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Defraggler from Piriform is a tool that makes defragging easy. Allowing you to speed up overall performance & maintain the integrity of your hard drive & data. Speeding up your PC has never been simpler & as visually appealing. Grab the app by itself via our link or via a 4-in-1 bundle from Piriform & save over $50 on multiple apps such as Speccy, Ccleaner, etc.



How it Works:

Defragging is the technical process of compressing data or sectors on your hard drive in order for data to be read faster, thus improving overall performance & read speeds. Over time & usage, your drive becomes more fragmented.

Defraggler does all the hard work by finding those gaps & compressing them. All while ensuring the files are safe & secure. Simply define the drive you want to scan then visually see all the fragments on the drive & run the optimization tool to defrag the drive.


You have options to run a full defrag or a quick defrag. The full step takes longer but ensures more sectors & gaps are compressed for best performance. Outside of that, the app presents all sorts of information on your drive from health status, file list, drive mapping and much more.


What are the Features & Benefits?

Defraggler features include:

  • Safe defrag techniques that are the same as the built in windows tools
  • Interactive drive map
  • Optimizes free space on the drive as well
  • Scheduled defragmentation
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Defrag single files/folders

While windows do offer a built in defrag tool Defraggler goes beyond in terms of feature set. Visually it’s much more user-friendly while still offering advanced insight such as drive mapping & the ability to actually see the files that require defragmentation.

Furthermore, it allows you to not just defrag hard drives on your computer but singular files & folders. This in conjunction with its advanced features like increasing boot time by defragging system files all goes towards helping increase performance & maintain a healthy PC running in an optimal state.



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My Experience with Defraggler

In testing out Defraggler I ran various defragmentations. First I ran it locally on my main drive testing out the quick & full defrag. This process was incredibly simple while still offering all the info visually if I wanted further insight.

The ability to get a deep dive into all the files that required fragmentation, a key breakdown of what each block on the drive meant, and overall drive health. Further tests included defragging external drives & then onto singular files. All of which worked flawlessly. Scanning was quick & the defrag process was as simple as it gets.



Coming from the default windows utility I found Defraggler to offer the best of both worlds. Simplicity in its ability to quickly just scan and defrag the drive yet advanced in its options & user interface. Giving the user full details into the drive & overall process. My favorite feature was the ability to schedule future defrags so that I wouldn’t have to worry about manually doing it each time. Saving me the hassle while keeping the PC optimized over time.


Watch Defraggler Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)



GET Piriform Defraggler for Your Windows PC

My Personal Thought about the Software


Compared to the default tool that windows provide Defraggler goes above & beyond by offering a highly simplistic yet visual defrag tool. Further features such as scheduling & single file defrag make it all the more appealing.


While the windows tool is built in & free you do get some advanced optimization with Defraggler at the $25 price point for the pro version.

Ease of Use

The incredible interface of Defraggler makes it so anyone can use it & or scheduled defrags. All the while still allowing for under the hood options for those who want a more advanced look at things.


What Others are Saying

Piriform Defraggler 2.10 will remove those pesky, tailed, Muppets from your hard drive once and for…oh wait. Well, it won't do that, but it will defragment your hard drive, and it offers some features that the free defragmentation utility including in Windows does not. – PC World

“Defraggler is easy to understand and performs its job well… if you want to improve computer performance, this is a great place to start.”- CNET


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 600 MB
Required Processor 500 MHz


What is the price of the software?

Grab Defraggler by itself today using our link for only $25 or get the 4-in-1 bundle ( Speccy, Recuva, Defraggler and Most Popular CCleaner ) & save big for only $ 40!

Get Defraggler for Windows PC


Final Verdict & Conclusion:

Piriform does an amazing job offering a 3rd party solution to windows built in utility. Defraggler offers up features that most defrag apps don’t even include all while packing it into a great interface. The ability to defrag has never been easier & accessible. Offering the user a full scale look at the drive health, sectors, and methods to optimize it. Considering all your data, OS, and more is based off your drive.

Having that run optimally is important and that’s exactly what Defraggler offers. The free version lets you get a taste for the great performance increase Defraggler offers & the pro version extends with further optimization support, auto-updates, and more. Defrag your entire drive or single files to help compress & ensure your data is read & accessed faster than ever.


GET Piriform Defraggler for Your PC Here

8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Ability to defrag free space
  • Can Defrag single files
  • Quick & Full Defrag options
  • Scheduled defrags
  • Boot time defrags
  • Pro version costs money compared to free utility built into windows which some may be against
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