Fotor – A Powerful Photo Editor, I’ve Buy The Pro Version

Fotor is a powerful photo editor and design maker software which you can make use of to edit your photos and give a new life to them. While professional designers make use of Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and images, Fotor can be used by an average person without any technical knowledge to create attractive photos and designs.

Apart from editing your photos and images, you can also design invitation cards, birthday cards, pamphlets, and posters by making use of the templates offered by Fotor. Make use of the design tools to customize the templates to match your needs.

Fotor offers thousands of effects, fonts, and shapes that can be added to your photos and give a new look to them. You can also add multiple images to create a photo collage of your old memories.

Fotor can be used both as an online photo editor and also as a desktop application. So you can either download and install it in your PC or log on to your account and edit photos online.



How simple is the installation process?

As said earlier, Fotor is available both as an online editor and as a desktop application. While for using the online editor, you just need to have a working internet connection and login to your account to start editing your photos.

The installation of the desktop application is also very simple. You just need to accept their terms and conditions and choose a location in your PC to install the software. The installation process takes only a very few seconds to complete. Once the installation completes, you can start using the software editing your photos.


What features does Fotor offer to its users?

Fotor offers several features and tools that help in editing your photos like a professional photo editor. The tools and features that the software offers are very simple and easy to use even by a novice user. So below are some of the features and tools that the software offers for editing your photos.

  • Fotor offers a powerful photo editor feature that allows you to adjust the color, size, brightness and other features of an image to suit your needs in an easy
  • Fotor offers an HDR feature that can enhance the images by using different levels of light exposure.
  • The beauty touchup feature can increase your beauty in your photos by editing your eyes, eyebrows, and adding textures and exposure to your face.
  • Fotor offers a large number of amazing effects which when added to your photos can give a magical touch to them.
  • Fotor offers several shapes that can be added to your design and photos.
  • Fotor offers hundreds of fonts for the text you add in your design. You can choose a font that matches your design and make them more attractive.
  • You can find an array of stickers which can be added to your designs and photos to give a new look to them.
  • The photo collage feature allows you to create a story or memory out of your photos.


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How simple is the user interface of Fotor?

Though the user interface of Fotor is simple, it seems to be a little bit difficult to use at the first sight. But once you start using it frequently for editing your photos and creating photo collage, you get accustomed with it and it looks simple and easy.

Though Fotor is available both as an online editor and as a desktop application, this review is made using the Fotor online editor. Both the platform offers almost the same set of features. But you can access the templates only in the online editor and not in the desktop application.

After logging on to your account, you can see three different buttons at the center namely edit, collage, and design. You can start editing your photos by selecting the edit option. For creating a photo collage, you need to select the collage option and for designing a birthday card or invitation from the templates, select the design option.



After switching over to the edit screen, you can start adding the photos that you wish to edit by clicking the open button or the import button.


After opening a photo, you can start editing it by making use of the different tools present at the side. There are 7 different tools and let’s see what these seven tools does.


Under the basic tools, you can find some of the basic editing tools like crop, rotate, resize, color etc.

1-Tap enhance will enhance your photo with just one click.

Using the magic clipper, you can remove or retain areas in your photo by using the brush. You can use the slider to increase the brush size.

After making the changes, click on the preview button to preview the changes and apply button to save the changes.


Crop allows you to crop your photo.

Rotate allows you to rotate the image. You can use the straighten slider to tilt the image in any direction you like.

Using the basic tool, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the image.

The fine tool allows you to adjust the exposure, highlights, and shadows of the photo.

The color tool allows you to adjust the color of the photo.

Vignette allows you to adjust the intensity of the vignette effect to the photo.


Using the curve tool, you can change the color contrast and sharpness of the image by moving the curve.


Resize can be used to change the size of your photo.


Under this effect tool, you can find different categories of effects that can be added to your photo to make it look more attractive.


Each of these effects further contains some 10 to 20 varieties and you can choose the one that best matches your photo. After selecting the effect, make use of the intensity slider to add or lessen the effect in the photo.



You can make use of the different features present under this beauty tool to give a touch up to your selfies and individual snaps and increase your beauty. Most of the times, certain marks or wounds can spoil the look of your face in a photo which would otherwise be very great. So using these tools you can remove such marks and make your face look more nice and great.

Blemish Fix can help in removing the marks and other burns in your face and make you look more beautiful.

Wrinkle remover can remove the wrinkles present in your face and make you look younger than ever.

Weight lost tool can help you make look thinner.

Reshape tool can be used to reshape any part of your body in the photo to look more good.


The 7 different Eyes tools allow you to adjust or correct your eyes and eyebrows and remove any marks if present and thereby make your eyes more attractive in the photo.


Mouth tools like lip tint and Teeth whitening make your lips and teeth look more beautiful by removing any shades or strains present there.



