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Ashampoo Photo Commander Review – It is always fun to edit the photos that we take and enhance its visual appeal. Though one of the most traditional software for editing our photos is the Adobe Photoshop software, of late there were many photo editing software that can easily allow us to add effects and give a new life to all our photos.

Ashampoo Photo Commander is one such photo editing software that can be used for viewing editing and organizing our photos in a simpler way. You can easily add beautiful and stunning effects to your photos and make them look great with very little inputs.

The several features and tools of the software allow you to create photos for calendars, collages, photo cards etc. The software is very easy to use that allows everyone irrespective of their knowledge level to make complete use of the software in transforming their photo to an all new level.



How simple is the installation process?

The installation of Ashampoo Photo Commander is very simple just like many other commercial software out there in the market. After opening the setup file, you need to accept the terms and conditions, choose the target location and select a skin for the software before starting the installation.

It takes only a few seconds to complete after which you can straightaway start using the software for editing your photos.


What are the features of Ashampoo Photo Commander?

The software offers great tools for optimizing your old photos and giving a new look to them in the most effective manner. With the tools offered, you can easily create great photo collages, photo cards, and calendars for your office or home. Let’s have a look at some of the features the software offers its users.


  • The automatic photo enhancement feature can automatically optimize your photos to a new look by instantly removing the scratches and other noises present in it with just a single click.
  • The software offers different templates using which you can create beautiful calendars and photo cards.
  • The software allows you to create stunning slideshows of your photos in high definitions.
  • The software can track the location of where the photo is taken and allows you to edit the geotag details of your photos.
  • The crop tool can help in trimming your photos and cutting a specific object in your photos with ease.
  • You can easily segment your photos based on date, location and time taken.
  • The software offers many different effects that can be added to your photos to give it a new look that is visually appealing.
  • The batch processing feature allows you to edit multiple photos at once.
  • You can also create a PDF file, MNG or GIF animation from your photos.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface is really simple and easy to use and does not require any prior technical proficiency but it looks cluttered and not well organized. Though you might face a little bit difficult in using it for the first time, the user interface becomes friendly after some time.

The main screen is divided into 3 sections. In the leftmost section, you can browse through the folders present in your PC. In the center section of the screen, you can find the thumbnail images of those present in the selected folder. In the rightmost section of the screen, you can view the selected thumbnail image.

Double click the image in the rightmost section to open the image in a separate window where you can find various tools for editing it.

You can see various filter options available at different places of the screen which allows you to sort and list the images based on particular file type, date or location taken.


After opening the image in a fresh window for editing it, you can find 5 different tabs at the top where you can access different tools of the software. Let’s see the different tools available in each tab.


Under this tab, you can access the tools that allow you to save or print the photo after finishing the editing process. You can also export the image to a PDF file by clicking the Export PDF option at the top.

You can also move, copy the photo to a specified location or set the photo as a wallpaper by clicking the File button and selecting the appropriate option.

You can use the share option to share the image on Facebook, Twitter, email etc.



In this tab, you can find various tools that allow you to edit your photos by adding effects, changing the colors, crop the image, create shadows and optimize it.

The optimization tool allows you to optimize the image by removing the scratches, haze, noises and adjusting the color contrast to make it visually appealing with just a single click.

Contrast / Colors option allows you to access the different color settings and adjust the color contrast of the image.


Clicking the effects button, you can see various effects listed which can be added to your image.


Crop options allow you to select a particular portion of your image and cut, copy or paste it on some other file. You can make the selected portion of the image to look like a button by using the appropriate option.


The horizontal disalignment button allows you to rotate your image manually to the desired angle by using the pixels on the image.


The mirror effect option allows you to create a mirror of your image.

The red-eye option allows you to remove any red eyes present in the image.

The clone option allows you to select a particular point on your image and create a clone of it.

The eraser tool allows you to erase portions on your image.

Flood fill option allows you to fill a flat or solid portion on your image with specific colors.


The color accent effect tool allows you to select a particular color on your photo and keep that color and change the rest to black and white.

