Wishpond Review – Marketing Automation and Lead generation is now made Simple

Wishpond Review – Marketing is one of the most important aspects for the success of any business, be it online or offline. With the advent of technology, online marketing has become one of the crucial aspects of growing your business and taking it to the next level. There are many marketing agencies which can do the job for you but they end up taking a large share of your budget.

Wishpond, a marketing automation platform comes to the rescue that allows you to do all the marketing by yourself. It provides a well-built online marketing platform that can help you in developing an effective marketing campaign, landing pages, email automation that can bring in more sales and leads to your business.

With this tools, you can easily design and create landing pages and marketing campaign that can attract more visitors to your website. You can easily perform A/B testing and decide which method delivers the best results at a short span of time.



Is there any installation required for using Wishpond?

No, you don’t need to install any software on your PC to use Wishpond as there is no desktop version available for it. All you need to do is go to their official website and create your account and start using it for creating effective online marketing campaigns that can drive in more sales for your business.


What features and benefits does Wishpond offer its users?

Wishpond offers a bunch of features that are bundled together as one complete package. By making use of these features, you can easily create multiple marketing campaigns for your online business that can help in marketing your business to a wide category of audience. Let’s see the different features that Wishpond offers its users.

  • Wishpond offers a large number of landing page templates across different categories. You can choose the most appropriate design for your niche and create stunning landing pages.
  • You can create simple contests that can attract more leads to your business.
  • Email marketing tool allows you to create an effective email marketing campaign and email automation that will automatically send appropriate emails to the right users at the right time.
  • Wishpond allows you to create 9 different types of contests like bonus entry contests, sweepstakes, photo contest, vote contest, video contest, video promotion, and caption contest.
  • Email analytics tool allows you to monitor your entire email marketing campaign and analyze which campaign delivers the best.
  • Lead generation and tracking tool allow you to effectively track all your lead activities and segment them based on their choices and interest.
  • Wishpond allows you to easily integrate a number of tools to your marketing campaigns in simple steps.
  • A/B testing feature allows you to do an A/B testing on all your marketing campaigns by creating several variations and choose the best performing one that drives in more leads and sales.
  • With Wishpond, you can make responsive designs of your landing pages that are suitable for viewing in multiple devices like mobile, tab and computer.


Click Here To Create Your Free Account in Wishpond ( USA & Canada Only )


How simple is the user interface of Wishpond?

Though the user interface is fairly simple, it might not be as easy as you think and it might take some time for you to get accustomed to its interface. Only after creating few templates and marketing campaigns, you come to know about the different features of Wishpond. So it may take some time to completely learn the platform.

But don’t worry, it is not as difficult as you think and if you get stuck anywhere, you can instantly chat with a support person who can help you at any time. Now let’s see how to create landing pages, email marketing campaigns for your business in Wishpond.

As soon as you log into your account, you can see three tabs at the top namely Campaigns, Leads, and Email automation. While under the campaign tab, you can create landing pages, contests, and pop-up messages, you can create email marketing campaigns under the email automation tab. The lead tab allows you to add and manage the leads. Let’s discuss each of this in detail.



Here, you can create several types of marketing campaigns for your online business. The different types of campaigns available under this tab are landing pages, sweepstakes, popup, photo contest, specific contact forms, call-to-action page and many more.

You can also select the niche of your online business and browse the campaign templates available for that particular niche. Click on a template that you like to start designing and editing it as per your needs.


After selecting the template for your campaign, you will now be taken to the designing screen where you can edit the template to match your needs. You can click on each part of the template to edit and customize it to match your business.

Also, you can choose the page for which you like to create the campaign be it the main page or thank you page. The option for this is available at the top of your screen next to the home button.

You can design your template for multiple devices by choosing the respective device by clicking the computer icon present next to the page view.


You can also add new page elements to your template by clicking the Add content button at the top.


The campaign design icon below the ‘Add content’ allows you to design and style your template by adding or changing the background color, image, and fonts etc.


If you need help or struck anywhere, you can instantly chat with the Wishpond support person by clicking the chat icon at the left side of the screen.

The A/B test option at the top menu allows you to create multiple variations of the same campaign and check which version delivers the best result in real time. You can then choose the one that performs good and remove the other variations.


You can also add SEO settings, Share options, conversion tracking, analytics to your newly created campaign by choosing the appropriate tool under the settings button.


After customizing your campaign template, you can save it and preview it how it looks in real time. Finally, click on the ‘Publish’ button to publish the landing page on your website.


You can view all the templates that you have created at the bottom of the main campaigns page.


Clicking on a campaign will take you to the analytics page of that campaign where you can see how the campaign has performed and the conversion rate it has achieved. You can also find options for editing and making changes to the campaigns.



Here, you can manage all your leads, track their activities on your site and capture their interest and make sales promotion to them accordingly.

If you have not added any leads, you can add them either by manually entering the lead details or import them from a CSV file stored on your PC.


Under the list tab, you can view the list of landing pages and campaigns and the leads gained by those landing pages. You can click on a landing page to view the complete list of leads under that specific landing page.


Under the more tab, you can view the statistics, properties of each lead and number of visitors for your website and what they have accessed on your site.


Email Automation:

In this email automation tab, you can design and create a newsletter for your email marketing and email automation flow that will automatically send emails to the leads based on certain conditions.


Click on the email newsletter to create a new newsletter for your email marketing campaign.

Now set or create conditions based on which the newsletter will be sent to the leads. You can create different sets of conditions for choosing the leads. Once the created conditions are met, the newsletter will be sent to those leads.


