SaleHoo In-Depth Review– Find Best and Cheap Suppliers for Your Online Store

Are you interested in starting a profitable online store, but confused about choosing a niche or product for your e-commerce store? Worried about finding cheap and best suppliers for your store? Then SaleHoo serves as a one-stop solution which guides you from opening an effective e-commerce store to finding the best supplier for your products.

SaleHoo is an online supplier directory of a huge number of products which aims at connecting the dropshippers with the best suppliers across the world. It contains an extensive database of nearly 1.6 million products and their suppliers.

Apart from containing a directory of online suppliers, it also serves as a powerful research tool that allows you to find the top selling products across the internet. You can make use of their tool to research which product sells with more profit and start an online store for those high selling products.

SaleHoo also provides comprehensive tutorials and training on how to launch a successful and profitable e-commerce store.  So the platform is beneficial even for the beginners who want to become successful online entrepreneurs as it teaches everything from opening a store to finding suppliers and marketing the products.



How to start using SaleHoo for creating an online store?

SaleHoo does not have any desktop application which you need to install on your PC. You just need to visit their online website and create an account for you. You then need to buy their yearly subscription to access their supplier directory, research tool, tutorials, and training.


What are the benefits and features does SaleHoo offers?

Any budding online entrepreneurs can make use of this platform for developing their e-commerce store and finding profitable products that sell large. The platform really offers a number of benefits and features for those who are willing to succeed in selling online. Let’s see some of the features and benefits

  • SaleHoo offers a long list of supplier directory which allows you to choose the best and cheap supplier for any product you like to sell.
  • You can make use of their market research tool to find the products that are in demand and have high profits and sell those products to maximize your profits.
  • The site also allows the users to contact the suppliers and negotiate with them to get the products at a much lower cost.
  • The supplier directory offers contacts of around 8000 local and global suppliers.
  • You can find around 1.6 million products on SaleHoo and genuine dropshipping and wholesale supplier for all these products.
  • They offers a comprehensive training and tutorials that provide a step by step guide on how to find the most profitable products and do dropshipping.
  • They offers a powerful community where you can communicate with other successful online sellers and learn from them to increase your sales and profit.
  • The site provides resources that allow you to create an online store to sell products. But you need to pay an additional price to use that feature.
  • SaleHoo offers an award-winning support that lets you contact their support team anytime through phone, email, live chat, and Facebook.


Click Here To Create Your SaleHoo Account


How simple is the user interface of SaleHoo?

The user interface of SaleHoo is very simple, neat and easy to use. The entire platform is divided into 5 sections namely directory, Labs, Training, Store, and Resources. All these 5 sections comprised together offers all the features that we have seen earlier in the review.


As all the 5 sections are clearly divided, there is no complexity in navigating through the various features of SaleHoo. Now let’s see about each section in detail.


It is this section of SaleHoo where you will be searching for Suppliers. You can use the search box at the top to search for the Supplier directly or for the product the supplier provides. You can also search for a supplier by browsing through the product categories.


Once you choose a product, all the suppliers for that specific product will be listed. You can then use the filters available on the left side to find the more appropriate supplier. You can then click on the supplier to know about them in detail.


After selecting a supplier, you can view the complete details about them like their product catalog, contact information, website, and a detailed overview of them. You can contact the supplier by using the contact button and write a detailed message about your requirement.



The next section is the Research Lab where you can research for the top trending products which are in high demand. Here you can see a long list of products which are selling the most on eBay and Amazon.

You can also find other details like the average selling price, the selling rate of the product and the competition for the product in the market. By making use of these details, you can find the best selling products that can maximize your profits.


Once you click on the product, you can also see the list of potential suppliers available for that product and a brief overview of the suppliers.


You can also make a comparison between the products by clicking on the compare button at the top of each product you would like to compare. After selecting the products you would like to compare, click on the compare button at the side to open the comparison screen.


The comparison screen displays the three key attributes namely Sell rate, Listings, and Average Price for all the products that you have selected. So you can easily conclude which product might sell well and can bring in more profits for your business.


