Ashampoo Backup Pro – An Effective Backup Software for Your Windows PC

Ashampoo Backup Pro Review – Backing up your PC on a regular interval of time is very much critical as it can save you from unexpected data loss which might occur due to a system failure or Windows crash. So it is a best practice to own good backup software that can help you in taking automatic backups of your Windows PC.

Ashampoo Backup Pro is one such backup software from Ashampoo, one of the leading developers of various commercial software for Windows. The software can assist you in taking regular backup of your system or any particular data and save them securely and also allows you to view the backup data.

Ashampoo Backup Pro apart from taking backups can also check the health of your hard disk and notify you of any impending system failure. They can also save you from any hard disk failure by dynamically identifying any corrupted data blocks and relocating them.

With an intuitive user interface and many more features, Ashampoo Backup Pro can provide an enriched user experience for taking backups of your Windows system.



How easy is the installation process?

The installation of Ashampoo Backup Pro on your PC is a two-step process and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. The first step is to accept their terms and conditions and the next step is to choose a location on your PC to install the software. Once the installation completes, you can directly start using the software for taking backups.


What are the features offered by the software?

Ashampoo Backup Pro comes with a neatly packed feature set that provides its users a heap of benefits and tools for taking efficient backup of their Windows system. Let’s discuss the list of features offered by the software for its users.


  • The simple and easy to use interface of the software allows you to take backups with very few inputs.
  • The software can help in detecting and repairing the hard disk errors by frequently conducting a health scan on your PC hard disks.
  • The software backup viewer feature allows you to easily access and view the files present in your backup.
  • The software can automatically take backups without any user inputs and can run silently in the background without disturbing your routine activity.
  • The cloud backup is one of the key features of the software that allows you to save the backups on cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.
  • The effective data recovery feature allows you to extract either individual file or an entire hard disk and restore them back to normal.
  • The software can easily save your files from ransomware and other critical virus attacks by restoring the damaged files with the secure backups taken.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface of Ashampoo Backup is simple and does not require you to have any technical knowledge for using the software. The below steps will guide you on how to use the software and its various features for taking backup.

You can see different tabs at the side of the software which allows you to access the different features of the software.


As soon as you open the software, you will be on the overview tab where you can see the list of backup plans that you have created. If you are opening the software for the first time, it will ask you to create a new backup plan.


Creating a backup plan means you need to choose the files or folder and a location to save the backup and creating a schedule for running the backup.

Now select the target location where you like to save the backup data. In my case, I chose to keep my backup data on my local PC itself.


Then select the drive on your PC where you like to save the backup data. You can also mention the folder name where you like to keep the backup.


In the next step, you can either create a new backup or import a backup from your PC. For creating a new backup, provide a name to proceed further.


Now, you need to select the file type that you wish to backup. It can be either an entire drive or individual files and folders.



The next step is to select a backup storage format which allows you to view the files on a backup either on windows explorer or using the software.


Now select the files that you wish to take backup. You can choose either select a particular file type that selects all the files pertaining to that file type or select individual folders and files. You can also create an exclusion rule that excludes all the selected folders and files and takes backup of the rest.


The next step allows you to password protect your backup by encrypting it. You can also choose to not have any encryption for your backup by making the appropriate selection. If you chose to encrypt, then type in the password that you wish to have for your encryption.


Now, you will be seeing some advanced settings which is generally not recommended for basic users. Here you need to select the compression method and encryption method for your backup job.


The next step is to select a backup schedule that runs the backup automatically on the mentioned date and time. You can also choose the ‘No Automatic backups’ if you wish to run the backup jobs manually by yourself.


Also, choose a scenario of what should happen if a scheduled backup is missed due to a power failure or system shutdown.


Then choose what should happen next once the backup process completes.


Then select the kind of report that you like to create for the backup process. The report can be a short one with some statistical information or normal report with a complete summary and list of errors or a detailed report with information about and each and every file.


Then select if you like to get an email notification once the backup process completes.

Select the number of older backup files that you wish to keep and delete the older ones.


Finally, a complete summary of all the options that you chose will be displayed on the screen for you to check once before creating the backup plan.


If you do not wish to wait till the backup runs automatically on the schedules time and would like to run manually, you can simply click on the ‘Start Backup’ button to start taking backup of the files that you choose in the backup plan you created in the previous step.


The time taken by the backup process to complete usually depends on the file size. For me, it took nearly 5 minutes to take a backup of 1.2 GB Folder which seems to a decent timing for the file size.