List condition allows you to choose the leads to whom the email will be sent.


Page view condition allows you to set rules based on the page viewed. For ex., emails will be sent to those who viewed the main page of your website.


Email condition allows you to set rules to determine whether a lead has opened or read your previous emails and send emails accordingly.


The lead property allows you to set a condition based on the property of the leads. For example, selecting the male property will send emails only to the male leads.


The campaign allows you to choose the leads who have been converted from your previous campaigns and send emails to them.


After setting the conditions, now enter the details of your email newsletter like email name, subject, from address, from name etc. and then click next to proceed further. You should also enter similar details for the variation email newsletter to do a A/B testing.


The next step is to select a template to design for your newsletter. You need to select a template for both the variations.


Now use the design tools available to design and customize the template that you chose. As earlier, you can click on each part of the template to edit. You can add web page elements to your template design by using the elements present at the side.


After making all the changes, click on the save template to save the changes and preview the changes by clicking the preview button. Finally, click on the finish button to publish your newsletter and start sending emails.


Email automation tool will allow you to create an automation workflow that automatically sends emails when all the conditions set in the workflow are met.

Now, choose a workflow from the available list.


Like we have seen earlier, use the various parameters to set conditions for choosing a leads to the workflow to whom the emails will be sent.

Also, check the boxes that are mentioned in the condition settings to decide which leads should be included in the workflow.


Now, create an action that must be performed when a lead meets all the above conditions that were set above.


Finally, after setting all the workflow conditions, launch the workflow to start the email automation process.

You can view all the email newsletters and workflow created at the bottom of the email automation page. Click on the newsletter to see the entire statics and how they performed. You can see the bounce rate, click rate and open rate of the newsletter here.


Under the stats tab, you can find complete detail about all the emails that were sent from Wishpond. You can see the number of emails sent, the emails that were opened, emails that were bounced and emails that were marked as spam in this tab.



For any issues, you face with Wishpond or if you are not aware of how to use the various features present in it, you can browse their knowledge base and tutorials or contact their technical support team by clicking the support button at the top.



What do others say about Wishpond?

Wishpond has got some excellent reviews and word of mouth from various users who have used the platform for doing online marketing for their business. Almost all the reviews that I went through has given a good rating and recommended it for the users.

The user comments were also good and almost every users have mentioned a lot of positives like creating effective landing pages, A/B testing feature and much more. Some of the cons which some users mentioned was about the huge price and not so good customer service. But other than that they have suggested it as a must try one for taking your marketing to the next level.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials that I came across on the internet.

In terms of a lead management software, Wishpond does the job. But where it really stands out is with the additional tools for email marketing, landing pages, forms, and popups.” – Ecommerce Platforms

I've been able to create great landing pages that have built a sturdy email list, and the contest tools have helped create amazing results for our social media management clients.” – User


Is there a free version available and if so what are its limitations?

Yes, WIshpond does offer a free account for the users to first try using the platform for creating landing pages and email marketing campaigns for their business. But the free account is limited only for the first 14 days and after that, your account will be locked and you need to upgrade to one of their plans to continue using the platform.

In the 14-day trial period, (US & CA Only) you will be having access to almost all the tools and features of Wishpond without any limitations.


System Requirement

There is no need for any special system requirements for using Wishpond. All you need is an active internet connection for creating a Wishpond account and logging into it to make use of its features.


What is the price of Wishpond?

Wishpond offers three different plans for its users namely Basic Annual, Everything You Need, and Rapid Growth. Each of these plans has a different set of features and tools packed in it. All these plans are available as monthly subscription plans.

The cheapest among the three plans is the Basic Annual plan which is priced at $49 per month. You can have only 1000 leads in this plan and create unlimited landing pages, contests pages, and popups.

The most popular and the most recommended plan among the three is the Everything You Need plan (US & CA Only) which is priced at $99 per month. You can have 2500 leads along with A/B testing and all the features included in the Basic plan.

The costliest plan is the Rapid Growth which is priced at $199 per month. You can have 10000 leads plus all the features that come under the Everything You Need plan. The cost of this plan varies depending on the number of leads you like to have.

Remember that all the prices mentioned here are monthly fees, but you need to pay the fees for one complete year while subscribing to their plans.

You can find the difference in the features offered by these three plans in the screenshot below.


At present, there are no special offers available either on the official site or with us.

The website does not provide any money back guarantee as it offers a 14-day free trial for you to try using the platform.


Verdict and Conclusion:

So if you are a small business and looking for ways to market your business and bring in more leads and drive your sales, then Wishpond offers a perfect platform for you. You can find various tools and features that allow you to create perfect landing pages with the best conversion rate, contests pages that can attract more users to participate and manage all your leads under one roof.

The email marketing tool ensures in creating a perfect email newsletter with 100% open rate. The email automation tool segments the leads based on their interest and sends right mails to them at the right time. Thus Wishpond offers a perfect solution for all your online marketing needs.



8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Offers a number of landing page, popups, contest page templates for dfferent types of business niches
  • Allows you to categorize your leads by setting appropriate conditions that segment them based on their interest
  • Wishpond can integrate with 300+ tools
  • Can Create 9 Type of Contest on social media and website
  • Automate Your Email Workflow easily
  • Many Positive Rating from Users
  • A/B Testing Available
  • A little bit tricky user interface which takes time to learn and use
  • The pricing of the plans seems to be quite high and paying them as an annual fee makes it even worse
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