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Awario is a powerful and effective social media monitoring tool that can help in gaining useful insights about the customer needs by constantly tracking and crawling the web to find what discussions are going on around your products.

With the growing technological needs, it is utmost important to instantly connect with your customers across all the online platforms to increase your brand awareness and sales. While it is difficult to manually monitor the vast internet to see where people talk about you or your product, a powerful tool like Awario can get rid of this problem.

As said earlier, Awario scans over 13 billion internet pages daily and finds any discussions or conversations that mention your business or any keywords related to your business. So you can engage in those discussions and promote your brand and products by offering effective solutions to the customer needs.

The tools also allow you to connect with powerful influencers and brand promoters on the internet who can market your business to a wider range of audience than you might do by yourself. The tools offers features that can effectively capture the latest trends happening around your business and allows you to implement them to gain more potential customers.



How simple is the installation of Awario?

Awario is an online platform like Salehoo and does not offer any desktop application that can be installed on your local PC. So there is no need for any installation process. All you need to do is just signup on their official website using your email address and create a login account. You can then log in using your credentials and start using the features offered by the software for monitoring the social media about your business.


What are the features and benefits offered by Awario?

By using Awario as a social media monitoring tool for your business, you are entitled to a number of unique features for capturing detailed insights about your customer and their needs. By effectively using the tool, you can enjoy a number of benefits in scaling your business to greater heights.


  • Awario monitors the entire web non-stop to find all the posts and discussions that mention any keyword related to your business in real time.
  • The software offers a powerful analytics tool that helps in tracking the reach of your business by accurately calculating the mentions about your business and categorizing them according to various factors.
  • Sentimental analysis feature can appropriately divide the mentions about your business into positive, negative and neutral mentions and allows you to prioritize the task accordingly.
  • The software can effectively track your mentions in any language around the world.
  • The software can effectively help in increasing your lead generation by gathering posts that complain about your competitors or post that ask for a recommendation on products identical to yours.
  • The software ensures in notifying all the discussions that involve your mention through email.
  • The software ensures in getting only the mentions that matters most to your business and omits or rejects any mentions that are of least importance to your business.
  • The Boolean search feature allows you to make changes in your search option and include the accurate keywords or terms that you wish the tools to search for on the internet.


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How simple is the interface of Awario?

The user interface of Awario is simple and easy to use but the presentation of information is more cluttered than you might think. Since there are only very less features, there is no complexity in finding them and utilizing them for increasing your business reach.

So now let’s discuss in detail about the various features and the interface of Awario and how to utilize it to increase your brand awareness and capture more leads and customers for your business.

As soon as you create your account and login to Awario for the first time, you need to create your first project by providing your business details for which you wish to capture the customer insights and engage with them instantly.

Provide your brand name which might be your business, company, or organization name. Then provide the product or service that you are selling and also a short description of it. Then mention your competitor's name who sell the same product or service like yours.


After creating your project, you will be taken to Awario dashboard where you view complete details about your mentions on the internet and how people perceive your product and many more details.

Your Awario interface can be divided into 4 segments namely dashboard, mentions, leads and report sections. Let’s see about each of these sections.


Here you can view a complete summary of all the information about your brand mentions on the internet and the topics related to your business that are being discussed currently.

In the mentions box, you can see the total number of mentions about your product or brand on the internet. The sentiment box displays the percentage of positive and negative mentions about your business. The reach box tells the total reach got by your business.

In the mentions box, you can see some of the mentions about your business on the internet and in other social networking sites. The countries box shows the countries in which your business is being discussed or talked about.

The languages box shows the different languages in which your brand or business has a mention. The sources box list the different sources where Awario finds mentions about your brand.



In this segment, you will see all the mentions about your brand and also mentions about your competitors brand.

To get maximum results, it is highly recommended that you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media accounts with Awario.

You can click on any of the conversations which have your brand mention to open it in the big screen and start your engagement on the post.

You can select or deselect any of the sources by clicking on it. Selecting a source will display all the post or discussions that have your brand mention in that source.




This is one of the most powerful features of the software as it can effectively crawl through the different post and identify those that were asking for suggestions or solutions to their needs. Awario can effectively identify those that can be a potential lead for your business.

