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Thrive Quiz Builder is the latest product to come Thrive Themes. As the name indicates, Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create most engaging and complex quizzes for your website in a simple manner.

It is always believed that quizzes are the most proven ways to increase the engagement of the visitors who visit a website. They can also help in increasing the social shares for your website and build your email list for your business.

Thrive Quiz Builder makes the process of creating complex and engaging quizzes for your website visitors more easy and simple. With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can create branching quizzes where you can create dynamic questions based on the previous answers.

Quizzes apart from increasing the engagement of your visitors allow them to share the quiz results on their social media pages which in turn can bring in more organic traffic that can ultimately turn to prospectus customers for your business.



How to download and install Thrive Quiz Builder?

It is very simple and easy to download and install Thrive Quiz Builder plugin on your WordPress website. Once you purchased the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin or became a Thrive Theme member by subscribing to their monthly plan, you can download the zip file and install it on your WordPress site.

Now, you need to enter the license key to activate the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin and start using it to create engaging quizzes for your visitors.


What are the features and advantages of using Thrive Quiz Builder plugin?

Thrive Quiz Builder offers a lot of features and advantages to its users by helping them to create most engaging and useful quizzes for the visitors who visit their website. Let’s discuss in detail to know more about the quiz builder to make the best use of it.

  • Build complex quizzes that are more engaging to keep your visitors stay on your website for more amount of time in a step by step manner.
  • Building an engaging quiz can ultimately increase the engagement of the visitors and thereby reduce the bounce rate of your website.
  • Quizzes serve as the best possible ways for increasing the social share of your website which in turn can bring more prospectus leads for your business website.
  • Quizzes built using Thrive Quiz Builder plugin can help in increasing the email list of your website by allowing more people to subscribe to your business emails.
  • With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can create branching quizzes where you can ask a different set of question to your visitors based on their previous answers.
  • With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can capture and record the responses of your visitors and direct them to an appropriate result page or landing page which would be more useful for them. This increases the interest of the visitors which allows him to share or recommend the website to others.
  • Another important advantage of having quizzes is you can segment your website audience based on their answers and allow them to subscribe to the appropriate email list.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to A/B test your quiz at each critical stage and thereby optimize the conversion rate for your website.

Finally, Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create most beautiful and nice looking quizzes for all devices like desktop, Tabs, and mobile phones.


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How easy is it to create quizzes using the plugin?

As said earlier, quizzes serve as the best way to attract more number of visitors to your websites. Gone are those days when you need to hire a professional web developer to create a customized quiz for your website that can bring in more traffic.

With the Thrive Quiz Builder, the job is now made easy as you can create quizzes of any type within minutes by yourself without the help of any external agency. All you need to do is to simply follow the steps provided in the plugin.

Though it is very simple and easy to create a quiz from scratch using the plugin, it may take some time to clearly understand the various functions and features of the plugin. Let’s now discuss in detail on how to create a quiz from beginning to the end and optimize the conversion rate of your website.

Once you open the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard present under the Thrive Dashboard menu on the side of the word press screen, you can start creating a quiz.

You can either build a new quiz from scratch or choose a pre-defined quiz template that is available. List Building and Social Shares are the quiz template that comes along with the plugin.

For creating a new quiz from scratch, click the ‘Add New’ button and then choose the ‘Build from Scratch’ template to continue.

Thrive Quiz Builder addquiz

Then provide a name for your quiz which is only for your internal use and it will not be displayed on the website.

Thrive Quiz Builder quizname

Now follow the 4 simple steps as directed by the plugin to create a quiz. The first step is to choose a quiz type by clicking the choose type button. Based on the type of evaluation of your quiz questions and the result type that you would like to display, there are four quiz types namely number, percentage, category and Right/Wrong.

While the number and percentage will display your final score as a number and percentage respectively, the category will place you under a specific category based on the quiz score and the right/wrong will let the user know whether the answer selected is right or wrong.

Thrive Quiz Builder quiztype


Now the second step is to choose a Quiz style for your quiz. There are four different quiz style each with different background colors, images and font style for each page of the quiz. The four quiz styles that can be found in the plugin are Light Blue quiz, Dark quiz, Gray Orange quiz, and Deep Ocean Blue quiz.

Thrive Quiz Builder quizstyle

The third step of the quiz is the main part where you need to define the questions and provide answers to them. You can start the process by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button.

Thrive Quiz Builder managequiz

You can now add questions to the quiz by clicking the ‘Add Question’ button. Then select the question type like whether you want the multiple choices as a button or as images to continue further.

Thrive Quiz Builder addquestion

Now type the question in the Question text field and the description for the question if any in the Add Description field. You can also add tags to the answers by turning the tag slider on. And then add the answers in the Answer field. Click on the ‘New Answer’ button to add more choices to the question.

Also, mention the correct answer to the question by selecting the corresponding ‘Correct Answer’ radio button present at the side of each choice.

Thrive Quiz Builder question details

After defining all the questions and answers for the quiz, you can now define a flow in which the quiz has to move. You can create this flow by using the small round button present at the bottom of each question box and choices box.

