Advanced System Optimizer – Full Review, Pros Cons & Secret Coupon Trick

Advanced System Optimizer from SysTweak is a Windows PC optimizer software that can help in cleaning your PC and optimizing it to exhibit a better performance. It is normal that the performance of your PC degrades as it gets older day by day. You can easily feel the slowdown in the performance of your PC over a period of time.

So a good optimizer software like Advanced Windows Optimizer can clean the Windows registries and remove the temporary files and other unwanted files present in your PC and thereby free up more space and make your PC to load more faster than usual.

Apart from cleaning your PC, the software can also help in protecting your PC and data present in it from various type of external threats and other potentially unwanted programs. The software also ensures in checking for driver updates frequently and helps in keeping all your drivers up-to-date.

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How simple is the installation process?

The installation of Advanced System Optimizer is very simple and can be completed in just a couple of steps. After opening the setup file, you need to accept their terms and condition and click the install button to start the installation process. Once the installation completes, you can start using the software to clean your PC and optimize it.


What are the features does the software offers its users?

Advanced System Optimizer software apart from cleaning and optimizing your PC for better performance, can also provide additional features that can help in protecting your PC from cyber attacks and system crashes due to software failure. Let’s take a look at the features the software offers its users.

  • The system cleaner feature can help in removing all the junk and unwanted clutter files from your PC and free up more space which in turn can enhance its performance.
  • The disk optimizer feature can help in defragmenting your hard drive and helps in faster loading of the files and avoid system failure and software crashes.
  • The registry cleaner and optimizer feature can help in cleaning the junk files present in the windows registry and optimize it for a smooth PC performance.
  • The game optimizer feature can provide a seamless gaming performance for you while playing games by avoiding all the distractions like drive update, instant messaging notifications, and advertisements that you normally get.
  • Driver update feature ensures in keeping all the drivers present in your PC up-to-date by frequently checking for updates and installing them at the right time.
  • The system protector can help in protecting your PC from various types of malware, virus, Trojans and other potentially unwanted programs by constantly monitoring all the activities taking place in your PC.
  • The privacy protector feature help in protecting and safeguarding your privacy by deleting your internet browsing history and other traces of hidden files present in your browser.
  • Secure encryptor feature allows you to secure your sensitive files by providing passwords which cannot be viewed by others.
  • The backup and restore feature helps in backing up the important files periodically and restoring them back to normal in case of any mishap or system failure.
  • The undelete feature can help in recovering the files that were deleted accidentally.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

Advanced System Optimizer comes with a simple and easy user interface that lets you to use all the features without any difficulties. The entire interface of the software is divided into 9 sections and each one contains a different set of features that the software offers. The below guide will let you know how where and how to use the different tools provided by the software.


The home screen displays the status of your system on three important categories namely security, cleaning, and optimizing. It also provides options to start a scan to find all the issues and optimize them to enhance the PC performance.

Advanced system optimizer provides three different scan types namely quick, deep and custom scan. You can choose the type and click on the ‘Start Smart PC care’ to start scanning your PC to find and fix the problems present in it.

Advanced System Optimizer home

Smart PC Care:

Here you can customize your scan by selecting the various issues and parameters that you would like to include in your scan. After selecting the items, you can start the scan by clicking the ‘Start Scan’ button.

You can also schedule a Smart PC care scan to run automatically on a specified date and time without any user intervention. Click on the Schedule – Smart PC care to schedule a scan.

Advanced System Optimizer Smart Care Scan

Once the scan completes, you can view the list of issues identified and that can be corrected to improve the PC performance. Now, you need to click on the optimize button to optimize and fix all the identified issues present in your PC.

Advanced System Optimizer optimize PC

Registry Optimizers:

Here you can find the registry cleaner and registry optimizer tools.

Registry cleaner will scan your Windows registry and cleans it by removing all the clutters and junk files and invalid entries present in it. Click the start scan now button to start scanning the system registry and check the results and clean it.

