Advanced System Repair PRO – Identify and Fix the Issues In Your PC

Advanced System Repair PRO is a system utility software which is primarily designed to provide repair solution to your old system. The software can effectively scan, analyze, repair and resolve all the issues and problem that persist in your PC and thereby help in restoring the system performance back to normal.

The software ensures in increasing the speed of the system performance and frees up more space by cleaning all the registries and deleting the unwanted entries. The software also tries to enhance the performance of your browser by deleting the caches and unwanted files and cookies.

Apart from tuning and cleaning your PC, the software also tries to identify and remove any malware or unwanted programs present in your system. So, with Advanced System Repair, you can easily clean your PC and bring the performance of the system back to its initial days with very little effort.

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How simple is the installation of Advanced System Repair in your PC?

The installation of Advanced System Repair software is very simple and can be completed with a couple of clicks. You just need to open the setup file and accept their terms and conditions and click on the install button to start the installation.

The installation process takes only a few seconds to complete. Once the installation completes, you can start using the software for scanning and finding any issues present in your PC.


What are the features offered by the software?

Advanced System Repair offers some good and worthy features that helps you in cleaning and tuning your PC and thereby enhancing the system performance. All these features coupled together can free up more storage and optimize your PC and increase the speed of your system. Let’s take a look at the features the software offers.

  • The software scan feature can thoroughly scan and analyze your entire PC and fix any issues that degrade the performance of your system.
  • You can free up more storage and increase the speed of your PC with one-click.
  • The software can easily identify and disable the application which is running in the background and draining your system performance.
  • The software can also scan your PC for any malware and external threats like Trojan, Spyware etc.
  • The software’s System Tweak or Optimizer feature can completely analyze your system settings and adjust them to enhance the performance of your system.
  • The disk defragmentation feature can organize and assemble the fragmented files efficiently and thereby increase the system speed.
  • Advanced system repair pro helps in cleaning the unwanted junk files from your PC which can ultimately lead to a long lasting life for your PC.
  • The privacy cleaner feature can help in cleaning your browsing history and other sensitive data and thereby keeping your safe and secure.
  • The software offers registry cleaning features which scan and cleans the files cluttered in your system registry which can sometimes cause your system to crash.


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How simple is the user interface of Advanced System Repair PRO?

The user interface of Advanced System Repair PRO is very simple, neat and easy to use without any complexity. All the features that were mentioned earlier are incorporated along with the scanning feature. So you can just check or uncheck them to include in your scanning.

As the software promises a one-click maintenance of your PC, you just need to click on the Scan button to repair and fix the issues present in your PC. There is only one screen in the application and that is the home screen and so there is no need to navigate deeper to access the settings and other features of the software. There are 3 other tabs namely menu, statistics and support tab which will be discussed briefly in the below section.

Home Screen:

In the home screen, the status of your system is displayed and the last date and time when the scan is performed in your PC. You can also turn on / off the Real-time protection and Realtime system care by using respective slider present under the System Status.

You can find the various features offered by the software under the PC scan options and you can include or reject them by checking or unchecking the respective features.

Malware Cleaner scans your PC to find for any malware or potentially unwanted programs and eliminate them from your PC.

System / Registry cleaner will clean the files cluttered in your system registry.

Security Holes will scan and identify any security breaches present in your PC and fix them.

Startup Optimizer can thoroughly scan and analyze your system startup settings and can improve and optimize your Windows Startup.

Disk Defragmenter can organize and assemble the files fragmented in your PC hard drive and enhance your system performance.

Privacy cleaner will scan and erase your browsing history and other sensitive information from your browsers and thereby maintain your privacy.

System Optimizer will scan your PC to find any issues and repair them and thereby increasing the speed and performance of your PC.

Junk / Clutter cleaner can identify and clean all the junk files clutter in your PC and thereby free up more space.

Driver Update will scan all the PC drivers and update them with the latest releases.

Repair corrupted files can repair and fix those files that are corrupted and cannot be used.

So depend on your need, you can either include or omit any of the above-mentioned features in your system scan.

Click on the big Scan button present at the center of the home screen to start scanning your PC to find any issues and malware and clean them.

Advanced System Repair home screen

The scan took me nearly 15 minutes to complete scanning my entire PC. The scan results will be displayed once the scan completes where you can see the issues present in your PC and how to fix them.

You can either fix them individually by clicking on the action item present at the side of each issue or fix the entire issues by clicking on ‘Fix, Clean and Optimize Now’ button present at the bottom.

Advanced System Repair scan results

The software was able to detect malware and several issues in my PC and was able to free up nearly 888 MB hard drive space. Once you click the Fix button, it may take some time to complete repairing and fixing all the issues. For me, it took nearly 20 minutes to completely fix all the issues.

I could experience a slight improvement in the performance of my PC after fixing all the issues.

To access the settings of the advanced system repair, you need to click on the Menu button at the top of the screen. Let’s see the different settings present under the Menu.