Clicking on the Product Trends in the Lab section will take you to the page which displays a list of top trends that are currently in demand. So clicking on a trend will list the products that come under the trend. With this, you get to know which products are trending and will sell more.



In the training section, you will find a list of tutorials and training that you can take to learn more about selling online and how to open an effective e-commerce store like eBay and Amazon.

Click on the ‘View Guide’ to start taking each training. Each training looks like a simple lesson which covers details topics specific to the topic you chose.


It is advised that you go through all the lessons to get well versed with online business and hot to sell online.


In this section, you will be getting a complete guide for opening an online store right from designing your website to marketing your product to get more potential customers.

The store offers various attractive themes for your website from which you can choose the best one for you. It also offers effective marketing tools for marketing your products to potential customers. Apart from this, you will also be getting a complete support from SaleHoo in each step you take.


But remember, you need to pay extra for using this store feature to create an effective e-commerce store.


This section typically comprises all the guides and training material available. You can also get access to their online community under this section where you can interact with a lot of other successful online sellers. You can also get access to free webinars and e-books under this section. This section is very much useful for beginners who like to make big in online business.


So that is all about SaleHoo which provides detailed and comprehensive training and other features for launching an effective online store.



What do others say about SaleHoo?

While I was searching for reviews about SaleHoo on the internet, I found that the most discussed thing is whether is it a scam or legit instead of how well it performs. But almost everyone who has reviewed it has certified that SaleHoo is 100% legit and anyone can subscribe to their service without any fear.

The reviews were also positive as most of them have said positively about the platform. But at the same time, I also observed that most of the reviewers have suggested other alternatives  which looks much better.

The user comments were also positive and encouraging that most of the users who have used SaleHoo have benefited out of the platform. The common thing about SaleHoo which most of the users praised is their excellent customer support.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the site that I came across on the internet.

Overall, they are the perfect startup directory. They have 2.5 million products, 8000 suppliers and a platform that’s really user-friendly. They give you a ‘safe space’ to find decent and respectable suppliers. There are larger directories but none that give the same level of service and support as SaleHoo.” – Hustle Life

So far I am very happy with SaleHoo. The supplier's list is impressive! It helps big time that they have already checked them out so I can contact them with confidence. Also, I am a beginner and have lots of questions and I can honestly say the SaleHoo support team is super helpful – good vibes. And that's my 2 cents” – User


Do SaleHoo offers a free version for its users?

No, Salehoo does not offer any free account for its users. You need to buy their yearly subscription to start using their platform for accessing their large supplier directory, research labs, store features, tutorials, and training.


System Requirement

There are no specific system requirements for using SaleHoo. All you need is a working PC or Laptop and an active internet connection.


What is the price of SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is available only as annual subscription meaning you need to pay every year to continue using their features. Also, there is no monthly subscription plan.

The price of SaleHoo is $67 per year which includes full access to their Supplier directory, Market research labs, members forum, and personal email support for one complete year.

At present, there are no offers either with me or in the official website. Please keep an eye on this space to check if any offer pops-up in the future.

As said earlier, there is a separate price for using their store features to create your own online store. SaleHoo offers three different price plan for the store and you can choose the one which best suits your needs.

The three different plans are Basic, Standard, and Premium and their prices are $27, $47, and $97 per month respectively.

Salehoo store price

The developers offers a 60-day money back guarantee which entitles you to claim for the refund of your $67 if you are not satisfied with any of their features or support.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, SaleHoo is the perfect match for the beginners and budding entrepreneurs who like to make it big in the e-commerce world. The platform serves as a helping tool and a guide for those beginners who do not have any knowledge about dropshipping or selling online.

Right from creating an effective online store to finding the best product for your store using their research labs and supplier directory, SaleHoo does everything for you to maximize your profit while selling online. They provide complete training and support that assist you in each step that you take in your online selling business.



9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • SaleHoo has a supplier directory of over 8000 local and global suppliers with over 1.6 million products
  • Market Research lab allows you to find the top trending products that can bring in more sales and profit
  • An excellent community where you can discuss and learn from other experienced online sellers
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Separate pricing for creating online stores
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