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Convertkit is an all in one email suite for professional bloggers. Making email marketing accessible and effective with its variety of tools from newsletter/opt-in forms to detailed reports on your subscribers & so on. Automate your workflow & increase your conversions with Convertkit powerful tools & interface.



How it works:

Convertkit works by offering you a dashboard filled with tools to kick off your email marketing campaign & track results. The first tab is your forms section. Forms are what allow you to bring in subscribers & convert users to sign up for your content.

You can create simple or more advanced forms such as single or double opt-in modules. From there you can then tie the forms into the system that is Convertkit.

Sequences are a series of emails that can be distributed based your schedule. So let's say someone signs up for your newsletter form, a sequence can kick in & begin emailing that user content based your delivery times.

From there you have many other tools like Broadcasts which allow you to reach out to a whole list or the subscribers' tab which allows you to tag/categorize your audience making it easier to find specific users. This can be as simple as seeing people in a list or complex as seeing people who’ve subscribed for over 6 months but haven’t bought a product.

ConvertKit subscribers

To simplify it ConvertKit is a whole system which works with each feature from sign up to automation & assuring your audience gets content delivered to them or better yet converting your readers to paying customers which is a popular end goal for most.

Anyway if you want to know more about email marketing. you can check the email marketing guide by Spencer Mecham here


Features & Benefits

ConvertKit’s feature list includes:

  • Easy to embed & customizable forms (newsletters, opt-ins, etc)
  • Full Reporting (Keep track of subscribers, opt-in/out conversions & more)
  • Powerful Automation Tools (If this then that style automation)
  • Sequences (Create personalized yet automated emails to grow your list)
  • Subscriber organization system
  • Broadcast system to email list (Easily make announcements to entire lists)

The major benefit in a system like ConvertKit is it helps from the ground up grow your marketing effort. Designed to help sign up new subscribers & then track their progress all with effective tools.

Reach out to your users with the simple drag/drop sequence interface & automate a lot of tedious tasks. Keeping engaged with your readers & continuing to grow your numbers is what makes ConvertKit truly worth its weight in gold.

Email marketing can be tricky especially if you have no experience or using various tools across different platforms. ConvertKit simplifies that by offering all in one place at a very affordable cost. Above all what ConvertKit gives you back is time.

No more manually entering subscriber data/info, worrying about sending out emails one by one, you can do it all & automate a majority of the workflow all via the platform.

ConvertKit features


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My Experience w/ ConvertKit

In testing ConvertKit the learning curve for someone who’s never really used automated email tools before was fairly quick. The automation tools especially the sequences interface were dead simple & easily explained.

I ran through the full setup from creating a test form that I embedded easily through a WordPress site & then went onto to turn on sequences, automation, and so on.

I had set so anyone who signed up for my form received an intro email & from there would receive weekly posts via sequences. I really enjoyed how everything was in one place & built off one another what seems simple at the surface can be made into an advanced workflow.

As someone who runs a blog with readers, I can see how this can save a tremendous amount of time & help increase traffic, customers, and readers.

ConvertKit automation

Marketing can always be a tricky thing but with ConvertKits tools you can effectively reach out to the readers who need your attention or you may want to focus on.

For example, you can setup tags & a workflow so that you find out which subscribers have been on your lists for a certain amount of time but haven’t purchased one of your products. From there you can target that list to hopefully bring over some conversions.

I feel anyone who runs a blog can really benefit from the system without a steep learning curve. If you're looking to reach your audience on another level & convert those readers than this suite is definitely something you’ll need.


Watch Convertkit Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)



00:35 : Convertkit , How easy it is to use ?
01:28 : Creating and Editing your Opt in Form
02:36 : Settings your Optin Form ( Double / single optin , Success Message, incentive download , etc )
04:31 : Changing Form Style
05:06 : How to Embed your Optin form to WordPress / Website
06:38 : See Subscriber Data Report
07:03 : How to Create Email Sequences
09:55 : Excluding unwanted Subscriber to email sequences
11:20 : Subscriber Features on Convertkit
12:00 : Anti Duplicate And Tagging ( Unique Features of Convertkit )
13:20 : Segmenting Subscriber ( Unique Features )
16:20 : How to Broadcast your Email
17:21 : How to Create Email Automation Rules
18:45 : 3rd Party Integration with ConvertKit
19:22 : Conclusion & Pricing


My Personal Thought about the Software

Features 5/5

In terms of feature set ConvertKit really packs everything, you’ll need for an email marketing tool. Sign up forms, subscriber statistics, automation tools, tagging, triggers and much more.

Price 4/5

Pricing is tiered when it comes to ConvertKit. Based on how many subscribers you have or plan on bringing in your cost will vary. That said from a base perspective $29 a month is definitely worth it if you're using the platform to convert even a small portion of those readers.

Ease of Use 5/5

Perhaps the best thing about ConvertKit is its interface & how it walks you through all of its tools. For something so powerful the interface is kept simple & even the complex automation tools are easy to understand & helpful videos/tips are packed throughout the platform.

My favorite is the trigger automation. Set by simply defining if one action occurs then the following is triggered. If someone signs up for a list then they get the following emails or they get added to a certain tag & so on.


What Others are Saying

“Automation really is the future of email marketing, and done right, can really give you precise control over the emails you send to your list, resulting in more conversions and sales for your business.

There’s a lot of potential with ConvertKit and I expect to see even bigger and better features being added as Nathan continues to work on the product.” – Smart Business Trends

“If you geek out over marketing funnels and automation, don’t use ConvertKit.

If you don’t care about that stuff and want to focus on other things like writing and making product, it’s a good fit.” –VideoFruit


Final Verdict/Conclusion

All in all, ConvertKit provides a full model from start to finish to attracting new subscribers, interacting with them, growing that readership & finally converting them to whatever your end goal may be, selling a product/service or what have you. Doing this all in one super polished interface compared to many of its competitors.

It’s automation tools are not only easy to setup via the trigger if this then that method but also complex in what they can do. That’s the true value of ConvertKit it offers you time back & takes care of the tedious process that many either handle manually or across multiple tools.

In the end, if you're looking to get into email marketing for your blog than ConvertKit is simply a tool you need to at the very least try out & see how it helps your business. There’s something for everyone & anyone can join & use it. Kick off your email marketing campaign today w/ConvertKit!



9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Incredibly polished easy to use interface
  • Automation Tools
  • Detailed Subscriber Reports
  • Affordable tiered pricing
  • Sequences effective for connecting/converting your readers
  • Auto Clean Duplicate Subscriber
  • Free Trial Available
  • For those who prefer the full funnel system control ConvertKit simplifies that process not offering full manual control over the entire process
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