Here you can see and control the basic settings of the software like running the software at windows startup, enabling notifications once the scan completes, close the application after fixing the errors, send anonymous information to improve the service etc.

Advanced System Repair menu general

Scanner Settings:

Here you can access the settings pertaining to malware scanning. You can also adjust the level of malware scanning you would like to perform on your PC using the Scan level sensitivity slider.

Advanced System Repair menu scanner settings

Manage Quarantine:

Here, you can find the list of threats that were previously detected and removed from your system. You can either delete them or restore them back to your PC.

Advanced System Repair menu quarantine


Here you can access the settings that allow you to manage the startup programs, uninstall applications present in your PC and extensions installed in your IE browser.

Advanced System Repair menu tools

License and Technical Support:

These two tabs show your license information and open the technical support page respectively.


The statistics page displays the complete statistics of all the actions taken by the software in repairing your PC and improving the system performance.

Advanced System Repair statistics


If you have any doubt or face any issue with Advanced system repair pro, then you can either contact their support team through chat or access their online knowledgebase to find a solution for your issue. All these can be done by making use of the options available under the Support screen.

Advanced System Repair support



What is the word of mouth for the software?

Unlike other commercial PC software applications, I could not come across or find any valid reviews for Advanced System Repair PRO on the internet. The main reason for this may be the software is not popular or it has been launched only in the recent times. If that is the case, then obviously it might take some time to find genuine reviews for the software.

But to my surprise, I could find a number of user comments on a site called Trustpilot. Almost all the user comments were positive. Based on the user comments, the site has rated the software as excellent. But since I could not find any reviews or user comments on other sites, I recommend you to try using the trial version and then upgrade to the Full version if you like it.

Please find below some of the positive user comments that I found about the software.

Its really amazing software compare to all windows software. I have just used 6 months have got 100 % result. I am using windows 10 having more issues with the system even I have tried many software but not get a satisfactory result but once I have purchased this one then after have solved small small miscellaneous files , junk file, registry, each and every solutions by my own eyes. you can see by your eyes.” – User

Extremely fast and efficient. Not complicated at all to understand. The program does it all for you. I highly recommend.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

There is a trial version of the software available for a free download. With the trial version, you can only scan your PC and get to know the issues present in it but cannot repair and fix them. So, to repair and fix the issues identified by the scan, you need to upgrade to their PRO version.


Tolly Test Lab report for Advanced System Repair PRO:

You can find the test report of Advanced System Repair PRO conducted by Tolly Lab. The software has increased the application performance by 41%, System Boot time by 38% in the Windows systems.

Advanced System Repair tolly lab result1

The below graph displays the improvement observed in the Windows System Application and System Boot and Application startup time during the lab testing.

Advanced System Repair tolly lab result2


System Requirement

The only requirements for installing the software in your PC is you must have any one of the below mentioned Windows Operating System

Windows Requirements
OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP


What is the price of Advanced System Repair PRO?

The software is available at three different prices depending on the number of PC’s you choose and combined with the privacy controls.

The price of Advanced System Repair PRO is $29.95 for 1 PC for 6 months. So, you need to renew the subscription after 6 months which seems to be a big disadvantage.

The second subscription is priced at $39.95 which includes the license for 1 PC along with Privacy controls for 6 months.

The price of the third subscription is $49.95 for Unlimited PC’s along with Privacy Controls for 6 months.

The website provides a limited offer of 20% for all the subscriptions for a short period of time. So try to grab the offer if you really wish to buy the software.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee available for the software which allows you to claim your full money back if you are not satisfied with the software performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

As promised Advanced System Repair PRO tries to optimize and improve the performance of your system with just one-click. The software effectively detects, repairs and eliminates all the issues, malware and other unwanted junk files that try to degrade the system performance and harm your PC. So, with Advanced System Repair PRO you can have a clean PC that runs effectively without any performance slowdown.




8.8 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Malware scanning that effectively identifies the malware and other potentially harmful programs
  • One-click maintenance that scans and repairs your system with just a click
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • The subscription is only for 6 months which is annoying
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  1. Don’t know if you are the seller of this product or not. I would like to cancel this Subscription Order#:12094201000160385 or this #0113337221206216. If not my bank will cancel

  2. My mouse still isn’t working!!! Now I can’t stop future payment for something I can’t use, I only bought so I could fix my USB not working!!! Please let me know how to stop this program so it doesn’t charge me for another time. Thank You Brenda

  3. I’ve been a ASRPro including driver updates. I realize the license/key is for one computer, my issue multiple users on my computer can’t run ASR without the license/key. Why is that? Also, when I try to enter the key I get a “key not valid” error. I’ve experienced this problem for all my user accounts:

    When I try to enter all three (3) of my license/key from a “user” account none of my three work. I always get the license/key is not valid. I’ve tried each key with no spaces or dashes, I’ve tried with a “dash -” between the four four char groups, I’ve tried with a “space xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx” and none of them work. I only have one computer and generally use the “user” account for security reasons.
    Appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    from a satisficed (90%) customer.

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