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Have you ever had a dream of creating your own radio station from your home? Yes, it is now possible with the use of a software called Sam Broadcaster which allows you to create your own playlist and schedule your programs and create a live DJ and interact with your listeners.

This internet broadcasting software is very much useful if you are interested in starting a career as a radio DJ.

While selecting a good internet broadcaster, you need to take care of various factors like a number of audio formats the software supports, the types of servers on which your radio station can be broadcasted, and other features essential for playing uninterrupted songs.

Based on these factors, Sam Broadcaster Pro seems to be the best internet broadcaster which allows you to create your own radio station from anywhere in the world.

Sam Broadcaster Pro is an internet broadcaster software developed by Spacial. The software had a very good reputation of providing the best internet broadcasting solution to various users for over 14 years.

Some of the features dual screen support, automatic playing of songs when a problem occurs during a live DJ etc., makes the software the best in the business.



How easy is it to install the software on your windows PC?

The installation of the software on your windows PC is absolutely simple and does not involve any complex steps. You just need to make a series of click before the software is finally installed in your PC.

But before you start using the software, you need to make the initial setup by making use of the below step by step guide.

First, you need to select the Database type where the audio tracks and your program schedules will be stored.

sam broadcaster setup2

Then you need to choose the login details for the selected database.

sam broadcaster setup3

Now choose the path from where you select the audio tracks to be broadcasted.

sam broadcaster setup4

Now select the sound drive for playing the audio files.

sam broadcaster setup5

Finally, choose whether you want to use the trial version or activate the software by using a valid registration key. That’s it, you can now start using the software completely.

sam broadcaster setup6


What are the features of the software?

Sam Broadcaster comes with a number of top class features which helps you in creating your own radio station conveniently and allowing for the live streaming of audios without any interruption.

Some of the advanced features like cross-fade detection, volume normalization, and 5-band compressor and limiter tend to increase the quality of the soundtracks that you stream in your radio station.

The gap killer feature tries to reduce the gap that you get when switching over from one song to another song.

The software comes with a web integration feature which allows you to integrate your radio station website with the various available web widgets. These widgets allow for the active participation of the listeners in your radio station by browsing your audio library and requesting for their favorite songs.

It also helps you to easily categorize large media files and folders and import information from the tags available.

The software provides support for various audio formats. The audio files that can be played using the software are AAC, MP3, WMA, Ogg, aacPlus, AAC-HE, mp3PRO.

It allows you to see how many listeners are there for your radio station by making use of the listener statistics feature. This feature generates a report about your listener statistics and playback history.

Automation feature allows you to automate your radio station by creating schedules in advance. By this, you can make your radio station to run 24/7 without any interruption.

The dual screen feature allows you to work simultaneously on two separate windows at the same time.



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How easy is it to use the software?

The user interface of Sam Broadcaster Pro is somewhat cluttered and it may take some time for an average user to get well versed with the functioning of the software. Though all the functions and features are present in the main screen, it may take some time to know about them.

I would suggest you to use the software for a couple of days to get to know about it better. Let’s discuss in detail on how to use the software in a better way.

Before setting up your radio station, you need to add music which is the main part of the software. You can add music in two different ways. One way is to click on the track under the playlist window and then click on the ‘+’ symbol to add songs which you like to play.

sam broadcaster addmusic

The second way is to open the music folder and then drag and drop the desired soundtrack into the playlist window.

sam broadcaster addmusic2

Now you can connect to the radio station and start broadcasting your soundtracks. For connecting to the radio station, you need to configure the station details to which you like to connect. To do this, select Config under the File button present at the top left corner of the window.

sam broadcaster config

Now click the station details and enter the details and save them by clicking Ok. So now your radio station is all set and is ready for broadcasting.

sam broadcaster stationdetails

In order to play the song that you like, you need to copy it from the playlist window and place it in the Queue window either by drag and drop or by right clicking it and choosing Queue Top option like below.

sam broadcaster addtoqueue

Click on the play button in the Deck A window to start playing the song. Once the song in the Deck A completes then the next song starts playing the in Deck B and the process continues.