Thrive Quiz Builder createflow

For example, in the below quiz, once you answer the correct question it will take you to the second question and then to the third question. I have also created another flow where if the user has selected the 4th choice namely North America in the 1st question, it will skip the 2nd question and take the user directly to the 3rd question.

Once the flow is created, you can click on the ‘Save and Exit’ button present at the bottom to come out of this window.

Thrive Quiz Builder flowexample

The fourth and the final step is to create a result page for the quiz by clicking the manage button. The result page allows you to do AB test of your results pages to increase the conversion rate. You can add multiple variations to the results page and check which one performs best.

You can also edit the quiz landing page with thrive architect plugin too

Thrive Quiz Builder add variation

To start the A/B test, you need to create a variation first by clicking the ‘Add A/B Test Variation’ button. And then give a name for your variation.

Thrive Quiz Builder variationname

You can edit your results page by clicking on the Edit button.

Thrive Quiz Builder editresults

With Thrive Quiz builder, it is now possible to create a dynamic results page that changes based on your quiz score. For this, you need to choose the ‘Dynamic Content’ element present at the bottom of the Thrive Architect Dashboard.

And you need to mention the intervals that you like to have for creating a dynamic content. For example, two intervals dynamic content will create two contents one for scores below 50 and another for scores above 50. Once you finish editing the results page, you can click save and close the window.

Thrive Quiz Builder dynamiccontent

After creating a results page for all the variations, you can now start the A/B test by providing a Title for the Test and choosing a conversion goal like whether you want the results page to get more email subscribers or to get more social shares.

Thrive Quiz Builder startest

As the test progresses, you can see a graph which shows how many visitors are there for each results page and which page performs best on which day. From this graph, you can choose which variation performs best and declare it as a winner and keep it as your results page to optimize the conversion rate.

You can click on the ‘Stop test and choose winner’ select a winner from the list of variations.

Thrive Quiz Builder testgraph

You can also customize your results page for more social shares by clicking the ‘Create a Social Share Badge’. The plugin provides a list of Social Share Badge template from which you can select one for your Quiz.

Thrive Quiz Builder socialsharebadge

Now the quiz is created successfully and it has to be added to any one of your web pages. For this, you need to copy the Quiz Shortcode present at the top of the Quiz Builder dashboard and paste it into blog post or review page where you like the quiz to be displayed.

Thrive Quiz Builder quizcode

So the final quiz that was created appears to the users like the one shown in the below screenshot.

Thrive Quiz Builder quiz


Watch Thrive Quiz Builder Demo (Click to Play the Video):




What do others say about Thrive Quiz Builder?

Thrive Quiz Builder plugin has got some outstanding reviews and ratings from various people who have reviewed the plugin. Almost all the reviews that you find on the internet on the quiz builder has rated it as the best quiz builder plugin that you can find on the market. Please find some of the positive testimonials for the plugin below.

“Thrive Quiz Builder lets you easily create simple and complex quizzes to engage and grab the attention of your visitors. The plugin takes care of all the design and development tasks, so you don’t need any coding or Photoshop knowledge, as well as gathering valuable customer insights.” – WP Superstars

“I really love the simplicity of this plugin and it gives me an additional option to build my own email subscribers and social traffic.” – Blogging IO


What are the limitations of the trial version of the plugin?

Thrive themes does not offer a limited version or trial version of Thrive Quiz Builder plugin for its users. So you need to buy the full version or subscribe to their monthly membership to get access to the plugin and start creating quizzes for your website.


System Requirement

Thrive Architect does not have any specific system requirements to be installed. You can just download the plugin and use it on your WordPress website


What is the price of Thrive Quiz Builder?

The Thrive Themes offers its users with two pricing options for the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin. You can either buy the plugin by paying a one-time fee or subscribe to their monthly plan and access all the Thrive themes without any restriction.

There are three different prices for the plugin based on the number of licenses that you are going to purchase. The prices are $147 for 15 license pack, $97 for 5 license pack and $67 for a single site license. All these prices are a one-time fee which entails you to use the plugin for the rest of your life without having to pay any additional amount. But free support options are available only for the first year and after that, you need to pay an additional fee to extend the support.

If you don’t like the one-time pricing option, then you can become a Thrive Theme member by subscribing to their monthly plan which costs around $19 per month. By becoming a member, you can access all the Thrive Themes and plugins (e.g Thrive ultimatum )  and get their support without any restrictions.

Thrive Themes offers a 30-day money back guarantee for it users which allows you to claim a refund if you are not satisfied with the performance of the software.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thus Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create stunning and engaging quizzes for your website which grabs the attention of the visitors who visits your website. The plugin also helps in building your email list and increase the social share of your website which in turn can bring in more organic traffic to your website. So the plugin is for those who like to grow their business or website by creating quizzes for the visitors.



8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • A/B test validation to choose the best performing results page
  • Dynamic content results page that helps in segmenting the users
  • Pre-defined Social Share Badge Templates
  • Four different types of evaluation
  • Create complex quiz with zero coding
  • Need some time to learn all the features of this plugin
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