Sophos Home Antivirus– Provide Business-Grade Security to Your Home PC + $ 10 Coupon

Sophos Home is the new antivirus software from Sophos exclusively designed for home users. Sophos are familiar for their Intercept X, a world-class cybersecurity application designed for businesses.

Their latest product Sophos home is designed to provide the same top class protection to your home PC against various malware, ransomware, Trojans, Adware, and other cyber-attacks. Yes, you can now provide a business graded security to your Laptop or PC.

Sophos home comes with almost all the features that you can find in their business security application Intercept X. The real-time protection provided by the antivirus software ensures in keeping your system safe from any kind of malware, ransomware or any other cyber-attacks even when you are busy browsing the internet.

The anti-phishing features protect you from visiting any website that contains malicious content. So, with all these features, you are provided the same security that most of the banks, organizations and financial institutions have in place for safeguarding their system.



How easy is it to install the software on your PC?

Installing Sophos Home antivirus in your PC is very simple and easy. You just need to open the setup file and click on the install button to start the installation. Unlike other antivirus software, the installation process is lengthy and takes more time to get installed.

In my case, it took around 15 minutes for the installation to complete. Once the installation is done, you can start using the software instantly for protecting your PC. Please note that you need an active internet connection to proceed with the installation of the software.


What are the features of Sophos Home Antivirus

As said earlier, Sophos Home offers some of the top class features that are most usually found in security applications built exclusively for businesses. The primary focus of all these features is to provide complete protection to your PC from all kind of malware, virus and other external threats that can cause damage to your files and make your PC inactive. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

  • The ransomware protection provided by Sophos home helps in identifying the ransomware attack that is in progress and then blocks it and rolls back your files to the normal state.
  • The real-time protection ensures in protecting your system from all kind of malware attack, cyber-attack and other external threats that may try to infect your PC and slow down the performance.
  • The remote protection feature allows you to monitor and safeguard your PC and other devices in your home from anywhere in this world.
  • Another important feature provided by the software is that it provides top class protection to your webcam and microphone and thereby detects any unwanted access to it. You will be notified instantly when someone tries to access your webcam and microphone.
  • The software ensures in keeping all your online transactions like internet banking, online payment etc. safe and secure from cybercriminals who try to intercept and steal your online banking credentials.
  • The software allows you to have a safe browsing session by automatically blocking all the websites that contain suspicious or malicious content.
  • The parental control feature allows you to manage the content that your family members access on the internet. You can restrict your kids from visiting a specific website category by blocking them.


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Sophos Home User Interface

The user interface of the software is very simple and neat without posing any sort of complexities for the users. The desktop application contains only the option for scanning your PC. In order to access the other features of the software, you need to log into your user account in the browser and they cannot be accessed in the desktop application.

Sophos Home starts scanning your PC as soon as the software is installed. It took nearly an hour for the scan to complete which is pretty normal for an antivirus software. The software was able to detect around 98 viruses and removed them from my PC.

The desktop application looks like below. You can scan your PC by clicking the ‘Clean My Computer’ button. To access other features of the software, you need to click on the ‘Manage My Security’ and a separate browser will open where you need to provide your credentials to log in to your Sophos account.


After logging into your user account, you can clearly see all the features of the antivirus software on your home screen. You can install the software on any new PC by clicking on the ‘Add new device’ button and install it on any PC. There are 5 different tabs present on the home screen namely status, history, protection, web filtering and privacy.



This tab shows the overall protection offered to your PC. Your PC is protected if all the items present under the status tab are green. If anyone of them is not green, then it means your PC is under risk and immediate action must be taken until the respective item turns back to green.



This tab displays the list of virus, malware, ransomware or any other external threat detected and deleted from your PC. It also displays the sequence of events performed across all your devices in which Sophos is installed.



You can find most of the features of the software under this tab. This tab is further categorized into 4 more tabs namely General, Exploits, Ransomware and Web. You can either turn on or off these features based on your needs. It is recommended that you turn on all these features to ensure maximum protection for your PC.