Advanced System Optimizer Registry Cleaner

Registry optimizer tool can help in optimizing and defragmenting your windows registry by thoroughly scanning it and thereby improving the system performance. Once the scan completes, check the results and restart the system to finish optimizing the Windows registry.

Advanced System Optimizer Registry Optimizer

Disk Cleaners and Optimizers:

Tools like system cleaner, disk optimizer, disk tools, and disk explorer can be found under this section.

System cleaner tool can scan your PC to find and remove all the unwanted clutter and junk files and thereby free up more resources and hard disk space. This can ultimately lead to the smooth functioning of your PC. Click the center button to start scanning your PC to remove unwanted files.

Advanced System Optimizer System Cleaner

Disk optimizer tool can help in defragmenting your hard disk and resolve the fragmentation issues which can ultimately increase the data access time and boost up the system performance. Select the hard drive that you like to defragment and click the scan button at the center.

Advanced System Optimizer Disk Optimizer

Disk doctor tool will try to find if any issues are present in the disk drive and try to fix them. Select the hard drive that you like to test and then click the scan button.

Advanced System Optimizer Disk Doctor

Disk explorer tool tries to run a full scan on your selected disk and provides a detailed overview of all the files and folders present in your disk and the corresponding space occupied by them.

Advanced System Optimizer Disk explorer

Windows Optimizer:

This section contains tools like Game optimizer, Memory optimizer, and Driver Updater.

Game optimizer tries to provide a virtual desktop that is free from advertisements and other disturbances which can take your gaming experience to the next level. It also tries to allocate more CPU resources to your gaming by reducing the resources to the other processes. Select a game that you like and start playing.

Advanced System Optimizer Game Optimizer

Memory optimizer can optimize the system's memory by freeing up the allocated memory space and thereby enhancing the systems application performance. Click the Optimize button at the bottom to start optimizing the system memory.

Advanced System Optimizer Memory Optimizer

Driver updater tool starts scanning the drivers present in your PC and tries to update the drivers for which new updates are available. Keeping the drivers up-to-date can avoid software crashes and system failure. Start scanning for outdated drivers by clicking the scan button at the center.

Advanced System Optimizer Driver Updater

Security and Privacy:

This section provides tools that can protect your system and your privacy from external sources.

System Protector is more like your antivirus software that can protect your PC against various types of malware, virus, Trojans, and other potentially unwanted programs that can harm your PC. The tool completely scans your PC and detects any malware or harmful programs that are present in your PC and render them harmless by moving them to the quarantine folder.

Advanced System Optimizer System Protector

The Privacy Protector tool can help in deleting all your internet browsing histories and other traces of your private browsing which can be used by the cybercriminals to hack your personal and confidential data. Click the privacy scan button to start scanning your internet browser and delete the browsing history.

Advanced System Optimizer Privacy Protector

Secure delete tool allows you to securely and permanently delete the sensitive and confidential files without leaving behind any traces that can be exploited by the cybercriminals to recover them. Click the select files button to start selecting the files that you wish to delete permanently from your system.

Advanced System Optimizer Secure delete

Secure encryptor tool helps in protecting your confidential files from being accessed by others by providing a password for the file. Click the select files button at the center to start selecting the files that you wish to encrypt and protect.

Advanced System Optimizer Secure Encryptor

Backup and Recovery:

This section of the software contains tools for taking backup and restoring the files.

The undelete tool can help in recovering the files that were deleted accidentally. Select the hard drive in which the deleted file that you wish to recover was present and start scanning it. Then select the deleted files that you wish to recover and complete the process.

Advanced System Optimizer Undelete

Backup Manager tool manages all the files and folder backups taken and provides an option for taking new backups. You can also restore your files back to normal by making use of the backups taken earlier. You can also schedule a new backup job by using the schedule backup button.

Advanced System Optimizer Backup Manager

System backup allows you to take a complete backup of your entire system. You can then use these backups to restore back your system to a normal state in case of any Windows failure. Click the take backup now button at the center to start taking backup of your system.

Advanced System Optimizer System Backup

Common Problem Fixer:

This section contains tools that can help in fixing the major issues present in your PC.

