Worldwide Brands, I’ve Buy it – My HONEST Review & Salehoo Comparison

One of the main problem which most of the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start an online retail store face is to find the right supplier for their products. Finding the perfect wholesale supplier who can deliver you the products at a cheap price is very critical for the success of any e-commerce store.

Worldwide Brands comes as a rescue for those aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the online retail business. The platform connects you with a large number of wholesale supplier and dropshipping suppliers across the world.

Worldwide Brands offers access to over 16 million products and over 8000 Trusted wholesale suppliers. You can browse their database and find the best products for your online retail store at a cheaper price. You can instantly search and find the best wholesale suppliers for your products who can deliver the products you order in bulk at a competitive price.

Apart from providing access to a large directory of certified wholesale and dropshipping suppliers, the platform also provides a market research tool that allows you to make a thorough research of the products that sells best in your online store.

I will give you my Full Review and The comparison with Salehoo ( Competitor )



How to install Worldwide Brands in your PC?

The platform does not offer any desktop application, so you can access their directory by creating an account and logging into it in their official website. You just need a working internet connection to access the platform and find the best products and wholesale suppliers for your online store.


What are the features and benefits does Worldwide Brand offers its users?

Worldwide Brands offers a wide array of features and benefits that ensure the users in finding the right product for their business and thereby maximizing their profits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and features that we get by signing in with Worldwide Brands.

  • You get access to over 8000 wholesale suppliers and dropshipping suppliers across the world.
  • The platform provides access to over 16 million products from which you can choose the best for your online store.
  • The market research feature allows you to do a thorough research and find the best keyword for the products you wish to sell online.
  • You can view and save the suppliers from whom you like to order products.
  • The platform provides various tips and video tutorials that allow you to learn how to use the platform and contact the wholesale suppliers and order from them.
  • You get access to their community forum where you can start a discussion on any topic and interact with experienced members who tasted success in online retailing.


Click Here To Get Instant Access To Worldwide Brands


How simple is the user interface of Worldwide Brands?

As said earlier, there is no separate desktop application for Worldwide Brands and hence you need to log in to their online portal to access their directory of wholesale suppliers. The portal is designed in a very simple way and thereby making it easy for you to search for the products or suppliers instantly.

Once you log in to the Worldwide Brands member area, you will be seeing 4 different tabs each allowing you to access the features offered in the platform. Let’s see what is waiting for you in the 4 different tabs.



In the home tab, you can see your saved information like the suppliers and products that you have saved for future reference. You can also get to see the video tips, a list of featured and newly added suppliers.


Search Tab:

It is this search certified Wholesalers tab, where you can either search for the products or for wholesale suppliers or dropshipping suppliers in an elaborate manner.

So now you can start searching by first selecting the type of supplier you are looking for by clicking the drop-down box. For ex., if you are looking for a supplier who can supply you the products in large volumes, then choose large volumes. On the other hand, if you are looking for dropshippers, then select dropshippers & light bulk option. Then enter the product that you like to search in the search field.


There are also various search filters available at the side which you can make use of to narrow down your supplier or product search. You can filter the search by choosing the location of the supplier and by selecting a specific product category instead of searching using a general term.

Once the suppliers are listed, you can view the complete detail about the supplier by clicking the ‘See Full Details’ button at the side of each supplier. You can also save the supplier for future reference by clicking the ‘Save this Supplier’ button.


Now a separate window pops up where you can find the entire detail about the supplier right from their company address, contact information to how to setup your account and order products from them in a detailed manner. You can print the information by using the print button at the top.

In a similar manner, you can view and contact any wholesale supplier that you like and order products from them by filling out your information and submitting the form.


Market Research:

This tab helps you to perform a thorough research to decide which products to sell in your online retail store. But remember this tool just helps you in finding the good product keyword that you must use in your online store and does not tell which product you need to sell. Based on the research tool results, you need to do a separate research and find out which product sells more and can maximize your profit.

You can find 2 links here: one for the user manual on how to use the research tool and other for launching the research tool for performing the keyword research.


It is always advised that you thoroughly go through the user manual first and then start using the tool for better results.

Now after opening the research tool, type the product keyword to see if it is perfect to go ahead by analyzing the keyword analysis meter. Now the keyword that I entered is ‘Baby Toys’ and the keyword meter indicates that it may be a good product to sell and did not tell it is good or very good to sell. So I should try to research further and come with an even better keyword.


As you scroll down the page, you can find further information about the keyword that you typed. You can find the keyword variations that are similar to your keyword, eBay and Amazon prices for that keyword and google advertising etc. You can make use of these information to further narrow down your product keyword.


Try to search for a keyword until the Keyword meter indicates Very Good.

