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Iolo System Mechanic is a system utility software developed by Iolo technologies. The software is ultimately designed to optimize your PC performance by detecting and removing unwanted cluster files and freeing up more space on your PC.

System Mechanic can improve the performance of your PC by thoroughly analyzing and identifying those programs that occupy unnecessary space and slows down your PC. The software can reduce the windows startup time by effectively removing those programs that cause the slowdown.

The software cleans the unused and cluttered registry files and increases the speed of your PC. Apart from PC speed, it also ensures in increasing your internet speed by optimizing the hidden internet settings and caches.

I've Buy it and notice an improvement personally on my PC . Keep reading my review until the end & Get Special Coupon



How easy is the installation of the software?

The installation of iolo system mechanic involves two part. In the first part, you need to download the installation file which starts once you open the setup file which you have downloaded from their website. You need an active internet connection to download the file.

The second part is the installation of the software which starts by default once the download completes. You need to accept their terms and choose a location before starting the installation process. The entire process took some longer time than usual. On my PC, it nearly took around 4 to 5 minutes for the installation to complete which is a bit longer.


What are the features does the software offers?

Iolo System Mechanic offers quite a lot of features that help in cleaning your PC by removing junk files, defragmenting registry files and fixing PC related problems. All these features ensure in bringing back the lost performance of your PC. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

  • The enhanced active care feature ensure in providing advanced cleaning and repair functions that helps in removing all the cluttered and junk files from your system.
  • The enhanced LiveBoost feature ensures in improving the performance of your PC processor by adjusting the various windows settings in an efficient way.
  • The enhanced PC Cleanup feature has the capability of cleaning over 50 different junk files.
  • The software optimizes, defragments and backs up all the system registry files by making use of its Enhanced Registry Tuner feature.
  • The enhanced privacy cleaner can increase your internet speed by erasing all the internet history files, caches and clutters.
  • The enhanced program accelerator can speed the access to all the programs present in your PC by defragmenting and re-aligning the disjointed program files.
  • The enhanced startup optimizer can increase the windows startup speed by blocking all the bloatware at the startup.
  • The memory mechanic tools ensure in bringing back all the wasted RAM in real time.
  • The security optimizer features ensure in providing maximum protection to your PC by detecting and fixing all the Windows security holes using the latest available patches.
  • The incinerator tools help in safely deleting all the unwanted sensitive files.


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How easy is the user interface of Iolo System Mechanic?

Iolo system mechanic software is composed of a simple user interface which can be used by any type of users without any complexity. The entire software is categorized into 5 different sections which make it easy to access all the features and tools present.

The 5 different sections are Dashboard, Toolbox, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, and Security. Each of these 5 sections contains the different tools which help in cleaning the PC, fixing the problems and optimizing the system performance. Let’s discuss each of these sections in detail.


In this section, you get to know about the general status of your system. It also displays the number of issues found in your system that needs to be repaired or fixed. You can either select a particular issue and fix it or resolve all the issues by clicking the repair all button.

Iolo System Mechanic has identified a long list of issues as soon as I installed the software and repaired them instantly. I could notice a considerable improvement in the performance of my PC fixing all the issues and clearing the junk files.

Under the issues tab, you will be seeing all the issues and the recommendations that you need must do to improve the performance and efficiency of your system. At the side of each issue, you can find an action item that you must do to repair that issue.

The history tab displays a list of repairs and activities performed in your system.

The PC status tab displays a general information about your entire system like the hard drive space, memory space, running programs etc.

System Mechanic dashboard


The toolbox section contains all the tools offered by the system which helps in cleaning your PC, speeding up the performance and protecting your data files. The software offers 5 different set of tools based on the operations each tool performs.

Clean Tool:

Here, you can get all the tools for cleaning the junk files, repairing issues, removing unwanted programs and deleting the private data from your windows, internet and system registry. Below are the list of tools present under this clean tool.

All-in-One PC Cleanup tool helps in cleaning the junk files and registry issues from your internet, windows and system registry.

Internet Cleanup allows you to clean the browsing data and internet junk files.

Windows Cleanup helps in cleaning windows junk files and broken shortcuts.

Registry Cleanup clears all the junk files and other issues that persist in the system registry.

Advanced Uninstaller list all the installed programs in your PC. You can then select the program that you wish to uninstall.

