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Infix PDF editor is an application that brings a combination of word processing & PDF viewer in one package. Making it easier than ever to edit PDF’s be it text, images, etc. Be it quick fixes or advanced features such as find & replace, translation, and so on.



What is Infix PDF Editor?

When it comes to PDF it can be a pain to open/view & furthermore edit the documents. Given how standard the PDF file format is Infix aims to make the process of viewing & editing it simple. If you ever wondered how to edit a pdf then this is the app for you. Allowing the editing of PDF text, images, and other media. You can convert docs to PDF, translate them, or just simply replace some information within it.

Infix PDF Editor overview

Infix goes above & beyond by making the editing of PDF’s as simple as a word processor. So whether you need a fast fix, conversion, or full edit Infix can handle it.


What are the features of the software?


  • Easy Text Editing (Import PDFs & easily edit text areas)
  • PDF Creation (Convert docs or make brand new PDFs)
  • Find & Replace Tool
  • Spell Checker
  • Translation
  • Commenting ( Adding notes, annotations, etc)
  • Split PDF View


Click Here To Download Infix PDF Editor for Free


My Experience with Infix PDF Editor

In testing the application I tried to use sample PDFs the app included alongside some downloaded from the internet. All of which the app handled for the most part perfectly. The only exception being locked PDF’s that Infix couldn’t open/edit. Outside of that I was able to easily convert, import, and edit all PDFs. As far as simple PDF changes like changing text, adding images, and find & replacing keywords/phrases.

The translation tool which relies on a third party service worked however took some initiative. Above all though the PDF editor really made an impression of simplicity. It felt like a word processor where it was easy enough to edit materials within the PDF file.

Though I didn’t have much experience with the other known PDF viewers/editors like Adobe I could tell that from first impressions it was much simpler in it’s interface furthermore offered a great amount features Adobe doesn’t such as translation. Overall it did what I needed it to do & handled PDF documents with ease be it creation, editing, or conversion.

Infix PDF Editor translation


Watch Infix PDF Editor Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)




System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
Required RAM 4 GB
Required Space 100 MB


What is the price of the software?

You can try & demo Infix PDF editor by using our link down below additionally you can buy it for only $10 on a monthly sub or $99 for the whole year.

Buy Infix PDF Editor for Windows



My Personal Thought on the software


Compared to many other PDF editors Infix offers a great amount of tools from simple conversion & editing of text/content to translation, find & replacing, and deep level PDF editing.


As one of the best pdf editors I’ve tested it comes at a fair price tag at only $10 monthly or $100 for the year. However for some the idea of a monthly or subscription for such software I can understand why some may not see it as such.

Ease of Use

The best thing about Infix is that it offers a super simple interface for you to view & edit PDFs. No nonsense as they call it. Offering you a quick & easy view of the document & your basic tools from text annotations, styling, and so on all conveniently located.


What others are saying?

Infix PDF Editor is a premium PDF suite that edits PDFs, including “old school” PDFs, much like a word processor. It's a full-featured app that competes directly with other top-flight PDF solutions. It includes pro features, such as OCR and watermarking, and a classic look means no unpleasant surprises; the layout and tools will be familiar to most users from the start. Infix PDF Editor is free to try, with a watermark on output. – CNET



Infix PDF serves as one the best pdf editors I’ve personally tested. Meeting advanced features like translation, find & replace, PDF file conversion while pairing it with an easy enough interface that anyone can navigate. If you work with PDFs on a daily basis & need to edit, convert, or view them then Infix PDF editor is simply one of the best tools out there. It’s a word processor meets PDF editor allowing you to quickly & easily edit files. Simple & straight to the point.



9.3 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Translation Tool built-in
  • Simple to use interface
  • Edit, Convert, View PDFs
  • Subscription based pricing
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