Dashlane Premium Review – Securely Store Your Passwords & Stop Forgetting Them

In today’s digital world, where we use a password for almost every website and platforms to secure our personal and sensitive information, it is becoming very difficult to remember all our passwords. So it is very much critical and helpful to have software that can manage all our passwords and personal information in a secure manner.

Dashlane is one such password manager that can help in storing all different passwords that you use for different accounts and manage them from one place. The software uses the best encryption method to securely store all your passwords. The software also allows you to change the passwords from the desktop application itself without having to log on to the corresponding website to change them.

Apart from storing the passwords, Dashlane password manager also stores your personal and sensitive information and tries to auto-fill them wherever necessary. The software can be synced with all your devices irrespective of the platform in which they run and import all the password credentials from those devices.

So with this software, you no longer need to remember the strong passwords that you use for different accounts and banking transactions.

I've Buy Dashlane Premium and Here is My Honest Review



How simple is the installation process?

The installation of Dashlane in your PC is very simple and easy and can be started with just a click. You just need to open the setup file and click the install button to start the installation process.

But the time the software takes to complete the installation is unusually long which seems to be a big concern. In my PC, it took approximately 35 minutes to complete, a very rare scenario which I never experienced with any software in the past.


What are the features and benefits do Dashlane offers its users?

Dashlane offers some really good features that help in saving all your passwords and personal information in a highly secure way. Using Dashlane password manager, the users get to enjoy a number of benefits some of which are listed below.

  • The password storage and autofill feature can help in storing all the different password that you use for different accounts and auto-fill them correctly and quickly.
  • The password generator can successfully create and store a strong and complex password with just a click by making use of the built-in password generator.
  • You can make use of the secure notes and documents to store your banking and other confidential information securely by using the best encryption method.
  • The identity dashboard can analyze your online privacy by using some important metrics and indicate how secure you are in the online world.
  • Dark Web monitoring feature will frequently scan the dark web for any of your stolen information and alerts you if it finds them anywhere else on the internet.
  • Dashlane protects your personal information and privacy by encrypting your online activity across an unknown WiFi connection.
  • You can sync Dashlane with all your devices that run on different platforms.
  • The secure sharing feature allows you to share your account credentials with your close friends or relative without exposing your password. You can also revoke the access at any point of time.


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How simple is the user interface of Dashlane?

With a simple user interface, you can easily manage and access all the features of Dashlane in an effective manner. The entire application is divided into three main categories namely Vault, Security, and Contact and each one giving access to the features related to that category.

Let’s now discuss each of these features and how to use the software to manage your different passwords.



Under this section, you can find features related to managing your password, personal and other confidential information.


Here, you can see a complete list of passwords that were saved in your browsers. The software automatically syncs all the new password that you save in your browser.


You can now double-click on the passwords to see the complete detail about the password. You can see the website name, email that you have used, password of your account etc. You can click on the password history at the bottom to see the history of passwords that you have used in this account. You can also delete the password by clicking the delete button.

You can also share the account credentials to others by clicking the share button and providing the recipient email address to whom you like to share.


Password Changer allows you to change the weaker password from Dashlane itself without browsing to the corresponding website. When clicked, Dashlane displays the passwords that are weak and extremely unsafe.


You can also add a new password by clicking the new button at the top. Click on the Website URL, Login name, password and the category and then click ok to add the password in your Dashlane.


Secure Notes:

In this part of the software, you can add any confidential information like your bank password, wifi password or any other information that you wish to keep secure and confidential.

To create a new secure note, click on the Add new button and select the type of confidential information that you like to secure.


Depending on the type of confidential information you choose, corresponding fields will be displayed which you need to enter and provide a password to encrypt the information.

While a Finance note will have fields like account number, swift code, account name, a software license will have fields like version, license key, registered email.

You can also attach any files if you have by clicking the attach files button.


Personal Info:

Under this space, you can enter your personal information and allow the software to auto-fill them whenever you are online.



Under this section, you can add and save your online payment information and auto-fill them in all the online payment gateways for a more quicker checkout. You can add all your digital wallets like a credit/debit card, bank account, PayPal account.


Click on the Add new and select the digital wallet that you like to add. Now enter all the information related to the payment wallet and click on the ok button.



