricky, but as time passes, you can get used to it and will be aware of all the functions and features of the software.

There are two user interfaces for the Time doctor namely the Time Doctor desktop application and the Time Doctor Website user interface.

In the desktop application, you can create task, project and group them under various folders. In the website user interface, you will be able to create and view various reports, view screenshots of your employee screen, create a payroll for the time worked and edit the time that you have worked.

Application User Interface:

You need to login to the Time Doctor desktop application using the credentials that were given while creating your user account. In the main screen, you can see a list of task available on the left side of the screen.

Time Doctor mainscreen

You can now create a task by providing a task name in the Add Task field and then click on the ‘+’ button. You can also add this task to a particular project by providing a project name in the Project field.

Time Doctor addtask

You can now start working on the task by clicking the Play button present next to the task. You can take a break from the task by clicking on the stop button.

Time Doctor starttask

Once the task is completed, you can select the check box corresponding to the respective task. And then click the Clear Completed Task at the bottom of the screen.

Time Doctor completetask

As said earlier the software also helps you to fully concentrate on your task by avoiding distractions. If you are browsing the internet or using other application while the task is in progress, you will be getting a pop-up message like below which asks if you are still working on the task. If you select yes, then the pop-up message will not show again. So you can get back to your work even if your attention gets diverted to other things.

Time Doctor avoiddistraction

Website User Interface:

Once you login to your Time Doctor account, you can see the list of users whom you are tracking using the Time Doctor software. You can change the date and see the details for the selected date. You can also invite a new user or an employee of your organization to start using the software by providing the user email address and clicking on the invite button.


The screenshots tab shows all the screenshots that were taken. Only the screenshots of your employee desktop will be taken and not your own desktop. You can also select a particular user and see the screenshots of that user.


The reports tab is a drop down tab which creates various types of the report for each user based on the time tracked. The time sheet report shows the total amount of time the user has worked on each day.

The time use report displays how much time each user has worked on each of their particular tasks. The timeline report shows at which time the task was started and ended and when the user has last worked.

Poor time use displays how much time the user has wasted by browsing the internet or other applications and was not working on the task. Websites and Application reports show how much time the user has spent on all the apps and web pages that were integrated with the Time Doctor software.

The Project report shows the list of projects that were created so far and those who are working on it and the time spent on that project by the user. The Attendance report displays the complete attendance for all the selected users.


The payments tab allows you to create a payroll for your employees by using the attendance report that gets generated.


You can also access various other settings like integration, billing the clients and creating work scheduled by clicking the settings. You can access their support team for any clarification on the usage of the software by using the help button present next to the settings button.



Get Time Doctor Now to Track Your Time Effectively

What do others say about Time Doctor?

The reviews that I went through on the internet about the software were all good. Almost all the reviews gave positive ratings for the software and recommended it for monitoring employees effectively.

The user comments also had a positive note about the software though there were not many users who commented about the software. The only negative point that a user complained about is the software lacks some website blocking feature which can help in blocking unwanted websites in the working PC. Please find below some of the testimonials about the software.

I found the Time Doctor to be an refreshingly beneficial service that takes solves a difficult issue in a straightforward manner. The interface is simple, it's easy on your budget, and the functionality is unmatched by any competitors. Personally, it has aided me in becoming more productive and staying focused on the task at hand. –TheTechReviewer


When looking for a productivity mapping and reporting app, I found Time Doctor, it is very useful. –User Review


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

The only limitation in the demo version of the software is you can use it only for a period of 30 days. During the 30 days, you can use the software completely without any restriction. After that, you need to buy anyone of their plans to continue using all the features of the software for tracking your employees.


System Requirement

Windows OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
MAC OS MAC OS 10.7 and above
Linux OS All Versions
Web Browser IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome


Time Doctor ‘s Pricing

There is no yearly price or a single price for the software in such a way you can use the software for your lifetime or for a year after purchasing. The price is available only on a monthly basis. So the price of the software is $9.99 per user for one month. So you need to pay $9.99 each time you invite a new user to use the software.

In case, if you want to use the software for yourself then you can opt for the solo plan which is priced at $5 per month.

There are also special offers and discounts available which you can claim if your company size is more than 10. You need to contact their support team to know about the discounts.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Time Doctor seems to completely serve its essential purpose of time tracking for which it was developed. Apart from tracking the time your employee works, it also helps in effectively improving their productivity by notifying them whenever they diverge from their work. The simple easy to use interface and the low pricing of the software makes it one of the best time tracking and time management software in the market.


Get Time Doctor Now to Track Your Time Effectively

9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • A very simple and easy to use interface
  • Easily monitor your employees and improve their productivity
  • The nominal price of the software which is affordable for even small businesses
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Online
  • Free Trial Available
  • The absence of website blocking features
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