The focus effect tool allows you to choose specific parts on your photo that you wish to focus.

Other tools like resize and rotate allow you to resize and rotate your images respectively.



In this section, you can find add various shapes and object to your image. You can add some texts, draw a rectangle, lines, circles or insert another image into the photo.

Use the text option to add some text to your photo. Click the rectangle, oval, or line button to draw a rectangle, oval or a line on the photo.


Click on the insert photo button at the top to insert another image onto your photo. Clicking on the insert object option will show you different objects that can be inserted into your photo.



This tab offers different tools that allow you to create a calendar, collage, photo cards, panorama view etc.


For creating a calendar, click the calendar button, then select the photos that you like to add to your calendar.


Now choose the style for your calendar and page type you wish to have for each page of the calendar.


Similarly, for creating a photo collage, first, select the photos that you like to include in your collage like you did while creating a calendar, then select the border type, background color, and style of your collage.


For creating a photo card or photo frame, click the Frame / Card option. Then you can see a list of templates available at the side from which you can choose the one which you like the most.

Then use the various tools available to edit and customize your Photocard before saving it to your PC.


In a similar manner, you can create a slideshow or panorama view by choosing multiple photos.


In the organize section, you can find tools that allow you to do batch processing of your photos, burn CD / DVD, email the photo etc.


For batch processing, click on the Batch Process button and select the photos that you wish to optimize like you did earlier while creating a collage and calendar.

Then select the processing options or edit options that you wish to add to your image. And then select the output directory and the image format in which you wish to save. After the options are selected, the selected images will be processed with the applied changes and will be saved in the specified location.



The tools that we have seen above in the previous sections can also be accessed by clicking the Menu button. You can also access the software settings and your Ashampoo account details under this Menu button.

For any help, you can contact their support team by navigating through the help option under the Menu button and clicking the contact support button.




How good are the reviews for Ashampoo Photo Commander?

The reviews were mixed of both positive and negatives with the former being more. Though the software could not be rated the best, it is still a worthy deal as a nice photo editing software. The one common thing about the software which almost every reviewer have unanimously praised is the simplicity involved in editing the photos.

The user comments were also good and I rarely came across some negative comments which were mainly on the cluttered user interface. Other than that, almost all the users who have posted comments were happy on using the software.

Please find below some of the positive and negative testimonials about the software.

If you are looking for the simple and easy-to-use application to manage and keep photo and video content collections, you should definitely try Ashampoo Photo Commander 16. With an intuitive interface, the application is going to become a certain helper in gathering and sorting out your important content.” – 5 Best Things

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 has many exceptional tools of high quality that will cover your back in all your photo editing and management tasks. It’s clearly a top-notch software that everyone should at least try out. Give it a go Today!” – Download 3K


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

As like other Ashampoo software, the trial version is available for Ashampoo Photo Commander too but there is a limitation. You can use the software free for only 10 days and after that, you need to buy the licensed version to continue using the software for editing your photos.



System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Graphics Card 1280 x 1024
Others Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable


What is the price of the software?

Ashampoo Photo Commander comes only for the Windows PC and there is only one license package available.

While the original price of the software is $49 USD, you can now get the software for a discounted price of $16 USD by making use of the below-mentioned coupon. This huge offer is available only for a short period of time and may expire anytime soon.

Get Ashampoo Photo Commander at $16

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee available for the software which allows you to claim for a refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Ashampoo Photo Commander is an easy photo editing software that enables you to quickly edit your photos and make them look great. The various tools offered by the software allows you to create calendars, photo cards, slideshows and photo collages from your albums. Thus the software is perfect for any users from beginners to professionals for easily editing their photos.




8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Quickly edit your photos and make them look great
  • Create photo cards quickly by making use of different available templates
  • One-click optimization that automatically enhances your photos by removing scratches, haze, and noises
  • Batch processing of multiple photos
  • Free Trial Available
  • The user interface looks cluttered and might be confusing at first sight
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