ConvertxtoDVD Review and Demo – An Unexpected Help

Monday morning, I was planning to pay my cousins in the province a visit this coming weekend since it has been a very long time since I have seen them. When I told them I was, they told me to bring the continuation of their new favorite series, the Game of Thrones.

The last time I showed them that series was with my laptop, but sadly, that laptop is no longer working. I did ask them if they had something like a smart TV or anything that could read a flash drive (USB Device) but they said they only have their good old DVD player. So I thought of just simply putting the videos together and burn it on a DVD.

The same time that day, I was assigned to check this ConvertXtoDVD software and see how it works. I was amazed with what I found out about the software and the things it does. It was like someone offered me help I did not know I needed.

Though Convert X to DVD is supposed to be for sale, the 7 days trial version would give you all its features for the user to explore and enjoy. Which I did! I’m not really a professional in designing DVD outputs, but I do know what an awesome output is for the user and I am dead sure I know when a software is great for users in terms of functions and how easy it is to use.



ConvertxtoDVD Developers and Origin

ConvertXtoDVD was developed by VSO Software, a company who started off in an attic or a garage by Jacques Vignoles whose first intention with it was just developing software as a hobby and making other people’s life easier by using his software. This particular software was named DivXtoDVD and was first released as a freeware on October 2004. It was updated on February 2006 and was renamed, becoming ConvertXtoDVD 2. Its most successful update, one that lasted for more than 3 years is the ConvertXtoDVD 5.  The 6th and the latest version of the software was released on January this year.


Installation Notes

The installation is quite simple, just one step that we may need to be very careful on. Usually we just click on “Next” until the installation is done. However, with this software there is a step that we may need to be careful with.

convertxtodvd setup

On the screenshot provided above, you can see that the video format differs from which country/group of country you belong. You may need to be very careful with your selection for it may cause your DVD creation not playing. Even so, as per the note below, you can change these settings anytime in the settings of the software. But better safe than sorry, just choosing PAL here since I live in the group mentioned with it.


ConvertXtoDVD Navigation and Features

I’m not really a professional DVD creator but I surely know what I need whenever I watch movies from DVDs. When using this software, it amazed me of the features that it has and am certain that other users are as well. Below are the few features that I really loved.


Adding Video Files

Any user would deeply appreciate developers who design their software to be an easy to use and navigate software. VSO ConvertXtoDVD is just one of them. Adding the video files into the software is just a matter of dragging and dropping. Not to mention, the instructions are posted in a very noticeable manner.

Users simply have to drag and drop the video files into the area where it states “Click on + to load a file or drag & drop your files here…”



Menu Editor

Once the videos have been added, a button named “Edit Menu” will appear.

Clicking this button, you would be able to fully customize the menu page. The menu page is the very first screen that would show up when you load the DVD into your DVD Player. Fully customizing the menu page means you would be able to change the background, change the name of the items on the menu, change the background music and etc.


Adding Subtitles

Subtitles are really essential for some people when they watch international movies. They may have some issues with their accent or people in the movies talk so fast making it harder for them to understand what they are talking about. VSO ConvertXtoDVD has a great feature in it that allows users to integrate subtitles into the movies! And it is as simple as adding the subtitle file by clicking the SUBTITLE option on the movie that you want to add the subtitle on.


Cut Video

Some segments in the movie that you want to remove? Such function is available in ConvertXtoDVD. You simply have to select the video where you want to remove some clip in and click the CUT option. Inside, you will be able to select the START TIME and END TIME of the segment where you want to cut.


Setting Chapters

This feature is something I don’t really use usually. The CHAPTER feature of ConvertXtoDVD allows the user to set certain points in the movie where they could resume watching it. Maybe the movie is too long that they have to discontinue watching it? Then this feature could be of use. Just in-line with the CUT option, the CHAPTERS option will be available once you select the video you want to add/edit the chapters on. Users simply have to assign the START TIME of the chapters on this option. Adding or deleting chapters is also doable inside the CHAPTERS option.



Click Here to Download ConvertxtoDVD


ConvertxtoDVD – Warning for Output

One thing that caught my attention in this software is that little stoplight icon right below where the files are shown.
This spotlight actually gives you detailed information about your project output. For this project of mine, since I tried placing 9 chapters of Game of Thrones Season 5 in it, it stated that it is Acceptable and provided a suggestion.

