Recuva Review and Demo – Got Lost or Deleted Files? Use This

Losing any sort of data can be a complete headache & detrimental to either work or your personal life. Recuva from Piriform makes the process of recovering files from word documents to video files simple.

Applying technical recovery process & making it a simple set of steps. Recuva while available as a standalone application also is available in a kit from Piriform. Using our link down below you can get it in a 4-1 bundle.



How it Works:

 Whenever you lose a file be it from a damaged drive or accidental file deletion that's where Recuva comes in. The app works by first asking what file you're looking to recover be it documents, pictures, videos or simply seek out all files that are recoverable.

This sets the precedent for Recuva to know what exactly to scan for. Following this the app will ask for the last known location of the file (prior to deletion) You can designate which folder it was in or have it simply search the whole drive along with other options such as searching external drives.

Recuva recovery

Now the search process begins. You can run a simple scan which takes a couple minutes or a deep scan if you’d like Recuva to search deeper sectors of the drive. The app then presents you with all results of files that can be recovered. Easily showcasing the filename, path, etc. You can even switch to an advanced mode to filter your results down to find that exact file you’d like to recover.


Features & Benefits:


  • Multiple File Support (Documents, Pictures, Videos)
  • Local & External Drive Support
  • Securely Delete Files
  • Virtual Drive Support (Pro version only)
  • Various File Recovery Methods

The best part is it takes the frustrating process of file recovery & makes it as easy as following a wizard. When you lose a file be it from accidentally putting it into a recycle bin & emptying it or a drive that was damaged Recuva steps in.

It searches the drive & looks for temporary file pieces left behind on the system so that you can recover those important files. Whether it's a precious family photo or important work document that somehow gets deleted, this software is an ideal solution.

File recovery can be expensive & tedious. Recuva makes it all super simple that anyone can do it. Recover files from your local drive, external drive, USB stick or even iPod. All while costing under $20 for the app itself.

Recuva scan


Click Here to Download Recuva Recovery Software for Free


My Experience w/ Recuva

In my testing process, Recuva was able to recover two files deleted intentionally to test the app. The first scenario involved a picture deleted from the recycle bin while the second was a file deleted from a USB pen drive.

In both cases, I was able to tell Recuva where the files were last located or even use the general hard drive search functionality & isolated the file. Both were recoverable & restored within less than 5 minutes.

Going through the advanced search functionality I found it was easy to narrow down the search results when recovering a specific file. You can narrow down by file types such as .jpeg or even a file name. Deep scanning took longer than the normal scan type but achieved better results when it came to recovering more files.

The wizard Recuva includes makes searching & recovering a truly simple process for something so technical. Previous file recovery apps I’ve tested have made the overall process highly complicated & above all highly expensive. Recuva does it all while keeping it dead simple & under $20 for the pro version.


Watch Recuva Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)





System Requirement

Recuva will run on any PC running Microsoft Windows 98 or later

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 and 2008 server
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98


My Personal Thought about the Software

Features 5/5

Support for file recovery across multiple devices internal & external plus multiple file types

Price 5/5

In comparison to everything in the file recovery market Recuva best aspect is its $20 price point for the pro version

Ease of Use 5/5

Recuva’s wizard makes file recovery a breeze. Simply designate the file type & where it was last located to begin the recovery process.


What Others are Saying

“Fast, effective and free, this is the data recovery tool you probably thought didn't exist. Recuva is a hidden gem in the software world.” – TechRadar

“A budget-friendly tool that covers the basics without straying into advanced territory, Piriform Recuva Pro feels a little unfinished at times.” – CloudAwards


Verdict & Conclusion

Recuva isn’t perfect but it's as close as you’ll get to an affordable & effective recovery tool. Recovering files from corrupted drives, accidental deletion, system restorations or whatever it may be.

Taking the advanced process of file recovery & making it seem as easy as a couple steps. While not every single file will be able to be recovered depending on the situation in my testing pictures & documents were restored with ease.

The app walks you through the most effective way to scan your drive in order to get those important files back. When it comes to a dire situation where your files are lost or corrupted Recuva is the tool you’ll want on hand.

Buy it as a single app for $20 (Pro version includes Virtual drive support & automatic updates) or better yet get a 4-1 in the bundle from the makers Piriform for only $40 a savings of over $90 get more information & test out the app by using our link below!




9.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Simple guided wizards
  • Multiple file type support
  • Recover files from both internal & external devices ( Internal hard drive or external devices such as USB stick or iPod)
  • Affordable compared to competition
  • Not always 100% effective (Recuva can’t recover all file types & often depends on time since file deletion/type of file. While it supports many types it doesn’t cover everything you may want to recover.
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