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It’s always interesting and fun to have special effects, animations, and graphics added to our Webcam Video. Though you can add such effects to a recorded video, it is not easy to do so while in a video chat. But now with AlterCam, a webcam software, you can add any special effects, images, animations and other graphics to your webcam video while chatting.

Apart from adding these special effects, the software also offers features that allow you to change your voice in real time while chatting with your friends. You can use AlterCam to live record your desktop screen and broadcast the pre-recorded videos to your webcam. You can use the AlterCam virtual webcam in any chat applications like Skype, FB etc.



How easy is it to install the software in your PC?

Installing AlterCam in your PC is very simple and can be done without any complexity. You just need to accept their terms and condition and then initiate the installation process which requires only a couple of steps.

Though the process is very simple, the time taken to complete the installation is quite long when compared to most of the commercial software available in the market. On my PC, it took nearly 5 minutes to complete the installation. But once done, you can start using the software right away without having to make any setups.


What features does the AlterCam software offers?

The features that AlterCam offers to its users is really great when compared to other normal webcam software that you come across on the internet. You can almost add any effects, images, backgrounds and do anything in your Webcam videos with AlterCam installed in your PC. Let’s see the features which allow you to have fun with your webcam videos.

  • Add any effects, animations, photos and GIF images to your webcam video.
  • Record your webcam video and photos
  • The software offers more than 50 live effects that can be added to your live webcam video chat.
  • You can broadcast any pre-recorded video files to your webcam.
  • The software allows you to change your voice in real time while chatting with your friends.
  • You can broadcast your desktop screen to the webcam.
  • You can split your AlterCam video to any number of programs you wish.


Click Here to Download AlterCam for Free


How easy is it to use the software?

AlterCam comes with a simple and a neat user interface which does not pose any complexity for the user. At the same time, you need to use it for a couple of times to get well versed with its working and performance. Now let’s discuss in detail on the various features of the software and how to use them.

As soon as you open the application, it starts broadcasting to the AlterCam virtual webcam. You can stop it or start it again by using the Stop/Start AlterCam button at the top left of the application window.

AlterCam start broadcasting

You can start recording your video by clicking on the ‘Capture’ button. Once it is done you can stop it by clicking the ‘Stop’ button.

AlterCam capture and snapshots

The recorded video is automatically saved to the default location in your PC which can be changed by accessing the video capture tab present under the options button. You can also upload the recorded video to YouTube or delete it from your system.

AlterCam save capture video

In a similar manner, you can take snapshots of video at a particular point by clicking the ‘Snapshot’ button. You can see the list of snapshots taken by clicking the ‘Snapshot History’ button.

Apart from your webcam, you can also broadcast any video files, IP cameras or your desktop screen by selecting the respective source camera.

AlterCam source camera

So, after selecting the video source which can be either webcam, a video or desktop screen, you can start adding effects and overlays to the video.


You can choose from a list of effects available on the right side under the effects tab. The effects when applied changes the appearance of your video. Remember, you can also restrict the effects being applied to a particular area of the video by using the enable selection button.

AlterCam effects

For this, first, select the area of the video for which you like to apply effects and then choose the effect which you like to explicitly add in that particular area.

AlterCam effects selection


Under the overlays tab, you can find a list of different overlays which can be added to the video. Overlays are those which act as borders inside which the video plays.

You can also add text, images or your webcam itself as overlays to your broadcasting video. But remember, you need to buy the licensed version to add images as overlays to your video.

AlterCam overlays


Under this tab, you can choose a background for your video. It can be either a color, your screen or any image of your choice. You can also check the ‘Off’ button if you don’t like to have any background for your video.

Please note that you need to buy their license to add video or image as your background.

AlterCam background


Under this section, you can choose the microphone that you would like to use while broadcasting. The denoise and automatically normalize feature automatically reduces the noise present in the microphone and normalizes it. The voice change feature is available only for the licensed users.

AlterCam audio


In this tab, you can find various features that can make tricks to your video like curving your video, applying blurred color to a particular section etc. For example, the curved mirror option lets you curve your video to any angle you like.

AlterCam tricks


You can add a new scene under this section by clicking the ‘Save as new scene’ button. You can also rename and delete the scenes by using the respective buttons.

AlterCam scenes

So, this is how you are going to use the software for adding effects and overlays to your webcam video while chatting with your friends on Skype or any other video chatting programs.

For any technical assistance, you can write a mail to them by clicking the ‘Write to Us’ button at the top right of the window. The technical team will contact you with a possible solution as soon as possible.



What is the word of the mouth about the software?

After going through various reviews of AlterCam on the internet, I observed that the software has got some really cool features and it is very fun and interesting to use while doing video chats. All the reviews were good and heaped praises on the software. I could not find any negative comments about the software. The user comments were also really good and almost everyone who has used the software was satisfied with the performance of AlterCam.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials about the software.

The simple and lightweight interface of AlterCam allows you to easily take advantage of every function, with minimal computer skills required. It also sets itself apart from other such applications, thanks to its ability to support multiple streams at the same time and the fact that you can add your own effects.” – Softpedia

Great webcam software! I've tried a lot of them, AlterCam works faster, CPU load even with a dozen simultaneous effects is lower 20%! Technical support replied me within an hour and they implemented my suggestions in a new version. Great work.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

Similar to most of the commercial software application, there are certain limitations in the trial version of AlterCam. You will be getting an ‘’ watermark in the video that is being broadcasted in the trial version.

Also, as said earlier, you cannot add images or videos as background or overlays to the broadcasting video. Another limitation in the trial version is you cannot use the voice change over feature to change your voice.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 15 MB


What is the price of the software?

You need to buy the software to unlock all the features that are limited in the trial version of the software. AlterCam offers three types of licenses for its users based on the number of computers they are going to use it.

The three licenses are Single, Family and Business license. While the single license and family license allows you to install the software only in 2 and 5 PC’s, the Business licenses entitle you to use the software in any number of PC’s you want without any restrictions.

The price of the three licenses is $29.95 for a Single license, $49.95 for a family license, and $189.95 for Business license. All these prices are just a one-time fee which allows you to use the software for the entire lifetime without having to renew your subscription every year.

The software offers different discount offers for different countries. For India, there is a 50% offer which you can claim by using the code INDIA73. You can also get a 10% offer if you subscribe to their newsletter instantly.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee which entitles you to claim for a refund if in case you are not satisfied with the software performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, AlterCam is a perfect fit for those who like to have fun while doing video chats with their friends and relatives. You can add effects, overlays, and images and change the appearance of your face in the video that is being broadcasted.

You can also broadcast your desktop screen with your friends. The voice change over features lets you change your voice to a completely different one so that you can prank your friends. At the end of the day, it is really worth to give a try considering the fun features it offers.



8.8 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Large number of effects and overlays that can be added to the broadcasting video
  • Broadcast your desktop screen to the AlterCam virtual webcam
  • Split the AlterCam virtual webcam with multiple video chat programs
  • Free Trial Available
  • You cannot add images as overlays and background in the trial version
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