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If you have ever thought about why you were not able to succeed in your life or why you are constantly failing in all your endeavors. Then you are not alone and almost everyone in this world might come across this phase at least once in your life. While some might have overcome this tough phase, there are many who struggle to overcome it.

Mind movies 4.0 Creation Kit is a software that can help you in transforming your life and attain success by transforming your mind to think the way you want. Most of you might have heard of a term called visualization where you constantly imagine what you want to become in your life and how you want to lead your life.

So when you visualize constantly, then your subconscious mind will start working on it and try to turn them into reality. Similarly, affirmation is another technique that we have talked about earlier in the Mindzoom review where our subconscious mind starts processing messages or texts that we repeatedly read.

Mindmovies concatenates these two techniques to process your subconscious mind which can thereby transform your life to accomplish your goals. With Mindmovies, you can create your own short videos with your preferred videos, images, audios and text and see them daily to transform your mind.



Do you need to install any software on your PC?

No, Mind movies is an online software and does not offer any desktop application to be installed on your PC. You need to create an account and login to their online portal to start creating movies that can transform your life to accomplish things that you desire.


What are the benefits offered by Mind movies to its users?

Mindmovies offers several benefits that can help its users in effectively transforming their life to attain success in all their endeavors. Let’s see a list of benefits that Mindmovies can offer its audiences.

  • Mindmovies can effectively insert positive thoughts to your subconscious mind which can then start working on them.
  • Visualize how you want to lead a life and create a video of it which you can see them repeatedly to push them into your subconscious mind.
  • Easily create videos of your choice within minutes.
  • Create videos using your favorite images, audios, and texts that can motivate you to do things that you aspire.
  • Repeatedly watching the videos will trigger an everlasting transformation in your subconscious mind.
  • You can easily share the created videos in all your social media accounts.
  • Mindmovies combines both visualization and affirmation techniques with single software.


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How simple is the user interface of the Mind Movies?

The user interface of is very neat and simple as it does not provide any unnecessary screens that may confuse the users. There are only three tabs that allow you to view a short tutorial on how to visualize and create your movies, then a tab that allows you to create your own movies and a third tab that lists the movies created by you.

So as soon as you log in to your Mindmovies account, you can start creating your own Mindmovies for inspiring and transforming your life to the way you want. You can add your own inspirational quotes, photos and videos that go straight into your subconscious mind as you see them regularly.

Let’s now see how to create your own movies and view or download them.

The software has three different tabs namely Script Writing, Create a Video and My videos. Though I briefly explained what you can find in the three tabs, I will now let you know what you can do there.

Script Writing:

In this tab, you can find a 16 minutes long video that explains how to visualize about your future and how to transform that visualization into a fine movie that you can watch every day to transform your mind.

The video explains perfectly how to visualize things that can go straight into your subconscious mind and how to work on achieving the goals you visualized.

It also offers a workbook on the process of visualization and scriptwriting that you can download to your PC.

Create a Video:

It is this tab where you can create your Mindmovies by just dragging and dropping your own pictures, videos, affirmations, and audios or you can choose from the list provided.

You can create videos of any length ranging from just a few minutes to an hour-long. The video creation is a 4 step process where you need to create a video, then preview the created video and save the project and finally send it to the preprocessor to download or publish in your YouTube channel.

Under the pictures tab, you can find a large number of images related to a wide range of categories like business, health, art, exercise, lifestyle etc. You can also add your own pictures by just clicking the more actions and selecting the upload your own picture option.

To add an image to your video, you just need to drag and drop the picture into the editable video clip present at the bottom of the window. In this way, you can add any number of images that you wish.

In the videos tab, you can find videos pertaining to different categories similar to the pictures. The videos are of different lengths ranging from a few seconds to more than 20 minutes. To add a video to your movie, just drag and drop in the video editing space.

To add a YouTube video to your movie, first drag and drop the red YouTube icon present at the center of the screen to the video editing space and then paste the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to add to your movie.

In the affirmations tab, similar to videos and pictures tab, you can find different affirmations pertaining to a wide range of categories that can be added to your movie. The affirmations are simple and effective that can go straight to your subconscious mind and bring a change in the long go.

Just drag and drop the affirmation to the picture or video in which you wish the selected affirmation to appear in the movie that you create.

You can also include your own text in the movie or in each slide by clicking the customize text button present at the bottom of each slide.