sam broadcaster playmusic

Use the volume bar present in the Decks to adjust the volume of the song that is being played. You can also adjust the various sound settings for the song by clicking the EQ button in the Decks.

sam broadcaster volumeadjust

Using the options under the Voice FX window, you can talk to your audience and share your thoughts by turning the ‘Mic On’ button and then clicking on the Local talk button. You can also adjust the volume of your speech by using the volume bar present in the same window.

sam broadcaster speak

You can add some special sound effects to the music that is being played by using the various sound effects present under the Sound FX window.

sam broadcaster soundeffects

The history window shows the list of the songs that has been played so far.

sam broadcaster history

Sam Broadcaster offers three desktops named A, B, and C with each one having a number of features. You can also add a desired option or tool in the any of the desktop. You can find them at the top. All the options that we have seen so far are present in Desktop A.

The below screenshot shows desktop B and the various features present in it. You can add or remove any tools from this desktop. As you can see the Statistic Relays Graph shows the number of viewers who are currently listening to your radio station.

sam broadcaster desktopb

The Event scheduler window present in desktop B allows you to schedule an event by clicking the add button and then enter the event details.

sam broadcaster eventschedule

The dual button present at the top open additional windows when clicked. You can then choose the features or controls that you want in this window from the window button present at the top.

sam broadcaster dualscreen

You can either choose the auto DJ mode to play the songs in the queue automatically without your interruption or choose manual DJ mode to manually choose the songs that you wish to play.

sam broadcaster autodj

The space that is present in between the help button and the timer shows how many viewers are currently listening to your radio station.

sam broadcaster viewers

If you have any doubt or face difficulties in using the software, then you can access their knowledge database or contact their support team by using the help button.


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What is the difference between Sam Broadcaster Pro and Sam Broadcaster Cloud?

The main difference between Sam Broadcaster Pro and cloud is that you does need to have an internet connection for the former while you need a dedicated internet connection for the later.

The cloud version allows for the backup of audio files in your cloud storage which automatically starts playing when there is a break in your live stream, while this feature cannot be found in the Pro version.

The Pro version allows you to use your radio station primarily as an audio playback system while cloud allows you to do live streaming.

Audio formats like Ogg and WMA are not supported by Sam Broadcaster Cloud but the Pro version provides support for these audio formats.


What is the opinion of people who have used the software before?

It is very important to know what others have to say about a product before we buy them so that we come to know about its pros and cons. When I was searching the internet for reviews about the software, I could not find any negative reviews for it and they were all praise for it.

At the same time, I could not find many users comments about the product and out of the very few that I went through had only good things to say about the software. So I would say it is safe to go ahead and buy the software.


What are the limitations in the trial version?

Sam Broadcaster Pro is available for a free trial which you can download from their official website. The only limitation of the trial version is that the trial period is limited to 14 days within which you can make full use of the software. Once the trial period expires, you either need to buy the full version or uninstall the software as you cannot access any of its features.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 7 or later
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 100 MB
Sound Card Optional
Internet Reliable high-speed Internet connection


What is the price of the software?

The price of Sam Broadcaster Pro is $299. You just need to buy once and use it for a lifetime. But you can buy Sam Broadcaster Pro for $99 if you are ready to sign up for Sam Broadcaster Cloud yearly subscription.

The Sam Broadcaster Cloud comes in three packages namely Bronze, Silver and Gold and the price of each package is $165, $275 and $825/ year respectively. Each package consists of a different set of features and hence the difference in the price.


Buy Sam Broadcaster Pro from their Official Website

At present, there are no other Special offers available for the software on their official website.  Please remember that there is no specific information about the money back guarantee for the software on their official website.


Verdict & Conclusion:

Sam Broadcaster Pro is a wonderful software for creating your own radio station at your home. With a number of advanced features, the software helps you in starting your career as a radio DJ.

While the user interface may not be simple at the first sight, you get to know about it in detail after using it for some time. Overall the software is highly recommended for those who are eager to start their own radio station.


Click Here to Try Sam Broadcaster Pro for Free

8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Provides support for dual screen usage.
  • A number of top class features that helps in starting your own radio station
  • Supports different audio formats like MP3, WMA etc.
  • The user interface is somewhat difficult to get accustomed.
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