New Backup Plan:

This tab will once again guide you through the process of creating a new backup plan.


The restore feature allows you to restore a file with the backup available. You can either choose a backup from an available backup plan or choose a backup from other location.


If your backup is encrypted, then provide the password of your backup to proceed further.

Now select the file or folder that you like to restore with the chosen backup.



Then select the location where you like to restore the selected files and folders.


Finally, a complete summary of all the selections you have made will be displayed on the screen before you start the restore process.


The restore process is very quick than the backup process and gets completed in a very less time period. It took only a minute to complete restoring a 1.2 GB backup file.

View Backup:

As said earlier, you can view the data present in a backup file in a safe and secure way. So to view the files in the backup, first select the backup available.


Then provide the password for the backup if there is any.

Then select the files present in the backup that you wish to view. Double click to open the file and view it.


Then you can either open the folder in which the file is present or use a default application to open the file.



In this section of the software, you can view the list of reports that were generated after the completion of each backup and restore process. Select the report and either click on the open button to open and read the report or click the delete button to delete the report.


Check Disks:

This check disks feature allows you to check the disk drives present on your PC by running a complete health scan on the drives. This tool can help in detecting any errors present in the drive and try to repair them.

You can find a blue-green tick on those drives that were checked and are good. You can check a disk drive by clicking the check button present at the side of each drive. If you wish the software to check and repair the detected issues, then click the Check and repair button.


The checking and repair is a very long process and can take hours for scanning a hard drive. For me, it took around 3 hours to scan a 300 GB hard disk. Again, you cannot access the drive which is being scanned for issues.

Rescue System:

The rescue system feature allows you to create a rescue medium that can be used to restore your backup even if your computer does not start anymore. You need to create this rescue system either on a USB stick or a CD / DVD drive.

For creating a rescue system, first, insert a USB stick on to your PC or insert a CD / DVD disk on to your DVD drive. Then select the appropriate choice. Remember once you start the process, all the data present in your USB stick will be completely erased and a rescue medium will be created on the USB stick.



Here you can change the language of the software, access the sign-in settings and other service settings.



In this section of the software, you can access their tutorial for any help regarding the working of the software. This tab also contains options for contacting their support team in case of any issue you might be facing with the software.





What is the word of mouth for the software?

The reviews and user comments were encouraging and positive for ashampoo backup pro. Almost all the reviews that I came across were good and have given a good rating for the software. The common factor which most of the reviewers have praised is the simple user interface of the software which can be used by anyone without any technical knowledge.

The user comments were also good except a very few users who have faced some issues with the working and the installation of the software. Overall, the word of mouth looks good and hence I would recommend it to use it for taking backups.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials that I came across on the internet.

All things considered, Ashampoo Backup Pro is a handy backup tool that can prove itself to be a valuable asset by offering you a broad range of functions. It features a smooth, user-friendly interface, encompasses straightforward controls, thus proving itself to be a valuable asset.” – Softpedia

While the interface may take a little getting used to, once you pass this hurdle you'll find that this is a powerful backup tool that could save your bacon one day.” – TechRadar


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

Ashampoo Backup Pro does offer a trial version for the users to try it first before purchasing. There are no limitations in the trial version of the software, but there is a restriction on the number of days you can use the trial version. You can make use of the free version only for a maximum of 10 days and after that, you need to buy the full version if you wish to use the software.

Ashampoo Backup trial limitation


System Requirement

Ashampoo Backup Pro can be installed on any computer that runs on the below mentioned Operating System.

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7


What is the price of Ashampoo Backup?

The software is available only for the Windows PC and there is only one license package available. The price of the software is available at a discounted price of $31, while the original price is $49. The price is a one-time fee and there is no need to renew it yearly.

You can get premium support for 2 years by paying an additional fee of $6 USD.

The above offer is valid only for a short period of time and may expire anytime soon. So, hurry up and grab your software today.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for the software which entitles you to claim a refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, the simple and the intuitive user interface of Ashampoo Backup Pro makes it handy for taking regular backups of your files or an entire system with very little user inputs. Apart from taking backups, the software also offers features that allow you to repair your hard disk, view the backup files and restore the backup in a safe and secure environment. So the software is a best fit for those who like to take backups easily and who does not have enough technical knowledge.



9.8 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • A very simple and intuitive user interface
  • Can store your backup on cloud storage like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive etc
  • The view backup feature allows you to view the files present in your backup in a safe environment
  • The software can check the health of the hard disk and repair the issues
  • Disk check and repair takes a very long time to complete during which you cannot access the drive
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