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Learning to speak different languages other than our native one is more important as it gives us an upper hand and makes us comfort while traveling to different places around the world.

Gone are those days when you need to approach a professional teacher to learn a specific language. With the advent of the internet, there are many apps and sites which teaches you to speak different languages.

Mondly is one such site which allows you to learn different languages just by sitting at your own home. At present Mondly offers over 33 different languages to learn. While most of the language learning apps let you learn other languages using Engish, Mondly allows you to learn other languages from your own native language which seems to be the most striking feature of Mondly.

Apart from using Mondly in your desktop, you can also download it in your Android or iOS mobile phones. Mondly is available in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Using Mondly App allows you to learn any languages on the go.

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How easy is it to install in your PC?

There is no need to install anything on your PC for Mondly. You just need to visit their site and log in to your account either free or premium account. Then you can start learning different languages of your choice.



What are the features does Mondly offer?

Mondly offers a lot number of features when compared to other learning programs available on the internet. But you need to be a premium member in order to access all these features. You cannot get these in your free account. Let’s see some of the features that Mondly offers.

  • Mondly offers over 33 different languages that you can learn to speak.
  • Mondly offers the freedom to learn other languages using your own native language.
  • Mondly is also available as an Android or iOS app which you can download in your smartphone and start learning your desired language on the go.
  • Mondly offers audio assistance which teaches you how to pronounce each word in a language that you are learning.
  • Mondly for Business can help in training the employees to learn any new language faster than usual.
  • Mondly offers a large set of lessons that teach how to make conversations in different places. For ex., there is a separate set of lessons for School, Shopping etc. which teaches you the different word related to that field and how to make conversations related to it.


Mondly Languages Video Demo



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How to use Mondly to learn new languages?

The user interface of Mondly is very simple and does not pose any complexities for its users. You just need to login to your account and select the language that you wish to learn and start taking the lessons instantly. Now let’s discuss how to use Mondly to learn new languages quickly and efficiently.

Once you login to your account using your credentials, you will be getting a screen like below where you can see the different category of lessons available for the language that you have selected to learn.


You can then click on Your Profile Name or the Settings button to change or select the language that you wish to learn, the native language from which you like to learn the new language, and other user settings.

You can also turn on / off the Sound effects and Autoplay voice features. But it is recommended that you turn on these features as you can learn how to pronounce each word in the language that you are learning.


To choose your learning language, move to the ‘Select your language’ tab and click on the ‘Edit selected’ button and choose the language.


Now choose the language that you speak normally and the new language that you wish to learn. Also, select your level of proficiency in the new language and then click save.


You can now start taking lessons by clicking on each of these categories. Each category has a different set of lessons which teaches different words, phrases and conversations pertaining to that category. It is advisable that you choose a category in the flow given and avoid taking any random categories.

So after clicking on a particular category, you will be displayed the lessons available in that category. You need to start taking the lessons by clicking on the ‘Start’ button under each lesson.


Once you complete the lesson by going through all the slides, you will be displayed a summary of all the words and phrases that you learned in that lesson.


Then you will be getting a statistics of how many points you earned at which level you are currently in after finishing the lesson. Also, you can see the list of top performers in that language you are learning. You can now take on the subsequent lessons in that particular category.


The statistics button at the bottom shows the complete statistics of your learning progress for the language that you have currently chosen. It shows the number of words, phrases learned and the amount of time you spent on learning the language and the level at which you are currently in and the points you have earned so far.


[Please remember, I am having a premium account and hence I am able to browse through all the categories. If you are a free account user, then you can access only limited categories for the language you have chosen.



What do others have to say about Mondly?

Mondly has got a very good rating and review from everyone who has used it for learning new languages. Except a very few, all other comments and reviews were positive and heaped praises on the program. The only concern which I observed while reading the user reviews and comments was that there were some mistakes in some languages.

Mondly app has also got an excellent rating and reviews in the Google Play store. Almost everyone who has downloaded the app has heaped praises on it.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials that I came across on the internet.

Overall I enjoy it. I don't feel like I'm learning it feels just like an activity to do, which is nice. I love the interface it looks clean and fresh. However It does feel like I am learning the absolute basics (which isn't an issue for me but some might not like this, especially with a price). However it's a new product and I'm sure it will grow and get better.” – User

I've been using these app for around 5 minutes and it is already my new favorite language learning app! I've used many in the past but none have been as “smart” as this app! It's very well designed and thought-out, allowing quick and easy learning! I am currently learning Japanese. I believe I'll progress significantly faster than ever before.” – User


What are the limitations in the free account of Mondly?

Mondly does offer a free account for its users to try it before upgrading to their premium account. So there are certain limitations in the free account. You can learn only one out of the 33 available languages in the free account. And similarly, you cannot access all the category of lessons in that language. You get access only to 3 or 4 categories in your free account.


System Requirement

There are no special system requirements for using Mondly in your PC. The only requirement is to have an active internet connection to login to their site and start learning the language of your wish.


What is the price of Mondly?

There is no fixed price for using Mondly program and only monthly subscription is available. So either you need to pay each month or together for 12 months. The monthly subscription fees is lower when you choose the later one compared to the former.

The subscription price for one month is $9.99 / user for 1 language. The price for 1 year is just $47.99 per user for one language which is equal to just $4 per month. So opting for the yearly subscription is a better option for your money.

Now Mondly offers a special offer which gives access to all the 33 languages for just $47.99 for 1 year. There is also an exclusive 10% offer available for ‘’ users who can claim it by using the below coupon.

Get 10% Offer on Mondly Yearly Subscription for 33 Languages

Mondly offers special prices for businesses who are willing to opt for their program. They offer the premium account for just 3.8 euro per user if you are buying a bulk subscription from them. Please find below the different prices offered for the businesses.

Mondly business price


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Mondly is really a very good program for learning any new language across the world. The fact that you can learn any new language using your native language makes Mondly the best language learning program when compared to the rest.

With the option of learning over 33 different languages and with a different category of lessons for each language, Mondly is really worth the money you spend on it.




8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Mondly offers over 33 different languages that you can learn
  • You can learn any language from your own native language
  • Mondly offers audio play back which teaches us how to pronounce words in the new language you are learning
  • Free Trial Available
  • Affordable Price
  • Some words in some languages are wrong which must be corrected
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