PC fixer tool helps in scanning and finding various issues present in your PC and fixes them to improve the performance of your PC to an optimum level. Click the button at the center to list all the issues present in your PC and fix them.

Advanced System Optimizer PC fixer

System and security advisor tool can help in improving the performance and security of your system by thoroughly scanning all the system settings and fine-tuning them to optimize the performance. Click the performance scan and security scan button to start running a performance and security scan respectively.

Advanced System Optimizer System and Security Advisor

Duplicate file remover can help in identifying and removing the duplicates files that are not needed and can free up the space occupied by those files. Select the location in which you would like to search for the duplicate files and then start the search process.

Advanced System Optimizer Duplicate Files

Regular Maintenance:

This section contains some tools that are important for the regular maintenance of the system.

The startup manager allows you to manage all the applications and programs that run during the windows startup and enables you to remove the unwanted program to increase the boot time. Click the button at the center to view the list of programs that run during the windows startup.

Advanced System Optimizer Startup Manager

The uninstall manager allows you to completely remove or uninstall the programs that are not being used and thereby free up more space. Click the button at the center to view the list of all the software installed in your system.

Advanced System Optimizer Uninstaller


For any help with the issues you face with the Advanced System Optimizer, you can either access their FAQ to find a solution or contact their support team by submitting a ticket online. This can be accessed by clicking the online help button present under the Help menu at the top right corner.

Advanced System Optimizer Help



Advanced System Optimizer Testimonial

The word of mouth about Advanced System Optimizer on the internet is totally mixed as you can find an equal number of positive and negative reviews for the software. While some reviews have rated it as a decent software for optimizing your PC, an equal number of reviews have raised concerns over the performance of the software and rated it as their least performing software in that category.

The user comments were also mixed, while many users felt comfortable using the software for enhancing their PC performance, an equal number of users have expressed displeasure in using it for optimizing their PC.

Please find some of the positive and negative testimonials about the software that you can find on the internet.

Advanced System Optimizer is our best registry repair software. And we highly recommend and should be of great use for experts and amateurs alike.” – 5 Best Things

Advanced System Optimizer had the lowest performance improvement of any product in our review, but it's loaded with advanced tools and convenience features, and it's one of the easiest apps to use.” – Top Ten Reviews

All over the best tool that one can have for their PC. The registry cleaner, customized screen settings, undelete function, real-time protection against virus, auto-updated drivers, real-time encryption options like configuration makes it highly commendable and may more other necessary features which one couldn't find easily.” – User


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

Advanced System Optimizer offers a free version for its users to try before making a purchase. The trial version does have certain limitations in the features it offers to its users. In the trial version, you can run the Smart PC care scan only once and after that, you need to buy their full version to continue using it.

Similarly, in the trial version, you can access its other features like Backup and restore, undelete, Secure delete, Secure encryptor etc. You can only run a system scan to optimize your PC for a single time in the free version.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 50 MB
Required Processor Intel Premium 3.500 MHz


What is the price of the software?

Advanced System Optimizer is available only for the Windows PC and it comes only in a single version. The developers do not offer multiple license type for the software.

The price of Advanced System Optimizer is $39.95 per annum which means you need to renew the license after one year. There is no lifetime license available for the software.

Though there are no offers available on the official website, there is a trick which you can try to get 50% discount on the price. Once you try to close the window after visiting their checkout page, a pop up comes which offers a 50% discount for the software if you choose to stay.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for the software. So you can claim for a full refund within 60 days from purchasing it if you are not satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Advanced System Optimizer was able to exhibit some decent performance in optimizing the PC and enhancing its performance to some levels. The software was able to free up some good amount of memory by identifying and deleting the unwanted clutter files that were present in the system registry. So the software can be a good deal for your money considering the wide array of features it offers.



8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • A wide array of features like secure delete, undelete, backup apart from the core optimization features
  • One-click maintenance and optimization of your entire PC
  • System Protector that is capable of identifying a large number of threats and blocking them
  • Free Trial Available
  • Could not feel the improvements in the performance of the PC
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