After reading the suggestion, I then removed a few videos and got the stoplight into a GREEN status that means the output will be at its best results.

These are just few of the features that ConvertXtoDVD offers to their users. Some professional DVD Creators may know better on how to use it, but with just the few ones I mentioned above, I’d buy this software any time of the day if I mostly use DVDs to play my movies on.

There should be several more features in this software but the ones I mentioned up top, are the ones that are really noticeable and essential for most of the users.



How VSO ConvertXtoDVD Helped Me

As I have mentioned, my cousins asked me to bring the continuation of their beloved American series which is Game of Thrones. They aren’t Native American so they may not be able to understand what the characters are saying, especially each of them have different accents. So subtitles would be a great help for them. And the awesome menu customization would make it easier for my cousins to navigate through the whole series.

There is this one thing though. When I was converting the files, my computer’s performance ( Intel I5)  was extremely reduced. I tried to check what is happening and found out that this software would eat up a lot of your processor’s speed.

I was quite dismayed with it, since I am a very busy person and do a lot of things at the same time and with this software converting files, I will not be able to do other things. However, I found out that you could adjust this software’s process consumption by right clicking on the conversion process and setting the priority.

By default, the checkmark should be on NORMAL and it would eat up all the performance of your computer. So you change it to a lower one, preferably IDLE, and my computer’s performance got better for me to multitask again.



ConvertXtoDVD Testimonials

Found testimonials of other VSO ConvertXtoDVD users and most of them have the same opinions as me. I’ll be posting some below.

“I found the free trial program to be excellent. Easy to use & did exactly what I wanted however as I will probably only use the program very occasionally I feel that the cost is too high for me to buy the proper program. At half the price I would be happy to have it for the odd times I may want it.”
Graham Atchison
08 November 2016

27 October 2016

“am so happy with my purchase because has it all expectations is so great work so fast and the qualities of my videos is so nice thank you one more time thank you again”
Oreste cabrera
13 October 2016

“Excellent product. Has all of the features I want. Would like to see the ‘Remove intro and outro segments from menu' feature added to the default settings. Other than that, it's great.”
12 October 2016


Where to Get ConvertXtoDVD Software ?

If you are not sure what the software does, do enjoy the software first because Convert X to DVD comes with a 7-days FULL trial. This means you are free to enjoy every feature of the software in 7 days without limitations. After 7 days, the software would forcibly put a watermark on each of your project’s output.

If you’d like to purchase the convertxtodvd software, normally, it would cost you $44.99 in their official website. Your purchase is protected by https secure protocol, so it is safe to buy online


System Requirement

• Processor Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon
(Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)
• 512 MB RAM with Windows XP
1 GB RAM with Windows Vista
• Hard disk drive with at least 4.3 Gigabytes free
• DVD Burner

Operating System
• Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP – 32 & 64 bit
VSO ConvertXtoDVD does not need a powerful computer to run. However, since we are talking about converting here, a computer with a decent processing power (Processor) could get your projects done faster.


Refund Policy

Yes, this software does have a refund policy however, it is not for those people who would say that they just realized that this software is not what they needed because they did give users a 7-day FULL trial.

Refunds are only possible for the following cases:

  • For duplicate orders (ordered twice by accident)
  • When users faces a technical problem in which VSO technical support team, with the help of user, confirms based on reports and testing that no solution can be found or provided within a reasonable time. To start this process users write to VSO using the technical support form.


Verdict & Conclusion

The software indeed is very helpful and the features are great for those people who deals with video editing, professional DVD Designing or if you constantly burn movies for your loved ones.

However, if you just do it occasionally, like me? I think the prize is too big for that. Not to mention, nowadays, people prefer to have flash drives or external hard drives wherein they store the videos into and play them into their smart TVs or any devices; a more convenient way of storing/sharing files.

The sum it all up, the software is indeed amazing. The unique features and the navigation on its interface is really one of its kind. The need to buy it or not will boil down to the question “How often would you need the software?”



8.6 Total Score

Easy to Use:
  • Easy navigation for all users
  • 7-days Full trial for Free give you enough time to evaluate the software
  • Can Edit and customize videos and DVD menus, Subtitles
  • Drains too much CPU if priority is not adjusted
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