You can now include the text that you wish to appear in the slide, its color, its screen position and the duration of the text, etc.

In the transition tab, you can find different types of transitions that will happen while changing from one slide to another. You can drag and drop your preferred transition into the space between each slide. You can different transitions between each pair of slides.

Similarly, in the music tab, you can find different audios related to a wide range of categories that can be added to your movie. You can also add your own music files by clicking the more actions and selecting the upload your own music option.

To add music to your movie, first click on it, then click the apply button in the pop window that appears. Once you click the apply button, the music will now be added to your movie.

In the preference tab, you can adjust the duration of each slide in the movie and the time period for each text to appear in the slides.

After completing the first step of creating your movie, the second step is to preview the video to see if it is fine by clicking the preview button at the bottom.

The third step in the process is to save the project that you have created by providing a name and a short description of the created video.

After saving the video, the final step is to send the video to the preprocessor which will process the video and make it available for downloading and sharing.

My videos:

In this tab, as the name suggests, you can view all the videos created by you. You can play the videos by clicking the play button. If you wish to edit the video, then you can do so by clicking the edit button. You can also download or share the movie on your YouTube channel by clicking the download or share button respectively.


For any issues on how to use the software, you can access their video tutorials. For any other technical issues with the software, you can submit a request ticket and their technical team will provide a solution at the earliest.



What do people say about the Mind Movies 4.0 ?

The reviews for the software were really good as almost all the reviewers were completely satisfied with the software performance. Most of the reviews that I came across on the internet have given a good rating for the software which makes me get a positive thought on the software.

On the contrary, though the user comments were mostly positive about the performance of the software, some of the users have complained about the sales push and ads that they keep pushing while using the software. Some of the users were frustrated with the sales technique and random ads that they keep pushing on the users. Except for this, I could not find any other issues from the users' side.

UPDATE But Mindmovies support team Clarify to me that they didn't Find the ads on the software, and neither did i. Perhaps it is from previous mind movies's version. They really listened to the user feedback and always improving 

Please find below some of the positive and negative comments that I came across about the software on the internet.

Honestly, if you are the kind of person who is into this kind of thing I think you have a huge advantage over more close-minded people. The reason being that all of us can benefit from feeding our subconscious minds with positive imagery and messaging – and this new technology is a very powerful tool for doing that, much more effectively than anything that has ever existed before.” – Nano Magazine

I love what Mind Movies stand for and their whole idea, but I was so turned off by the excessive pushing of products that I decided to get a refund. Even after I unsubscribed from their email list multiple times they’re still sending me tons of emails, which I’m finding frustrating. If you can get past the constant upsells, I think it’s probably an amazing commitment which is why I decided I would recommend it. I’m hoping my comment may help change the pushy approach because if not for that, I’d be using it.” – User


Is there a trial version available for the software?

No, Mindmovies does not offer a trial version and you need to subscribe to one of their plans to start using the software and create your own movies. Once you purchase any one of their plans, you can create your account and login to it and start using the software.


System Requirement

There are no specific system requirements for using Mindmovies on your PC. All you need is an active internet connection to use Mindmovies to create your own inspirational videos.


What is the price of the software?

Mind movies is an online software that can be used by creating an account and logging in to your account. So it can be used on any PC just by having an internet connection.

The price of Mind movies is 97 USD if you can make the payment in a single payment. If you wish to pay in two payments, then you need to pay 58.99 USD each time. So making a single payment seems to be a feasible option that can save your money.

This payment is just one time and you get access to the software and all their updates for your lifetime without any restrictions.

Mindmovies also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for its users. So if the software does not work for you or does not suit your needs, then you can get a full refund of your money.


Verdict and conclusion:

The performance of any affirmation software can be measured only based on the effort that you put in using the software or constantly watching the videos and affirmations messages that can go deep into your subconscious mind.

So based on other criteria like the user interface and features, Mind movies is a good software that allows anyone to easily create movies that can inspire and transform their life to achieve goals that they imagine and visualize. If you can put in constant effort and dedication, then the software can be a perfect fit for your money.



8.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Different tools that allow you to easily create your own movies and add effective affirmations and your own inspiring quotes
  • Huge Database Library ( Uplifting, Motivation Inspiring Audio Picture and Video )
  • Created By Expert Author
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • I can't find one yet
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