Here you can have a digital copy of all your Identity Cards by entering the corresponding details. The software notifies you 6 months before the ID card expires so that you can renew them on time without fail.

Click on the Add New button and select the ID card that you like to add. Now enter the ID card details and click ok to save them.



You can save all the payment receipts, purchase receipts and Invoice copies of all you digital orders here.

Add a new receipt by clicking the Add new button and enter the receipt details.




This section offers features that analyze and protect your security by checking for your password health and your personal information anywhere in the online world.

Identity Dashboard:

Here, you can get to know about any security breaches that have happened to your personal information or password stored in your Dashlane. You can also click on the Start Scan button to search if any of your personal information is leaked or stolen and present in places where it should not be.


Password Health:

The software analyses the health of all your passwords and provides an overall score. Based on the password health, it categorizes the passwords stored in your Dashlane into 4 main categories namely Compromised, Reused, Weak, and Excluded. Click on each of these categories to see the list of password present under the category.




This section offers features for sharing your passwords and other sensitive information stored in Dashlane with other people or contacts.

Sharing Center:

In this section, you can share any password or secure notes or payment information stored in Dashlane with any contact you like.

Click on the Add New button to start sharing a information with a contact.

Now enter the item that you like to share and enter the recipient email address to whom you like to share. Also, select the rights that you wish to grant to the contact you are sharing the account.



In this section, you can add emergency contact details of your family or friend whom you like to have access to your passwords and other confidential information present in the Dashlane software in case of an emergency. You can also select a waiting period before which you can accept the contacts request to access your passwords.




For any help regarding the functioning of the software or any other issues you face with it, you can either contact their support team or their user manual by clicking Dashlane Help present under the Help button at the top. At present, Dashlane offers only chat support and does not offer phone support to its customers.




What is the word of mouth for Dashlane on the internet?

Dashlane has got a positive word of mouth among the online reviewers. Almost all the reviewers and the review websites have provided a good rating for the software. And most of the reviews have even rated it as the best password manager available on the internet.

Dashlane has got a good word of mouth from the users too. Except a few, almost all the users have rated it as good software for managing your passwords. The software has got a very good rating in Trustpilot, which is usually calculated based on the user ratings. The only concern which some users expressed is the huge price of the software.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials about Dashlane.

Dashlane stands out among its excellent competition thanks to its many features, great interface and friendly pricing. Though nothing is perfect, Dashlane comes pretty damn close.” – Cloudwards

It took some time on my part to enter all the necessary information and then learn how to use the system. Now, I cannot imagine using all my devices without Dashlane!! Terrific online support !” – User


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

Dashlane offers a free version for its users to see how effective it is. But there are certain limitations in the free version of the software. They are: you can store only 50 passwords, you can use Dashlane on only one device, share your passwords only up to 5 contacts, and no access to the security features of the software.


System Requirement

Windows OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
MAC OS Sierra (10.12) and High Sierra (10.13)
iOS iOS 11
Android Android 5, 6, 7, 8
Browsers Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge


What is the price of Dashlane?

Dashlane offers three different pricing plans for its users. They are Free, Premium, and Business. All the plans are available only as subscriptions and not as a one-time fee.

While the Premium plan is priced at $3.33 / month, the business plan is priced at $4 / month. Both the plans are billed annually and there is no option for monthly subscription. So you need to pay $39.96 and $48 for premium and business plans respectively.

At present, there are no special offers available either with us or on their official website. I will try to keep you updated if any offer arises in the future.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee available for the software which entitles you to claim for a refund if you are not satisfied with its performance within the first 30 days.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Dashlane is an effective password manager that can help you by storing all the passwords that you use on the internet. The software also allows you to change the passwords of your different accounts from the Dashlane application itself. Apart from managing your password, you can also store your personal information, digital wallets, banking, and other confidential information securely.

Overall, the software is really helpful for safeguarding all your personal and confidential information securely without forgetting any of them.



9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Easily manage all the passwords saved across different browsers
  • Securely save all your bank account details and other confidential information by encrypting them
  • Share your account credentials with your close friends and family without disclosing the password
  • No Need to Remember Many Different Password Anymore
  • Free Trial Available
  • Long Instalation Time ( on My Computer )
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