You can make use of this tool to add a frame to your photo. There are different categories of frames and each one further consists of several frames from which you can choose the one which you like the most.



This tool allows you to add a sticker or a shape or another image to the photo that you are editing.

Fotor offers different categories of sticker and shapes to be added in the photo. Each of these categories further contains different stickers. You can browse them by clicking on each of the categories. You can also use the search box to search for any sticker in specific.



This tool allows you to add flexible text into your photos that can be tilted to any directions. You can use text settings at the top to change the font, text color, size etc. You can adjust the size of the text box by dragging the four corners and use the tilt button at the top center to tilt the box.


Click the snapshot button to take a snapshot of the edited photo. And click original to discard all the changes that you made to the photo and bring back the original photo.

So, once you are done editing the photo, you can now save it to your PC or share it in your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. by clicking the save or share button respectively.


To save and download your photo to your PC, provide a name for the photo, select the image type that you wish to download and the quality of the image.



Collage feature allows you to create a photo collage of your old photos to create a story or a memory.

To start with, click ‘Create New Work’ at the side or select a collage template at the center of the screen. There are 3 different collage templates available namely Classic, Artistic, and Funky. The 4th collage is photo snitching where you can just add photo multiple photos separated by borders.


After selecting a collage template, select the border size and the frame size of each photo in the collage. Also, choose the background color and texture for the photo collage.

Then make use of the sticker, text and background tools to add a sticker, text or background color to the photo collage similar to how we did in the edit section.


After creating your photo collage, you can save it to your PC or share it in your social networking sites which were explained in the earlier part of the review.


In this section, you can design a birthday card, wedding invitation, Facebook post, banners, and pamphlets by making use of the available templates.

Fotor offers a number of templates under different categories. You can search for a template either by browsing through the categories or by using the search box.


After selecting the template, you will be switched over to the photo editor area where you can edit and customize the template to match your needs.

You can select each and every part of the template separately and edit them.

Again similar to the earlier sections, you can make use of the sticker, text and background tools to add a sticker, text and background images to your design and make it look elegant and attractive.

After finishing your design, you can save it to your local PC or share it on your social networking sites like explained earlier.



If you have difficulties in using the editor, then you can make use of the tutorials and learn how to use the software to edit your photos. You can access the tutorials by navigating through the settings button present at the bottom.

For any technical assistance on any issues that you face with the software, you can contact their support team through email or access their online knowledgebase by clicking the Help center button at the bottom.




What is the word of mouth for the software?

The reviews for Fotor on the internet is good and positive. Though it is not rated as the best software, most of the reviewers have given the software a very good rating. The smart filters and effects offered by Fotor were unanimously praised by almost all the reviewers.

The user comments were also mostly positive for the software. Except a very few users, everyone else has only good word of mouth about the software. A very few users have complained that the software causes adware to run in their PC. No matter, you can try using their free version and once if you feel it is worth your time, then go ahead and buy it.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials for the software on the internet.

If you have a collection of photos that need a little extra polish, Fotor's one-click filters are the easiest way to make them look their best. It's no full-fat Photoshop replacement, but it's very easy to use and it's free.” – TechRadar

Fotor offers many state-of-the-art features that allow us to manipulate photos both professionally and artistically. Awesome! Make me create professional-looking photos!” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

In the trial version of Fotor, you get access to almost all the features that are present in the PRO version of the software. But there are certain limitations in the trial version and they are you will be getting a big watermark in all the output photos and you will be surrounded by a number of ads in the editor window which is really annoying while editing the photos.


System Requirement

Fotor is available both as a desktop application and as an online editor. For using Fotor online editor, you just need an active internet connection. But for the desktop application, you need to have the bellows system requirements.

Windows Requirements
OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 3 GB
Required Processor 1 GHz


What is the price of Fotor Pro?

The price for Fotor Pro is not a one-time fee and it is available only as a subscription plan. There are two subscription plans namely monthly and annually.

While the price of the monthly subscription is $8.99, the price of annual subscription is $39.99 ($3.33 / month).

At present, there are no special offers available for Fotor. Please have an eye on this space to know about any offer if pops up in the future.

Fotor does not provide any information about the money back guarantee policy on their website.


Verdict and conclusion:

Overall, Fotor can be a good photo editor tool for editing your photos and giving a new makeover to them which is normally done using a complicated photoshop software. Apart from editing photos, you can also create a photo collage of your memorable photos and design poster, banners and function cards using a wide category of templates available.

So Fotor is for those who do not have good technical knowledge but like to edit their photos and make them look like professionally edited photos.



9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Offers a large number of effects and filters that brings a magical touch to the photos
  • Offers a wide category of templates which you can use to customize your own design
  • Beauty touchup feature can add more beauty to your face in your photos by making minute corrections in your face
  • Free Trial Available
  • The presence of ads while editing is really annoying ( On Trial Version not The Paid one )
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