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Most of the bloggers or website owners despite having great content present on their website fail to attract more visitors. The main reason for this seems to be the absence of a stunning headline for their blog post that can attract more visitors to their website.

Yes, headlines are the most important part of a great content and ultimately the deciding factor for the success of any blog post. There is no use in creating an effective content with a weak headline.

Most of the big websites make use of this simple formula to attract more traffic for every articles and content they create. Thrive Themes has developed a new plugin for creating effective headlines for all your blog posts which can increase the engagement of the user.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is the new WordPress plugin from Thrive Themes that can create the most effective headline for each blog post you write. It does this by using different headline variations for a single post and finding the best one that brings in more traffic.

The plugin uses 3 important factors namely click-through rate, time on content, and scrolling to see which headline delivers the best results.



How to install Thrive Headline Optimizer on your WordPress website?

Installing Thrive Headline Optimizer on your WordPress site is very simple and can be done within minutes. After downloading the plugin zip file from the official website, you need to upload it to your WordPress site.

After uploading the zip file, you need to activate it by entering the license key that you might have got while purchasing the plugin. That’s it, you can now start using the plugin for creating great headlines for your blog posts.


What are the features and benefits the plugin offers?

Thrive Headline Optimizer offers whole new features that can help its users in coming up with an effective and great headline that works well. Below are some of the features and benefits that the plugin offers to its users.

  • Quick and effective A/B title testing that can help in finding the best headline for your blog posts.
  • Detailed A/B testing metrics that shows the various metrics for your headlines and determine the results delivered by the best headline.
  • Bulk testing lets you optimize the headline of all your blog post at once and see the results.
  • You can now view the engagement report to see how much interest the visitors show in your blog posts and how entertaining it is to the visitors.
  • The auto-pilot mode allows the plugin to automatically determine the best headline to increase the click-through rate and user engagement.
  • Very easy to use interface which allows even a novice user to start using the plugin for creating effective headlines for their website content.
  • Get detailed reports on the three important metrics namely click-through rate, time on content and scrolling rate for each headline variation.

If you own a WooCommerce website that sells products, then you can test your product names and see which one gets more clicks.


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How easy is it to use Thrive Headline Optimizer on your WordPress site?

Thrive Headline optimizer plugin comes with a very simple user interface that allows even a WordPress beginner to make use of the plugin in the most effective manner. It took me only a few minutes to get well versed with the working of the plugin. In this part of the review, I will guide you on how to use the plugin to create various headlines for your post and then choose the best one that performs well.

After installing Thrive Headline Optimizer on your WordPress site, you can access the plugin in two ways. The first way is to access the plugin through the Thrive Dashboard present in the WordPress side menu and the second way is to access it by going to the post page directly.

Through Thrive Dashboard:

Open the Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin present in the Thrive Dashboard window.

Thrive Headline Optimizer open

To start a new headline variation test, click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Thrive Headline Optimizer add new test

Now select the posts for which you wish to create a new headline that performs best in bringing more traffic. You can select the categories checkbox present at the top to list the articles that are present in that particular category.

You can either select a single post or multiple posts for which you like to do a headline variation test. After selecting the posts, click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button present at the bottom.

Thrive Headline Optimizer choose posts

Now write a headline variation for all the selected posts. You can add any number of variations for each headline by clicking the ‘Add Variation’ button. Once done, click on the ‘Determine Test Criteria’ button to proceed further.

Thrive Headline Optimizer write headlines

The next step is to choose the test criteria for deciding the winner of the headline variation test. You can either choose to define the criteria by yourself or just use the default setting of the plugin. It is recommended to use the default settings if you are a beginner as the plugin will do the things for you.

If you wish to set the test criteria, then turn off the ‘Use default engagement settings’ slider and make changes to the 3 test factors namely Click Through Rate, Scrolling rate and Time on Content.

Thrive Headline Optimizer set test criteria

You can turn on the ‘Automatic Winner Settings’ if you want the plugin to choose the best headline by analyzing the various test criteria. Turn it off if you wish to choose the winner by yourself.  You can also set the conditions which must be used for deciding the winner.

After making all the above changes, you can click on the ‘Start Test’ button to start the headline variation test.

Thrive Headline Optimizer start test

Finally, you can see the test progress and the engagement factor for each headline variation in the summary page. You can see the number of views, engagement and engagement rate for all the contents for which the test is in progress. You can see a detailed report of each content test by clicking on the arrow button present at the left side of the content.

