Ashampoo Snap – Powerful Tool for Taking Screenshots and Video Captures

Ashampoo Snap is a simple and powerful tool for taking screenshots and recording videos of your PC / laptop screens. You can easily edit the screenshots and the videos captured before saving or sharing it with others.

The software offers various tools that allow you to take screenshots of your PC screen in several different ways. You can either capture an entire window or a section of the window or draw any shape and capture the region on that shape alone.

The various editing tools allow you to neatly edit the screenshots by adding texts, cropping the unnecessary portions, rotating it, and adding watermarks before it is saved. You can also use the software for capturing the videos and editing it. The software ensures that your mouse clicks are clearly recorded in the video which allows you to create perfect tutorial videos.

So with Ashampoo Snap, taking screenshots and video capture is no longer a tough task.


How easy it is to install the software on your PC?

The installation of Ashampoo Snap is exactly similar to that of other Ashampoo products like Ashampoo Photo Commander and Ashampoo Backup. It is only a two-step process where you first need to accept the terms and conditions and then start the installation process. It takes only a few seconds to complete and after that, you can start using the software.


What are the features of Ashampoo Snap

Apart from taking screenshots and video captures of your windows screen, the software offers various tools that allow you to edit the screenshots and video captures effectively. Let’s discuss the different features offered by the software in detail.

  • Take different types of screenshots like the entire windows screen or a particular section of the window or the auto scroll the internet pages.
  • Effectively capture video of the windows screen or webpages on the internet.
  • Use the edit tools for editing the screenshots and create visual presentations of the image by adding texts, arrows and many more details that completely illustrates the image.
  • The software allows you to edit your videos by adding texts, watermarks, drawings, and voice over.
  • You can save the edited video or screenshot on your PC or on cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.
  • Create GIF animations from portions of your recorded video.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface of Ashampoo Snap is as simple as that and can be easily used by any type of users from novice to professionals. You won’t be seeing any screen as soon as you open the application but just a control bar at the top of your windows screen which can be accessed by just moving the cursor over the top edge of the window screen.

After moving the cursor over the toolbar, you can see different types of capture modes that lets you take a screenshot or capture video of your windows screen.


Capture single window tool allows you to take a screenshot of the window that is below your mouse cursor. Once you click on the tool, a blue color rectangle appears on several areas of the window. Move your cursor to the area which you like to take a screenshot.

Left click the mouse button to take a screenshot of the select area and right click the mouse to cancel taking the screenshot.


Capture free rectangle region allows you to take a screenshot of a particular area by manually selecting it. Once you select the tool, you get a drag cursor on the window which allows you to select the area that you like to take a screenshot. Using this tool, you can draw a rectangle on any part of the window and select it.

After making the selection, left click the mouse to take a screenshot of the selected area.


Capture freestyle region allows you to draw any free shapes on your window screen and select the area that comes under that shape and capture it. After selecting the tool, you will be getting a pen tool that can be used to make a selection by drawing on your windows screen.

After selecting the area on your screen, left click the mouse to capture the selected area.


Capture fixed region tool allows you to take a screenshot of a fixed area on your windows screen. You need to choose the size of the fixed region from the list available. Once the fixed size is selected, you will be getting a blue rectangle of that size which can be moved over the screen by moving the cursor.


Now after moving the fixed size rectangle over the desired region, left click the mouse to take a screenshot.


Capture menu allows you to take a screenshot of the menu items if any present on your windows screen. The tool can identify the menu items and select them. You can then take a screenshot of the menu by left clicking the mouse button.

Capture scrolling window tool allows you to take a screenshot of the entire webpage that has scrollbars by automatically scrolling down the page. After selecting the tool, select the area that you wish to take a screenshot by drawing the rectangle on the screen. Then left click the mouse to start taking the screenshot of the selected region and the page scrolls down. Enter ‘esc’ to stop scrolling the page and take a screenshot till the area the page is scrolled.

Capture Internet Explorer / Chrome website function exactly the same way as that of capture scrolling window tool. The only exception is this tool can be used on Chrome or IE browser alone.


So after taking a screenshot of your windows screen by using any one of the above methods, you will be taken to the edit area where you can start editing your screenshot by making use of the tools available.

The tools available at the right side of the screen allows you to save, print, email or share the screenshot with others. It also contains tools that allow you to save the screenshot on a cloud storage space like One Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

The tools available on the left side of the screen allow you to edit the screenshot by adding arrows, text, and other shapes on it.

Using these tools, you can add text, draw shapes like rectangle, square, circle, draw an arrow, add some inbuilt stamps, add a spotlight to a particular area of your screenshot and many more.

You can also blur a particular area of your screenshot or highlight a certain text on your screenshot by making use of the blur pen and highlight area tools respectively.

The tools available at the top of the screen allow you to manipulate the screenshot. The various tools at the top allow you to rotate the image, add effects to it, apply borders and shadows to the image, apply date and time stamp, resize the image, change the background color, and add watermark to it by using the respective tools.


Capture video tool allows you to capture video of your PC screen in the same manner as you did for taking screenshots. You can either record a single window, or an entire desktop, or a selected area, or a fixed region of your screen. You can also record your webcam video.

After selecting the capture video tool, select the screen area that you like to video capture and then click the ‘Start’ button to start capturing the video.


You can now see various controls and tools available at the bottom that allows you to start and stop the video recording, add watermarks to your video, use marker to highlight texts or specific areas etc.


After recording the video, you will be taken to the edit window where you can edit the video. But this time you have only limited tools to play with. You can trim or cut a portion of your video, add another video to the current video capture, and create GIF animation from the captured video.

But remember you can save the video to your PC only as a WMV or AVI format. Other video formats are not available.


The settings button allows you to access the settings of the software where you can change the language, the default output location, and other things.



What do others say about Ashampoo Snap?

The word of mouth is really strong for the software as almost all the reviews have given good ratings and verdict for the software. The only negative that was mentioned by the reviewers were the huge price and availability of fewer video formats.

The user comments were also great and almost all the user comments were positive and I could not find any major negatives from the user perspective.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the software.

Ashampoo Snap’s wide feature set and low price make it our best value pick for screen capture software.” – Top Ten Reviews

Ashampoo Snap makes it a breeze to capture stills and video, as well as create GIFs, but a few weak spots prevent this utility from being the best.” – PC Mag


What are the limitations of the trial version?

There is a free version of Ashampoo Snap available for its users to try it first before buying. The limitations of the trial version are similar to that of Ashampoo Backup and Ashampoo Photo Commander which is you can use the software for only 10 days. Once the trial period expires, you need to buy the software to continue using it.


What is the price of the software?

Ashampoo Snap is available only for Windows OS and is available at a special discount price of $21. But remember the original price is $39.

To avail the special offer, make use of the discount coupon mentioned below. Please remember this special offer is valid only for a short period of time and may expire anytime soon.

Get Ashampoo Snap for $21 only

There is a 30-day money back guarantee available for the software which entitles you to claim for a full refund of the product if you are not satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Ashampoo Snap is a perfect software for taking screenshots and capturing videos of your Windows screen. The various editing tools that allow you to edit the screenshot and captured videos and multiple sharing options make it the best screen capture software for the users.




9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Different types of screen capture methods
  • Create GIF animations from the captured videos
  • Several editing tools and multiple sharing options
  • Free Trial Available
  • Only two output video formats are available. The software does not offer the most popular MP4 video format
  • The tutorial keeps poping up each time you open a tool which is really annoying
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