HyperSnap Review – The Easy & Quickest Way to Screenshot on Windows

Given the amount of content I produce screenshots are essential for my articles. The ability to capture them easily & efficiently is key & that’s where HyperSnap comes into play. Making the process of snapping, editing , and exporting a breeze so I can get back to the work at hand.

There’s all sorts of ways to take screenshots even windows has a built in tool to do so however it can become tedious especially when you need to take multiple shots in order. HyperSnap is an all in one tool so you can use it to quickly take a shot & export it or use the app to organize & edit the photos with annotations, colors, and what not.



What is HyperSnap?

So what exactly is a screenshot tool? HyperSnap allows you to capture what you see on your screen in a digital format. This is great when your trying to showcase something on screen, for tutorials or articles like this one, and many other uses in both personal & business scenarios.



-Capture Images on any screen (Can capture more than one screen/multi-monitors)

-Image Editing, Capture, and Annotation tools

-Unlimited Undo/Redo

-Button Capture Support (Can capture menus on apps)

-Full Image Editor/Viewer/Converter

-Customizable Interface

-Automatic Color Substitution

-Non-Rectangular Capture Options (Can capture pictures in multiple shapes circles, square, etc)

-MS Windows Integration

-Capture menus

-Image Stamps,

-FTP Server Uploads (Can upload via File transfer protocol to your site)


Hypersnap Video Demo



Click Here to Download Hypersnap at the Official Website


My Experience with HyperSnap

Personally I’ve enjoyed using HyperSnap in my workflow (including this article) as it’s much easier & featured packed then the built in tools. What I enjoy best about it is the windows friendly user interface. Adapting the ribbon UI you can easily navigate through the app like you would any standard windows app. Simply decide what it is you want to capture on screen be it a windows, full screen, or portion of the desktop. From there you’re taken into the full featured image editor to make adjustments before exporting.

HyperSnap offers 7 main tabs at the top to work with the image. The “File” tab handles all saving/exporting functionality. The “Capture” tab allows you to take  more screenshots, “Edit” tab is where you get access to all editing tools, “Image” as well allows some options/edits the image size & so on, “TextSnap”  works with specific programs to add text to your screenshot, “Setup” then allows you to adjust the overall UI to your preference. Last but not least is the “Help” tab which offers tutorials & guidance to using the app.



Hypersnap can capture non rectangular Region

I felt comfortable navigating through all the functions & features throughout HyperSnap. It takes into consideration that many people who use it, use it in a educational sense. So annotations & highlighting tools are spread throughout to easily showcase things on screen. Edits were easy to make & even more importantly roll back in case I made any mistakes which was a nice addition. If you’ve ever used windows paint then you’ll feel right at home with HyperSnap when it comes to editing. You can keep it simple & export your image to your desired format or add some heavy edits.

My favorite part of the UI is the thumbnail view displayed on the left side of the app. This allows you to take multiple snaps & easily organize & access them all in one place. This was extremely useful for me in making my tutorial based articles as I could preview the steps in order & make changes as needed rather than having to focus on just one screenshot. For anyone doing technical writing or tutorial based content this makes the app worth it in itself.



Hypersnap can capture long scrolling window

Upon digging into other features that I didn’t necessarily use but can see being useful are things like AutoScroll. Let’s say you need to capture a long web page but it goes off screen & requires you to scroll. HyperSnap can capture it all with ease without having to worry about what’s off screen.  When all is said & done you have a variety of formats ( 20+ ) to export out to. Exporting is dead simple you can use the file tab or simply drag that same thumbnail image out to your desired save location & you’re good to go.


Click Here to Try Hypersnap for Free or Buy it


Why is it better then the built in tool or print screen?

So you may be asking yourself what makes it better than hitting the print screen key or using the snip tool that newer versions of Windows offer. Well HyperSnap is much more complex then that & if you’ve ever tried taking multiple screenshots with the default tools you’ll quickly realize why this is so much better. While yes you can quickly screen shot & export with HyperSnap, it more importantly offers options.

You can annotate within the editor, crop, and convert the image to a size & format you desire. The ability to work on multiple screenshots for things like manuals or any technical worth makes it super efficient & saves time overall. Capture more accurately with the region tool. Choose to capture a window, full screen, or designated area to ensure what you want exactly, something print screen doesn’t offer.  Simply put you have a variety of tools at your disposal & it’s all built into hyper snap versus you exporting across multiple apps. Saving you valuable time & money in one application.


System Requirement

Any computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 (including R2) or newer, 32 bit and 64 bit releases.

100 MB of free disk space is needed to install the program (about 25 MB is actually used after the installation finishes).


How Much is it & What Version Should I Get?

HyperSnap runs at $40 for a new license & $20 upgrade if you're coming from an older version. Additionally you can save on volume orders of 4 or more. As far as versions go it comes down to what version of Windows you’re on. Anything Windows Vista & above go with HyperSnap 8 otherwise version 7 if you’re on an XP based machine.

They support all major cars & PayPal along with offering money back guarantees on purchases. Machine requirements are very minimal so as long as you have the proper version for your machine all you need is 100Mb of disk space, 25Mb is used for actual installation & that’s it!

Major Note: TextSnap feature doesn’t work on new programs that use accelerated graphics or run under Windows 8

You can of course check out the app & try a free demo before purchasing, the free trial limitation is only Hypersnap stamps generation on your screenshot


Verdict & Conclusion

Overall with my time spent on HyperSnap I can sincerely say it’s worth it if you work with screenshots a lot in windows. Whether you have a blog, write technical/educational content, or are a designer. For both personal & professional aspects it gets the job done with ease & flexibility. Capture, edit, and export all one one place. Giving you the user the ability to use it as you please & however you see fit. Making taking digital screenshots on windows a efficient & painless process all with HyperSnap.



9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Built in Editor (You can edit your images within the app after taking the screenshot no need to bring them to another app)
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Variety of Capture Modes
  • Supports multiple export formats ( jpeg, png, etc)
  • Can Edit, Add Effect, Draw , add Annotation, and more
  • Textsnap Support is Limited (The OCR technology only works on a limited number of windows apps)
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