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GetStencil is a cloud-based graphics and image editing platform that lets you create stunning and amazing images and graphics for posting in your social media sites. The images created and edited through Stencil are great and can help in increasing the engagement on all your social media posts. It can help in getting more likes, shares and re-tweets.

Stencil offers a number of easy to use features that helps the users in creating some great looking visuals for their social media posts. Most of the small businesses, online marketers, and bloggers use Stencil for creating images and graphics for their social media sites.

The platform offers over 2 million royal free photos and a number of templates and icons and therefore it is easy for the users to create any type of visuals without any difficulties. GetStencil is an effective image creation platform that can be used by both professionals and beginners for creating stunning visuals.



How to install and use GetStencil in your PC?

Getstencil is an online image creation platform and does not offer any desktop version to be installed in your PC. Therefore you need not install anything on your PC. You just need to register on their site and create your stencil account. After registering, you can log in to your account and start creating images and graphics for your social media sites.


What are the features does Getstencil offers its users?

GetStencil offers a variety of features that help the users in creating attractive and amazing visuals and graphics for their social media sites easily and quickly. Let’s take a look at the features that stencil offers its users.

  • Stencil offers over 2 million royalty free photos to its users that can be used for creating engaging social media posts.
  • You get to access over 710 different templates that can be edited and customized before posting in your social media sites.
  • Stencil allows you to upload and store different logos that you are creating for any brand.
  • You can upload your own fonts to stencil and can use it in all your visuals that you create in the online platform.
  • Stencil offers over 100.000 different quotes to be used in your images.
  • Stencil provides over 2500 Google fonts that can be used in your visuals and graphics.
  • Stencil provides access to over 1 million royalty free attractive icons and graphics that can be used for creating stunning visuals.
  • Social connection feature allows you to share the created visuals and images directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.
  • Instagram SMS feature can send the visuals created in Stencil directly to your phone which can then be posted on your Instagram account.
  • Image filters and the resizing tool allows you to add effects, beautify and resize your images.


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How simple is the user interface of Getstencil?

The interface of GetStencil is very simple and easy to use that lets you create stunning and attractive images and graphics in a few minutes. The interface is so simple that even a complete beginner can make the best use of the software for creating great visuals for their social media posts. Now, let’s discuss how to use the software for creating images that you like.

After logging into your account, you will be taken directly to the working space where you can access all the images, icons and quotes offered by Stencil. On the right side, there is a white space working area, where you will be creating your image.

At the side of the working area, you can find various tools that allow you to add text to your image, resize your image that fits your social media sites, and to clear all the things that you have done.


As said earlier, you can access over 2 million royalty free photos under the photos tab. You can browse through these photos and select the one that suits your needs.

After adding the photo, you can make use of the various filters and tools available at the side to edit and beautify the photos.


Under the icons tab, you can access over 1.000.000 different icons that you can add to the image that you are currently working on.

After adding the icon, you can drag, rotate and resize it to any desired position. You can use the transparency slider to change the visibility of the icon.


Under the templates tab, you can find various templates which you can choose to edit and customize to be posted on your social media site. You can also add photos and icons to the templates and edit them.

You can select each part of the template individually and can edit them separately.


Under the Quotes tab, you can find millions of famous and inspiring quotes that you can add to the template or photos that you are currently working.


So once you are finished creating your visuals, you can either download it to your PC or preview and share it on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.


After clicking the preview and share, you can now check how your image looks on both the desktop and mobile device. After previewing, you can also select the social networking site on which you like to share the created image.


You can also upload your own image files and work on it using the upload images option available under the uploads tab. Similarly, under the Logos/ Watermark and Saved Images tab, you can find the uploaded logos/ Watermarks and images that you have saved respectively.


If you want any help on how to use the software or would like to send a message to them regarding any issues you face with Stencil, click on the small round button present at the bottom left of the screen and browse through the topic on which you need help.




What do others say about Stencil?

All the reviews that you will be coming across on the internet for Stencil are good which itself creates a positive impression. Many reviews have given some outstanding ratings and recommended it as the best graphics editing platform for your social media posts.

The user comments were also great as I could not find any negative comments. Almost everyone who has used the platform for creating images for their blogs and websites has only great things to say about which once again increases the reputation of Stencil.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials that you can find about Stencil on the internet.

Stencil is a cloud-based web application which allows you to create graphics online and share with your friends, followers in social networks. Stencil is my favorite because the simplicity to use the platform and flexibility to create graphics.” –

Stencil is one of the most convenient ways to create your Graphic Design for Social Media.” – User


Does GetStencil offer a free version for its users?

Yes, you can create a free GetStencil account and create images for your website or social networking pages, but there is a limitation in it. You can create only up to 10 images with your free account per month. So you need to subscribe to one of their plans to use the platform for creating unlimited images for your website or blogs.



System Requirement

As Getstencil is an online platform that allows you to edit images, there are no specific system requirements for using it. All you need is to have an active internet connection for logging into your account and create visuals.


What is the price of Stencil?

Apart from the free account, GetStencil offers two different subscription plans for its users to choose from. They are Pro and Unlimited.

While the price of the Pro plan is $9 per month if paid annually, the price of the unlimited plan is $12 per month if paid annually. So the price of the Pro and Unlimited plans for one year is $108 and $144 respectively.

In the below image, you can find the difference between the two plans and free version of GetStencil.


GetStencil also offers a 7-day money back guarantee. So you can get your full amount refunded if you do not like it for creating images.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, GetStencil looks like one of the best and a simple image creating a web application that allows you to create stunning visuals for your social media sites in few steps. The various tools combined with millions of free images and icons ensures in creating attractive visuals and graphics that can increase the engagement of your social media posts. The application is relatively simple and can be used alike by both the professionals and beginners.



9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Provides access to over 2 million royalty free images, 1 million icons and 700 templates
  • A simple and easy user interface that lets you create great images within a few minutes
  • Can easily share the created images across various social networking sites
  • The price seems to be quite high
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