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WS_FTP by IPSwitch is an efficient, secure, and overall business standard app that allows for FTP or File Transfer Protocol. This allows you to download or upload files easily to your server of choice. Be it managing your blog or simply moving files around for your web server. All while establishing your connection safely & securely.



How it works:

FTP is a standard network protocol which allows you to transfer files from point A to B. WS_FTP Professional is built to allow you to do just that efficiently & securely. Be it one web server or multiple sites/servers it handles it all.

WS_FTP established a secure & encrypted connection between your local computer & the server or servers your connecting to. From there you can easily upload or download content as needed.

WS_FTP working


WS FTP goes above & beyond the basic file transfer standard. On top of the transferring, it includes many great add-ons such as built-in encryption, scheduled transfers, multiple site management & much more in one interface.

So if you're a web admin managing multiple blogs, WordPress sites, or what have you can do it all in WS_FTP Professional. All of this while maintaining its simplified interface & ease of use.


WS_FTP Video Demo



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WS FTP Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated File Encryption
  • Backup Files (From servers)
  • Scheduled Transfer
  • Built-In Compression Tools
  • Email Notifications
  • Multiple Site/Server Management
  • Synchronization Tools

When it comes to FTP it’s pretty straightforward it’s the moving of a file from one place to another. Typically local machine to a server. However, WS_FTP extends this to the professional sector by really doubling down into security. How your files get from point A to B, however, is just as important.

With built-in AES encryption & other support for protocols like SSH & more, you can assure your files from the start upload to download are always secure. Aside from that, you can always customize how you administer your FTP servers.

Scheduling tasks for future or frequent transfer. Compressing bulk amount of files so that it’s easier to upload. Setup notifications to assure transfers are successful & if there are any errors.

The benefits from an administrator's perspective are that everything is centered in one app & while you have all sorts of advanced options to secure your files & manage them, you also met with a super clean & simple interface that’s easy to navigate. From the tabbed interface to multiple site management. It makes securely transferring files fast & efficient.

WS_FTP features


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My Experience with WS_FTP Review

I’ve used various FTP apps & while some try to go over the top with the interface WS_FTP concentrates on still delivering important features it does so while maintaining an easy to use interface.

I had no trouble navigating around the app & figuring out the advanced feature set through simple instruction guides. Whether it was enabling PGP mode, compressing files, scheduling a future transfer.

The other big advantage I found with WS_FTP was its tabbed interface. You can easily switch between local folders & multiple folders or even servers. This makes for great ease of transfer to multiple locations in one window.

It focused on simplicity in interface while still maintaining to focus on the most important aspects of the FTP protocols. Security, reliability, and ease of use. FTP apps tend to be straightforward & simple while WS_FTP certainly achieves that. It does so without forgetting the core aspects web admins & so on requires.

WS_FTP search


My Personal Thought About the WS_FTP


FTP apps don’t tend to focus on much outside of the basic transfer protocols itself, however, WS_FTP goes above & beyond in this category. From compression tools, backup, and high-level encryption all built-in.


This is a professional tool & isn’t for everyone who needs a simple FTP app. However, for those managing multiple sites or your business revolves around web administration then this is certainly a fair price at it’s $50 starting point.

Ease of Use

Simply excels in providing high-level features in a simple & compact interface. From the tabbed views to the simple to use tools/features.


System Requirement

Supported Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2


What is the price of the software?

WS_FTP offers a free trial for you to test & try out the app. If you decide to purchase the app it starts at a single license for $50 & scales from there offering higher tiered-level support.

Keeping in mind this is more than the traditional FTP app for one person managing one site. This goes above & beyond & caters to the professionals in the field.

WS_FTP price


Final Verdict/Conclusion

At the end of the day, FTP is FTP. It transfers files & that’s what all FTP apps do at their basic level. However, WS_FTP is built for professionals & takes that basic necessity & builds upon its foundation. Assuring your transfers secure end-to-end. Be it uploading a file or downloading one from a server.

You can set up backups of files, compress files into a zipped folder, or schedule out tasks all in one app/interface. It does this while maintaining a simple & clean interface anyone can navigate. Even the features you think you may not use or know how are easily explained in-app.

WS_FTP Professional is a great app for web administrators managing one or even multiple sites. Providing everything you need & then some to securely, safely, and efficiently transfer files from one place to another, you can’t go wrong with WS_FTP.


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8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-In Encryption
  • Compression Tool
  • Scheduler (Transfer at a frequency be it weekly, daily, etc)
  • Tabbed Interface
  • Free Trial Available
  • Pricing is a bit high compared to traditional FTP apps keeping in mind this more geared toward business users
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