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IMazing Review. For over a long period of time, the only way to manage the data present in your iPhones and other Apple devices is iTunes. Only using this iTunes, you can transfer any data, images, and music files between your iPhone and your PC. But now, there are many applications on the internet which can be a perfect alternative for iTunes.

iMazing is one such device manager application for managing the data present in all your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. Unlike iTunes, iMazing has a simple user interface which allows you to easily transfer the data and other media files between your PC and Apple devices.

With iMazing, you no longer need to synchronize your Apple devices with your iTunes every time to transfer a data from your PC. You can just connect your iPhone and move the desired data directly. You can quickly transfer your data from your old Apple device to a new device without iCloud and iTunes.



How simple is the installation process?

The installation of iMazing on your PC or Mac computer is very simple and easy. You just need to accept their terms and conditions and choose a location on your PC where you like to install the software. The installation process takes only a few seconds to complete after which you can directly start using the software for transferring data between your Apple device and PC.


What features and benefits does the software offer its users?

iMazing software can be a handy tool for easily transferring the data files from your PC to your Apple device without having to synchronize with your iTunes. The software offers several features that ensure an effective data transfer between the devices. Let’s see about the different features the software offers its users.


  • Quickly transfer the data from your old iPhone to a new iPhone without iCloud and iTunes.
  • No need to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes every time you make a transfer instead you can select and transfer the desired data or media file alone.
  • You can effectively take a backup of your entire iPhone with the iMazing backup feature.
  • iMazing restore feature allows you to restore your iPhone or other Apple devices with the backup taken. 
  • Managing your iPhone contacts are now made simple as you can easily copy all the contacts from your iPhone to your PC and vice versa.
  • App management feature allows you to download the apps directly to your computer, take backups and export the app data to your Apple device.
  • Export Safari data feature allows you to export all the bookmarks, history and reading lists saved in your iPhone to your PC.
  • Export call history can export all your iPhone call history to your working computer.
  • You can export your calendars from your iPhone to your computer and save it in iCal or CSV format.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface of the software is very simple and easy to use by anyone who has an iPhone irrespective of their technical proficiency. Let’s briefly discuss how to use the software to manage the data present in the Apple devices.

One great feature of iMazing that I personally like is you can access the Photos, messages, call history and other files in your iPhone by just connecting your mobile and the computer to the same WiFi network. But to transfer files and to take a backup, you need to connect your phone through a cable.

Once you connect your iPhone or other Apple device to your PC for the first time after installing iMazing, you will be getting the below backup screen which prompts you to take a backup first before proceeding further to manage your device.

iMazing backup

After clicking the backup button, you need to select the Backup location, encryption method, backup archiving before starting the backup process. Click on the enable button to encrypt your backup by giving a password. The backup process starts, once you click on the done button after making all the selections.

Remember, if you are taking backup for the first time, it may take some time to complete. For me, it approximately took around 35 minutes to take backup of my 16 GB iPhone.

Once the backup process completes, you can see your iPhone displayed in the home screen where you can access the messages, photos, videos, music and other apps from your PC.

You can see the details of your Apple device and storage details in the home screen along with various other options that you can perform on your iPhone.

At the center of the home screen, you can find various options like Back Up, Quick Transfer, Restore a backup, transfer to another device, manage apps, update iOS, Restart or shutdown your iPhone and many more functions that can be performed on your iPhone.

iMazing home screen

Click on the desired option that you like to perform on your iPhone and a separate screen open for each option that you select.

I tried to move some files directly to my iPhone, so I selected the Quick Transfer option to move the files. Once the new window opens, you can drag and drop the files and folders that you like to move to your iPhone and then click the transfer button at the bottom.

iMazing quick transfer

After dragging and dropping the file there, you need to select the iPhone app that supports the target file and then click the transfer button. Then enter the name of the photo that you are transferring. It may take some time to transfer the file depending on the file size. For me, it took 30 secs to transfer a 50 Kb file.

iMazing quick transfer select app

You can also see all your iPhone apps in the home screen and access them just like you do on your iPhone. Select an app and it will display its contents on the right side of the screen.

So when I clicked on my Photos app, I could see all the photos displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also see some options at the bottom of the screen which allows you to export or import photos between your PC and iPhone.

iMazing photos

Similarly clicking on the message app will display all the messages on your iPhone. You have options to export them to your PC as a PDF file, text file, CSV file etc.

iMazing messages

Clicking on the Apps, you get to see all the third-party apps that you have installed on your iPhone. You can then select each of the apps individually and copy them to your PC.

iMazing app

So in this way, you can completely access and manage all your iPhone files and apps from your PC. You can select any app and copy its content and save it on your PC in an appropriate format.

Clicking the help button at the top allows provides options that allow you to contact their technical support team or access their knowledgebase to learn how to use the software.

iMazing help



How good are the reviews for the software?

Reviews on iMazing software were really excellent. Almost all the reviews that I came across on the internet has provided great ratings for the software. I could not find any negative reviews or low ratings for the software which enhances the trust factor of the software to a greater extent.

The user reviews were also great without any much negatives. I could find that almost 90% of the users have given 5 stars for the software which is really a rare scenario. So I would easily recommend this to any Apple users for managing their devices effectively.

Below are some of the positive reviews and comments from the users on the internet.

Keep iTunes around for buying or playing media files, but when it comes to managing iOS devices and transferring media files, it doesn’t get much better than iMazing” – Macworld

I have used several of these types of programs to manage my music, videos, movies, apps, pictures, back-ups. When Apple removed the Apps management from iTunes, it made it more difficult to manage all my media. Now with iMazing, i can manage all my media in ONE PLACE again! Thank you iMazing you truly have a great product!” – User


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

iMazing offers a trial version of the software for its users to try before buying it. But there are limitations in the trial version as you can transfer or copy only a limited number of files to or from your PC. So in order to remove the restriction and transfer unlimited files to your iPhone, you need to buy their licensed version.


System Requirement

Windows OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
MAC OS Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), EI Captain (10.11.x), Yosemite (10.10.x) and Mavericks (10.9.x)
iOS iOS 12.x to iOS 4.x
Apple Devices iPhone, iPad, iPod (All versions)

What is the price of iMazing?

The iMazing software is available for both the Windows and Mac PC. The software is also available in 3 different license packages and the users can choose the best one based on their requirements.

The 3 different license packages are Single, Universal and Family and their respective prices are $45.72, $50.94, and $71.38

While the Single license can be used on only one PC, the Universal and Family licenses can be used on 2 and 5 computers respectively.

There are no special offers available for iMazing at this time. Please visit this space to get updates on any new offers that might pop up in the future.

iMazing does not provide any money back guarantee for the software and you cannot claim any refund if you are satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and conclusion:

Thus iMazing is one of the best software for managing your iPhone and other Apple devices on your PC apart from Apples iTunes. With a simple user interface and good features, it is really simple and useful for any users to copy and transfer files to and from their iPhone to computers.

There is no need to sync your iPhone each time you make a transfer and you can directly copy the desired files without any restrictions. iMazing is simply cool and awesome.



6.7 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Easy backup and restore features
  • Directly copy files to your iPhone without syncing it every time
  • Simple user interface that is easy to use by any type of users
  • Can Access Your File on Iphone Without Cable
  • Many Positive Reviews from User
  • Free Trial Available
  • Transfer and backup process takes long time to complete
  • No Money Back Guarantee
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