System Mechanic Toolbox clean

Speed Up Tool:

The tools present in this section ensures in increasing the speed of the internet, drive, memory and system performance.

Net Booster tool helps in optimizing the internet settings and increasing the speed of your internet connection.

Disk Defragmenter can defragment your hard drive and help in speeding up the file access speed and efficiency of the driver.

Program Accelerator can help in increasing the file access speed by re-aligning the program data and defragmenting the hard drive files.

Memory Mechanic tools ensure in increasing the efficiency of your memory RAM by freeing up more RAM space.

Startup Optimizer can help in reducing the windows boot time by disabling programs that run automatically during the startup.

System Mechanic Toolbox speedup


The Incinerator tool present under the Protect section helps in securely deleting your sensitive data files from your system.

System Mechanic Toolbox protect


The tools present in this section help in restoring your system back to the normal state.

System Troubleshooter helps in accessing the hidden windows troubleshooting tools to find and resolve various PC problems.

System Restore tool allows you to restore your system back to a normal state after any unwanted accidents or issues.

System Mechanic Toolbox recover


The Super Control Panel present under the Mange tool allows you to access the various hidden system tools that you may not be aware of to customize the windows to match your needs.

System Mechanic Toolbox manage


This section contains various options which when enables will take care of monitoring your system completely by detecting and resolving all the system issues automatically without your intervention.

System Mechanic activecare


This section of the software displays the real-time status of the processor performance, memory usage, drivers, and configurations. The options which are turned on helps in boosting the performance of your PC.

System Mechanic LiveBoost


In this section, you can access the tools Antivirus and Firewall tools that ensure in providing protection to your PC against malware and cyber attacks.

Anti-Malware feature when enabled provides real-time protection to your PC against malware, virus, spyware, and other potentially harmful programs.

Firewall, when enabled, protects your system from hackers and cyber-criminals who may steal your sensitive data files stored in your PC.

System Mechanic security

You can contact their support team or access their knowledge base by using the help button present at the top of the software window.



What is the word of mouth for the software?

The Iolo system mechanic software has got a very good rating and review from a number of reviewers who have reviewed the software which is really a great positive for the software. Some websites have also rated it as the best system utility software available in the market. So those who are willing to try using it can go ahead without any second thought.

The user comments were also great and positive for the software except a very few who have complained only about the software upgrades and not on the performance.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials of the software.

An excellent tune-up utility, Iolo System Mechanic has all the tools you need to get your PC performing like new again.” – PC MAG

Great Product. Cleans out clutter while you are doing other tasks on the computer and keeps computer running smooth.” – User


Iolo System Mechanic Trial Limitation

In the trial version of the software, you cannot access any of its features. You can only analyze your system to find for any problems that persist. To fix those problems and optimize your storage, you need to buy the full version of the software.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 140 MB


What is the price of Iolo System Mechanic?

There is only one license pack available for System Mechanic. The price of the software is $49.95. But the website offers the software at a discounted price of $39.96 and hence you can save $9.99 if you buy immediately.

The price of System Mechanic PRO is $69.95 and it is now available at a short time offer price of $55.96. So you can save $13.99.

The difference between System Mechanic and System Mechanic PRO is in the later version, you will be getting System Mechanic plus three additional Iolo products namely System Shield, Drive Scrubber, and Search and Recover.

System Shield is the basic antivirus software that provides security to your system. Drive Scrubber provides advanced data removal functions. Search and Recover can help in scanning for the lost files and recover them.

The developers provide a 30-day money back guarantee for its customers who can get their purchase amount if they are not satisfied with the functioning of the software.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thus System Mechanic is that one system utility software which you can install in your PC to find and solve various problems that persist for a long time. The software also tries to clean your PC by removing clutters, and junk files and free up more space. It also optimizes the performance and improves the PC performance by defragmenting the registry files.

I've buy and try it and see an improvement, so i really recommend this software to you.




9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Offers different features for improving the performance of your PC
  • Security feature offer antivirus protection to your PC
  • Quickly analyses your system and fixes all the issues and improves the performance and speed of your system
  • Free Trial Available
  • I noticed considerable improvement after using it personally
  • Only one license operation and it is only for one year when its competitors like PC Mechanic and System Cleaner offers lifetime license
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