Passware Kit Unbiased Review – Password Recovery Tool for 130+ Files

Passware Kit is an app that allows you to recover passwords from locked files, WPA/WPA2 wi-fi networks, and even windows admin accounts. Whether it’s through brute force methods or other decryption tools it can instantly extract passwords. Be it for forensic/professional use or personal get access to the files you need.



What is Passware Kit

Passware Kit can best be described as a decryption utility for passwords, files, and even accounts. It can be used to unlock encrypted files be it documents or folders, scan for encrypted files on a drive, and of course use decryption methods to unlock or discover passwords to files. From basic level to more advanced tactics like brute force, dictionary lookup (searches most common words/letters), and much more. A swiss army knife so to speak to find, decrypt, and open secured files.

Passware MainScreen

All built into an interface that walks the user through wizards of how to approach each feature. You can choose to recover a password for a file, find encrypted files, recover passwords for internet/network related connections and also create a bootable USB to reset windows admin password.

What are the Features of the software?

  • Supports 130+ File types that it can recover passwords from. MS Docs, web browsers, etc
  • Instant password resets
  • Locates Encrypted Files
  • Detects File Security Types
  • Windows Password Resets


Click Here To Download Passware Kit for Windows


My Experience with Passware Kit

Throughout my review process, I tested several encrypted files with Passware Kit professional. In the scans, Passware Kit detected all encrypted files I had. Furthermore, the basic encrypted files were decrypted in seconds. Whether it was a basic dictionary search to find simple passwords like “password123” or brute force methods it was able to unlock my 3 test files. An excel file, word doc, and simply locked folder.

The best thing about the Passware kit is that makes the whole process simple for something that’s so technically advanced. Whether you’re decrypting a file, searching for locked ones, or even trying to gain access to the windows admin account. The wizards built in walk you through the process & ask relevant questions to help narrow down what method should be used to best unlock said files.

Passware working

All the while showcasing you the progress of the scans or decryption then making a click to open said unlocked file. Each of my tests took a couple minutes at most to unlock or scan my drive. I had no luck with my network settings passwords however I don’t have much of that info saved, to begin with on my actual windows settings. Though the USB creation for the windows admin account was simple to setup & access. All in all Passware Kit lived up to the tests & praises.


Watch Passware Video Demo (Click to Play the Video)




Pricing & Packages

There are many versions of Passware Kit but to keep it simple there’s a forensic investigator version that offers more support for file types starting at $995, the Business version built for admin control for employees at $795, and lastly the Home version which includes the basic features with less file support at $195.

Using our link however you can demo the versions & also buy for a significant discount. A special bulk discount standard version 3 pack (saving you $38) and a 5 pack (saving you $180)

Get Special Discount on Passware Kit Standard Version 3 Pack (Save $38)

Get Special Discount on Passware Kit Standard Version 5 Pack (Save $180)

The version type depends on your environment. If you’re getting it for personal use, then the Home version is what you need, more advanced setups such as an IT position for a company or criminal investigations/cyber crime you’ll require the business or forensic edition for the extensive file support & increased feature set.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 150 MB
Required Processor 1 GHz


My Personal Thought about the Software


Passware Kit offers up a lot of features from scans to decryption. Not just of basic files but things like network passwords, admin accounts, and more.


While there are all sorts of prices depending on the version you get in my opinion Passware more than makes up for the costs in the apps ability to do so much. If you really need access to secured files then the cost in itself is worth it.

Ease of Use

Again, shining example of what makes the app so great is how easy it is to use. For the advanced feature set & technical processes that occur in the background, the app still maintains a simple method of walking through the features. It’s detailed wizards collect as much info as possible & updates you on the scans/decryption every step of the way.

Passware passwordreset


What do others say about the software?

All in all, Passware Kit Standard is quite a handy tool if you wish to recover passwords to some very important documents.- Softpedia

Be warned though that depending on the password, the program may need to run for hours, days, even weeks or months! The longer and more complex the password, the longer the program will take. This is due to the nature of encryption when there are no known weaknesses to exploit, each variation for every length must be tried. This is why the programs take the users through the prompts hoping you’ll be able to narrow things down. It’ll do the hard work but it won’t likely be nearly instant like the weak password I tested above (123). – FileCritic


Final Verdict and Conclusion:

Passware Kit is an app that you specifically would need in a setting. It could be to administer a business, access personally locked files, or much more advanced in the field of forensic investigation. The app performed as advertised & was able to detect, decrypt, and open secured files with ease. The more complex the security the longer the files take but through just the basic files I tested, several seconds in I got the password & had access.

What surprises me most about the app is not just the technical background it takes to decrypt said files or gain access to a windows admin account but the detail put into the wizards. Walking through the process Passware asks for last known passwords, what type of decryption methods you want running, and so on. All in an effort to narrow down the best & efficient method for cracking said file or password. If you need an app like this for any of the above-mentioned environments then you can’t go wrong with Passware Kit.


Download Passware Password Recovery Tools For Windows

Get Passware Kit Standard 3 Pack (Save $38)

Get Passware Kit Standard 5 Pack (Save $180)

9.5 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Free Trial Available
  • Simple to follow wizards
  • Easily detects encrypted files on drive
  • Large file support (Can decrypt various file formats)
  • XP based interface would be nice to see an updated design
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  1. This is nothing more than a waste of time and money! I spent my hard-earned money on Passware and after THREE weeks of it running, it never found a password! They should be ashamed of selling something like this… a true deception!

    • Hi do you mind to explain in more detail . What password at you looking for ? is it Ms Word / excel .
      I Would suggest to contact the official vendor at

      I see that there is 30 days money back guarantee at the official site . and here is the policy

      Passware provides a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee when any product does not function as advertised. Passware stands by its products and provides its customers with the most reliable and up-to-date password recovery solutions as well as excellent customer support service.

      Products must be returned within 30 days from the date of their purchase.
      Customers are required to produce evidence of the problem, e.g. screenshots, sample files, etc. upon request of a Passware Customer Support representative.
      Full purchase prices are refunded, excluding shipping costs.

      NOTE: For some types of files, such as MS Office 2007-2013 documents, RAR archives, and other types marked as “Brute-force Recovery” in the specifications table, the password recovery process is time-consuming. In this case, only the password recovery speed is guaranteed, but the time required to check all the passwords for this file depends on the password settings. Therefore, a long password recovery process is not a reason for a refund.

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