You can click on any of the discussion and start engaging with them by providing a proper solution to their needs and thereby turning them into a potential lead for your business.



In this segment, you can find detailed statistics or report on all your mentions on the internet and detailed sentiment analysis of your brand.

Mention Statistics:

In the mention statistics section, you can find the total number of mentions about your brand or business, the total reach for your business, top countries in which your brand is being discussed, complete sentiment analysis of your brand which tells the percentage of positive, negative and neutral mentions about your brand.

It also lists the total number of mentions in different sources, the reach your business got in different sources, and the most influential users or authors in different sources for your brand.


Alert Comparison:

Just like the previous section where you saw mentions about only your brand, in this section, you can find a comparative analysis of yours and your competitors brand. You can find a detailed comparison of yours and your competitors brand for all the factors that you saw in the previous section like reach, mentions, countries, languages, etc.



Here, you can see the different influencers available for your business across the world. You can start connecting with them and promote your business and take your customer engagement or lead generation to the next level.



If you do not know how to utilize Awario to the full potential, then at anytime you can start chatting with their support person and they will be helping you instantly in utilizing all the features of Awario.

You can also navigate to their help center to learn how to use Awario for finding customer insights about your business. You can contact their support team by sending detailed information about the issue that you are facing by switching to their contact page.

Awario help



What is the word of mouth for the software?

While I used to analyze what others say about a product in all my reviews, it is very important for a product like Awario. Because we can measure the effectiveness of a product like this only by getting suggestions or feedback from those who have used it already for growing their business.

So after going through all the reviews and comments on the internet, I could firmly assure that Awario can help to grow your business or to take your brand to a much wider range of audience across the world. Almost all the reviewers have given more than 4.5 stars in their reviews.

Also, user comments were also great. Every user or businesses who have used Awario for studying the customer insights have heaped praises on the software.

Please find some of the testimonials that I came across on the internet.

Awario is a social media and web monitoring tool that lets professionals track mentions of their brand, monitor competitors, find sales opportunities, and discover niche influencers.” – GetApp

Awario is a great tool to discover who is talking about your brand, whether it's positive or negative with the sentiment indicator. By using this tool you are getting a great bird's eye view over your brand's public perception, as well as that of your competitors.” – User


What are the limitations in the free account?

Before purchasing or subscribing to any of their plans, you can signup for free and try using it for a limited period of time which is the major limitation of the free account. The free account is valid only for the first 7 days from creating your account. Also, you can create only one project in your free account. So if you like to have multiple projects, then subscribe to one of their plans.

Also, in the free account there is a limit on the number of searches Awario does to identify your brand mentions on the internet. It searches only up to 30 thousand mentions of your business.


System Requirement

There are no special requirements needed to use Awario. It is just an online platform and all you need is an active internet connection to start using Awario.


What is the cost of Awario?

Awario offers three different pricing plans for its users based on their business needs. They are Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

The starter plan is suitable for individuals and small sized businesses. The pro plan is for small and medium sized businesses. The enterprise plan is for large organizations and brands for monitoring their multiple products and their competitors.

While the price of the starter plan is $29 per month, the price of the pro and enterprise plans are $89 and $299 per month respectively.

The comparison between all the three products and the features they offer can be found from the screenshot below.


There is no specified money back guarantee for the product. You may or may not get your refund after you cancel your subscription.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thus Awario as a social monitoring software for your business can effectively monitor the web and other social media sites about your brand or product you sell. The powerful tools can promptly notify you every time when there is a discussion taking place about your product and engage with the customers instantly.

Awario is really worth your money if you like to grow your business by studying the customer needs and capture more leads.



8.8 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • The sentiment analysis tool can effectively categorize the mentions into positive and negative and prioritize them for us
  • Awario can instantly identify post or discussions that have the potential to generate a possible lead for our product
  • Awario can collect information about your product mentions even if they are in a different language other than English
  • Free Trial Available
  • Awario can introduce you to influencer for your niche
  • Awario can help you to engage with customer instantly
  • The price of the plans is little bit high
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