General tab contains features that provide real-time protection to your PC and malicious traffic detection feature. This tab also has an option for adding an exception to the scanning process if you don’t like to scan for any files or folders.


Exploit tab has features that protect your PC from any kind of advanced threat in the future. This tab also contains an option for adding or removing a particular application under advanced protection.


Ransomware tab contains features that protect your PC against any kind ransomware attack and preventing the hackers from encrypting your personal files.


Web tab has features that allow you to have a safe online browsing session and protect your PC from all kind of malware when you are connected to a network. It also has an option for you to include any websites that you don’t want to be blocked by Sophos Home.


Web Filtering:

This tab allows you to manage the type of access to different categories of websites. You can either allow, warn or block a particular category of websites.



This tab contains Webcam Protection feature which when turned on protects your webcam from being used by hackers or other cybercriminals.


And finally, you can contact their support team or access their user manual by clicking on the support button present at the top of the home screen.






What People Says About Sophos Antivirus

The word of mouth for the Sophos Home antivirus software is really good as I could find a number of positive reviews about the software on the internet. Most of the reviewers who have reviewed the antivirus software has given a good rating for the software stating that it provides excellent protection to your PC against various types of virus.

Also, I could observe that the low ratings were provided for the MAC version of the software which indicates that software could not provide the same level of protection in a MAC PC.

Also, I could not find much user comments for the software and could rarely find very few. Again, almost all of those user comments were positive and they did not have any discomfort or complain about the software. Please find some of the positive testimonials that I came across on the internet about Sophos Home.

Sophos Home Free gives home users much of the antivirus protection found in business security tools from Sophos, including remote management of up to three installations.” – PC MAG

Great, all around software, doesn't bog your system down but works hard in the background! So glad they released this!” – User


What are the limitations in the free version of Sophos Home?

The trial version of the software does not pose any restriction on the features offered to the user. Rather you can use the full version only for a stipulated time period. Yes, the only limitation in the trial version is that you can use the premium version of the software only for a maximum of 30 days beyond which you need to buy the software to continue providing security to your PC.

Sophos Antivirus trial limitation


System Requirement

Windows Requirements
OS Supported Windows 8.1, 8, 7
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 1 GB
Web Browser MS Edge, IE 10 or later, Chrome, Firefox
MAC Requirements
OS Supported Mac OS X v10.10 or higher
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 1 GB
Web Browser Apple Safari, Chrome, Firefox


What is the price of Sophos Home?

When compared to most of the traditional antivirus software in the market, the price of Sophos Home seems to be relatively cheap considering the features it offers. The price of the antivirus software is $50 per year including all taxes.

This is not a lifetime fee and you need to renew it every year. Unlike other antivirus software, the price is same for both the Windows and MAC version.

The Cheap Software provides an exclusive offer of $10 for all its users who can claim it by using the below discount code.

Please note that this offer is valid only for a short period of time and may expire anytime soon and also remember that the offer is provided exclusively by us for our users and it cannot be found in their website. So try to grab the opportunity.

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No specific information about the money back guarantee is provided on the merchant website. I am trying to find out if there is any and will let you know once I get proper information on it.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Sophos Home is a very decent antivirus software that can easily detect and remove most of the malware and virus from your PC. The remote management feature which allows you to monitor your device from any place really deserves a mention.

You can also scan your device just by sitting in a remote location. The web filtering and ransomware protection feature ensures that your PC remains safe and secure even when connected to an unknown network. So I would definitely recommend to anyone who wishes to have a decent protection for their PC or Laptop.





9.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Remote management of all the devices in which Sophos Home is installed
  • Ransomware and Web filtering feature that protects your PC from online threats and malware
  • Providing good protection by detecting almost all kind of malware and threats
  • Full Feature Free Trial
  • The performance of the system slows down when the scan is in progress
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