Thrive Headline Optimizer summary page

Here, on the test page, you can see a detailed graph for all the headline variations that you have added and can see which one performs the best in terms of engagement.

Thrive Headline Optimizer test page

The below screenshot shows the engagement graph and statistics for one of my post for which I added three headline variations. It is clearly visible that the headline that corresponds to the blue graph performs well with the highest engagement rate.

Thrive Headline Optimizer engagement statistics

You can click on the ‘Stop Test and Choose Winner’ to decide the winner by yourself after going through the chart.

Thrive Headline Optimizer choose winner

Through Post Page:

After opening the post page, you will be finding a new button ‘Add New Headline’ below the headline box which you need to click to add headline variations for the post.

Thrive Headline Optimizer add new_postpage

Now write the variations in the corresponding text box. You can add any number of headlines and do a test. Then click on the update button to start the headline variation test.

Thrive Headline Optimizer start test_postpage

Once the test is started, you can see the engagement bar at the side of each headline which lets you know the most engaging headline that attracts more visitors.

You can click on the ‘View Test’ button to open the test page where you can see a detailed graph which displays how the headlines perform and the engagement rate for each one of them in a detailed manner as we have seen earlier.

Thrive Headline Optimizer view test_postpage

Once you have added the variations and started the test, you will be able to see a different headline each time you open that particular post. In the below screenshot, you can see that the original headline is displayed the first time, and the headline variations that I have added appears when I open the post for the second and third time respectively.

Thrive Headline Optimizer headline preview



What do others say about the plugin?

Similar to other Thrive Themes products, Thrive Headline Optimizer also got only positive reviews and rating form those who have reviewed the plugin. Most of them have stated it as the best plugin for creating the most effective and engaging headlines for your blog posts. Although there are many reviews from both individuals and businesses, I could not find any user comments on the plugin.

In my personal opinion, the plugin is an excellent addition to the Thrive Themes family which always excels in coming up with the most useful plugins for your WordPress site. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to create an effective headline for their contents to buy this plugin. Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the plugin.

Thrive Headline Optimizer is an easy to use plugin from Thrive Themes. Although it’s a little pricey, it works well right out of the box and you’ll have multiple headline test running in mere minutes. I also think it does a good job of measuring your posts overall ability to engage readers.” – WP Superstars

Thrive Headline Optimizer offers a powerful way to test headlines and always show the best. With headlines being so important to your content, this kind of tool is becoming a must-have for content creators.” – Mad


What are the limitations of the trial version of the plugin?

Just like other Thrive products, Thrive Headline Optimizer also does not have any trial version. So you need to buy the plugin to use it on your WordPress site for creating stunning headlines for your contents.


System Requirement

Thrive Ultimatum does not have any specific system requirements to be installed. You can just download the plugin and use it on your WordPress website.


What is the price of the plugin?

There are two different pricing options available for the plugin which you can choose as per your convenience. The first option is to buy the plugin by paying a one-time fee and using it for your entire lifetime.

The other option is to become a Thrive Themes member by subscribing to their monthly plan and accessing the Thrive Headline Optimizer along with other tools offered by the Thrive Themes such as Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder , Thrive Themes, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Leads, etc

The one-time price of the Thrive Headline Optimizer is $67 for a single license pack which allows you to use the plugin only on a single website. If you wish to use the plugin in multiple websites, then you can buy the multiple license pack which is priced at $97 and $147 for 5 and 15 websites respectively.

On the other hand, if you wish to become a member of the Thrive Themes, then you can subscribe to their monthly plan which is priced at $19 per month if paid annually.

At present, there are no offers for the plugin. I will try to update this space if any pops-up in the future. So please keep a check on this site.

There is also a 30 –day money back guarantee which allows you to get a refund of your entire fees if you are not satisfied with the performance of the plugin within 30 days from purchase.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thrive Headline Optimizer is the best plugin for your WordPress site for creating effective and great headlines for your contents that can bring in more traffic to your website. With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can test which headlines performs the best by measuring the engagement factor, click through rate and scrolling rate.

With an easy to use interface, the plugin is suited for both beginners and professionals to create effective headlines for their website contents.



8.7 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Detailed A/B testing allows you to choose the best performing headline
  • Bulk testing where you can test multiple posts at the same time
  • Get to know the engagement rate, scrolling rate and click through rate for each headline separately
  • Price seems to be a little bit high for a simple tool like this
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