WBI Forum:

This tab takes you to the Worldwide Brands community center where you can interact with other members and experienced sellers by starting a new topic or taking part in an existing discussion.


Education & Trusted Services:

In this section, you get access to some of their tutorial videos and user guides which lets you know about how to use Worldwide Brands for searching suppliers and products and start your own online store. It also provides information about other services which might be useful for your online business like an accounting software, getting a business phone number etc.


The Getting start guide covers almost all the topic that you need to know from how to use Worldwide Brands to what to sell in your online store in simple and easy steps.


For a directory portal like Worldwide Brands, it is very important to have a good support team which can assist its users at any time on any matter. You can contact their support team by clicking the ‘Support’ button at the top.


You can view access their user manual to find a solution to your issue. If that does not clear your problem then you can contact their support team by dialing the phone number given in the contact page.



What is the difference between Worldwide Brands and Salehoo and which one is better?

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are online portals that offer a directory of Wholesale suppliers and Dropshipping suppliers. While both the websites offer a directory of more than 8000 suppliers, Worldwide Brands say that they have more than 16 million products but Salehoo offers a list of only 1.6 million products.

Again the price of Worldwide Brands is $299 for lifetime, but the price of Salehoo is only $67 for one year which is very cheap compared to Worldwide Brands. So Salehoo easily scores in this department.

Again the market research tool offered by Salehoo is more comprehensive and useful than the one offered by Worldwide Brands. Salehoo also offers useful tutorials that guides you on how to setup up your online store and choose products for it while Worldwide Brands does not offer any such tutorial.

So after analyzing the features and the differences between both the portals, Salehoo seems to have an upper hand over Worldwide Brands and easily emerges as a winner.


What is the word of mouth for the software?

Unlike other products and software, there are a very few reviews and user comments for the Worldwide Brands on the internet. And again all these reviews were not great and they just rated it as an average program. Most of the reviews have raised concerns over the huge price for signing into the platform.

Similarly, the user comments were also mixed as many users were not happy with the services offered by the platform considering the huge price they paid. Only a handful of users have expressed their comfort in using the platform for finding products and wholesale suppliers for their e-commerce company.

Please find below some of the positive and negative comments that I came across on the internet about Worldwide Brands.

In short, Worldwide Brands is good if you are just starting out, have a hard time finding products to sell, and do not want to risk losing your money. It is an excellent alternative to importing from Chinese suppliers that you do not trust. In conclusion, Worldwide Brands is worth it, but only if you can find any value out of it.” – Ecommerce Sprout

Worldwide Brands is a waste of money, drop shippers wouldn't work with me. I could get in contact with the companies or if got in contact with someone they would tell me that the person I need to speak with not there. I contact Worldwide brands and they give me around. This was a waste of money. I had one company to go as far as had me meet with someone out just to get rid of me.” – User

( Please notes : The Supplier's Approval on Worldwide brands and Salehoo is really depend on What do they think about you , If they think you met their condition , you will get approved )


Does the platform offer any free account for its users?

No, Worldwide Brands does not have any free version and does not allow its users to sign up for free. You need to create your account by paying their one-time license fee and then start using the platform for accessing the products, wholesale suppliers, their market research tool and tutorials.


System Requirement

There are no specific requirements for using Worldwide Brands platform. All you need to have is a working PC and an active internet connection.


What is the price you need to pay for creating an account in Worldwide Brands?

You can create your account in Worldwide Brands by paying a one-time fee of $299 and then access their large directory of certified wholesalers and dropshippers. The payment is a one-time fee and you can access the platform for your lifetime without having to renew it monthly or annually.

The platform offers two payment option for you to pay the fee. The first option is to pay the entire fee in a single payment. The second option is an easy installment option where you need to pay $99 first and create your account and pay $110 for the next two months. You can choose any one of these payment options which is easy for you.

At present, there are no special offers either with us or on the official website. We will keep you posted about the same if any pops up in the future.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Overall, Worldwide Brands can be useful for those budding entrepreneurs who face difficulties in finding the best products and TRUSTED wholesale suppliers for their online retail store at competitive prices. You can also find certified dropshippers who can deliver the products directly to your customers.

The market research and tips center guides you to choose the best selling products for your online store. But the price that you need to pay for creating your account is really huge which does not seem to be worth the feature and benefits the platform offers. But, if you feel the price is really worth your needs, then you can go ahead and sign up for their service.

Alternatively if you are short on budget you can try Salehoo if you want. I also make full review on salehoo here



7.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Provides access to over 8000 Trusted wholesale and dropshipping suppliers
  • Provides access to over 16 million certified wholesale products
  • You can directly do business with the wholesale suppliers without any middleman
  • Responsive customer support
  • The Price is Very High
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