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Icecream Screen Recorder is an excellent screen recording and screen capture software with a very simple and easy to use interface. The tools and features of the software allow you to record your screen or take screenshots in a simplified manner with just one click. You can also edit the recorded video or the screenshot before saving it to your PC. You can easily create a video tutorial for your reviews or for your virtual classrooms.

The software provides you with the option of choosing the area of the PC screen to be recorded. You can either record the full screen or part of the screen and can also choose the resolution of the video to be recorded. The software allows you to record microphone audio, Skype calls, videos, record PC screen along with your voice and schedule a recording session. The software supports a wide range of video and image formats to which you can save your files.

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How easy is the installation process?

The installation of icecream screen recorder is very simple and easy just like the applications user interface. You just need to accept their terms and conditions and follow a series of simple and usual steps before the installation process starts. The installation is very quick that it takes only a few seconds to complete.


IceCream Screen Recorder Features

The software offers a number of features to its users to make the screen recording process simple and easy. These tools and features allow you to take screenshot or record your screen in an effective manner and also edit them before saving. Let’s take look at the features the software offers to the users.

  • The software allows you to select the area of the screen which you like to record or take a screenshot with just a single click.
  • The drawing panel available in the software allows the user to draw lines, arrows and other drawings in your recorded video or screenshot.
  • You can choose the resolution and the quality of the video in which you like to record your screen.
  • The add watermark feature allows you to add watermark to the captured screenshot or recorded video.
  • Add webcam feature enables the user to record the webcam video along with the screen recording.
  • The project history displays a complete list of a screenshot and recorded videos taken using the software.
  • The Zoom In tool allows you to zoom in the video while the screen recording is in progress.
  • The edit feature of the software allows you to edit the captured screenshot or recorded videos. Some of the available edit tools are trim, crop and other color adjustments.
  • Schedule option allows you to schedule a recording session by setting an automatic timer. The recording of the screen starts automatically at the scheduled time slot without the user intervention.
  • The software supports various video and image formats to which you can easily convert your recorded video and screenshots.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

As said earlier, the ice cream recorder comes with a simple and an easy to use interface which allows even a novice user to effectively make use of the software for taking any screenshot or record your computer screen. The simple user interface makes it easy for online reviewers and other YouTube video creators to easily create a video tutorial of your choice.

The main screen of icecream screen recorder contains the options for taking screenshot or capture video of your PC screen which are the two core functions of the software.

ice cream Screen recorder mainscreen

For capturing video of your PC screen, place the mouse over the Capture Video button and select the area of the PC screen which you like to record. The Custom area option allows you to choose the area of the screen by yourself. The Full-screen option starts recording the full screen of your PC and you cannot change the area size. The last area option uses the area of the PC that you recorded for the last time by default. The Area auto detection by default chooses the entire PC screen to record.

ice cream Screen recorder capturevideo options

In Capture Video, there is an additional option ‘Around Mouse’ which you can use to record different areas of the screen surrounding your mouse. The size of the PC screen which you like to record around your mouse has to be selected from the list available. The below screenshot shows the recording of PC screen by selecting an area of 192×144 around the mouse.

ice cream Screen recorder capturevideo mouse

After choosing the area of the screen which you like to record, you will be seeing a control panel like below which has all the controls for starting and stopping the recording, drawing and writing some texts in the recording area. It also contains options for adjusting the volume of the microphone audio.

ice cream Screen recorder controlpanel

The Switch button allows you to swap between the control panel and the PC screen. Please note that you cannot use the switch button when the recording is in progress. You need to pause the recording to use the switch button.

ice cream Screen recorder switch

You can use the Draw button to draw any lines, arrows or writes some texts and much more inside the selected area which you are recording. You can use the draw option just like using the paint application on your PC.

ice cream Screen recorder drawing

You can use the Zoom option to zoom in and out the recording area.

ice cream Screen recorder zoom

Once the recording is stopped, you need to give a name for the recorded video and click Ok to save the captured video.

ice cream Screen recorder namethevideo

IceCream screen recorder also allow you to take screenshot. You need to choose the area and then you can draw some paintings inside the area and then click on the Screenshot button to take the picture of your selected area. The copy button allows you to copy the screenshot to the clipboard which you can paste it into a word document or in a folder. The URL button creates a web URL of the screenshot which can be copied and sent in email or used as a link in websites.

ice cream Screen recorder screenshot

The tasks button allows you to create a task and schedules a recording by setting a timer. You can see the list of tasks that you have created so far under the task window. For creating a new task, click on the ‘+’ symbol under the task window.

ice cream Screen recorder task

Now select the area of the PC screen which you like to record. Then provide the time at which you want the recording to start and stop. Also, provide a file name for the task that you are creating and then click OK. The recording will start automatically at the provided time without your intervention.

ice cream Screen recorder taskcreate

All your recorded videos and screenshots will be saved in one particular location which you can change by using the settings option. Open the settings window and click the Save to tab to choose the location where you would like to save your videos and screenshots. You can also change other settings of icecream screen recorder like video, audio settings etc. using the settings option.

ice cream Screen recorder savesettings

You can access their support team or their knowledge base to learn about their software by using the help button.


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What do others say about IceCream Screen Recorder?

Frankly speaking, there are only a few reviews that I can find about the Icecream screen recorder on the internet and they all gave a good rating for the software in terms of user interface and performance. I did not come across any negative reviews for the software which seems to be a positive note.

But when I went through the users' comments, it was not the same and I came across some negative comments about the software. The common complaints which most of the users made was about the sound quality of the recorded video either the audio do not record properly or the quality is very bad. But apart from that, I could not find any other issues with the software that the users were concerned about.


Ice Cream Screen Recorder Free Trial Limitations

There are a couple of limitations that the trial version of the software possesses to the user. They are, you cannot create a task and schedule a recording using the trial version and it can be done only when you are using the PRO version of the software.

ice cream Screen recorder trial1

In a similar manner, in the trial version, you can record your PC screen only for a maximum time period of 5 minutes and you need to get the PRO version for recording more than 5 minutes. Apart from these two, there are no other limitations in the trial version.

ice cream Screen recorder trial2


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, 2000, MAC OS X 10.9
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 150 MB
Required Processor 2.66 GHz


What is the price of the software?

The price of Icecream Screen Recorder software is $29.95. This is a one-time fee and you can use the software for lifetime. There is also a 30% discount available for the software right now which you can avail by making use of the discount coupon given below. Please remember that this offer is valid only for a short period of time and can expire anytime soon.

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There is also 65% discount available on their official website if you buy their software bundle which includes Ebook Reader, Slideshow Maker, PDF Converter, PDF Split & Merge, and Screen Recorder.


Conclusion & Verdict:

Icecream Screen Recorder is a good software for taking a screenshot or recording videos of your PC screen. Apart from capturing the PC screen, the software also allows you to record Skype calls, microphone audio, and other videos in an effective and simplified manner. The user interface is really simple and easy to use and hence it can be the best fit for both the average and professional user to take screenshots and capture videos easily.


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Try Free Icecream Screen Recorder

8.5 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Free Trial Available
  • The user interface is really simple and easy to use
  • Apart from recording your PC screen, you can also record Skype calls
  • You can create tasks and schedule a recording
  • The sound quality in the recorded video is not up to the mark
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