UltraEdit – A Powerful and A Flexible Text Editor For Programmers

UltraEdit is a powerful, flexible and a feature-rich text editor that is exclusively designed to handle any type of text files on your PC. The software caters to the needs of a wide range of users like programmers, web developers, IT professionals, database managers, system administrators, technical writer, etc.

UltraEdit is a dream tool for the programmers as it offers a wide range of capabilities that provides support for different programming languages. The software tends to contain the syntax of different programming languages and can instantly show you the errors as you make them.

Apart from providing support for various programming languages, the software can be used as a powerful web development tool as it provides tools for directly previewing your HTML markup.

The software is best suited for those who are working on complex projects and large files as it can easily handle such huge files without any issues. With the software, you can easily search for your preferred word or string in a large code and replace them easily. Let’s dive in to see what more the software offers as a feature-rich text editor.



How easy is it to install UltraEdit on your PC?

Just like its name, the installation of UltraEdit is ultra-easy as it can be completed with just a click. You need to click on the install button after opening the setup file to start the process. The installation completes in just 3 to 5 seconds, after which you can start using as a web development tool or as a text editor for your programming needs.


What are the features offered by UltraEdit?

UltraEdit as a text editor is more flexible and offers a bunch of powerful features that can make coding, website development or technical writing more easy and handy. It offers a list of top-class tools and features that makes it stand apart. Let’s see the features it offers as a text editor.

  • The multi-caret or multi-select feature allows you to make multiple selections in your code and edit them at once. You can easily select multiple lines on your code to copy and paste. Just placing the cursor on the text allows you to select it.
  • The live HTML preview feature makes it a comprehensive and efficient web development tool that allows the developers to preview their HTML markup as soon as they finish writing them.
  • The powerful search feature of the software makes it easy to search for almost any word or string instantly even in an extensively large file. You can even replace them with your preferred word with just a single click.
  • The column mode feature of the software allows you to edit your code vertically along the Y-axis. While you normally edit your code horizontally, the software allows you to edit them vertically too.
  • The integrated FTP client allows you to easily modify or move any amount of code to a remote server from a single application.
  • The software provides support for a large number of programming languages like COBOL, JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP, C++, Visual Basic, etc. Thus the software can instantly detect any syntax errors in your code as you write them.
  • The software provides support for files that are of any size. You can open and work on files that are larger than 4GB just like you work on a 4 MB file.


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Is the user interface of UltraEdit is simple?

UltraEdit text editor comes with a user interface that might not be easy to use for those who does not have good technical proficiency. It offers a lot of features that are cluttered over the interface. So it might be a little bit difficult to exactly locate the tool that you are looking for at the first try.

But since the software finds most of its applications with the programmers and web developers, this clumpy user interface might not be a big problem.

As said earlier, the software is primarily designed as an efficient tool for the programmers to work with their code. It offers almost everything that a coder needs for coding their programs. It makes coding easy by offering a bunch of features that allow you to easily work on a large code file. Let’s discuss in detail the varied features of the software.


Open a text file or a code file by navigating through the File button at the top menu and clicking the open button. After opening the file, you can work on it by making use of the tools that are present under different tabs.

You can find any particular word or string and replace them with your own strings by clicking the find button at the top. Input the word that you like to find and type the replace string to replace the selected words.


You can use the Goto button at the top to directly move to a specified location on the file by mentioning the specific line number, column number, or using a bookmark tag.


You can FTP the modified code to a remote server by clicking and opening the FTP client at the top menu. Then select the remote server to which you wish to connect and provide the other details required for establishing the FTP connection with the remote server.


The bookmark tool allows you to add a bookmark on a particular line in the code. Click the line where you like to add a bookmark and click on the bookmark button at the top menu.

The Copy path/ filename allows you to copy the file path in your PC.

You can navigate to your previous made changes by using the Last change and Next change buttons.



In this edit tab, you can see another set of features that allows you to edit your code or text file. The delete button allows you to delete the selected line or word. The spell check will parse your entire text file and show you the words that are misspelled and suggest a list of words to which you can change.

Clicking the Read-only button will make the document read-only and you can no longer edit the text file. The word count tool will count and display the number of words present in the text file.

The move up and move down tool allows you to move the selected line either up or down. Similarly, the duplicate button will create a duplicate copy of the selected line. The join tool will combine the selected line with the next line into one line.

The ‘Insert item’ allows you to insert a new line or page break into the file at the specified location. Similarly, the date/time field will add the current date and time where the cursor is located in the text file.


One interesting feature of the software is the column mode that allows you to type words vertically in multiple lines. If there is a need to type the same sentence repeatedly in multiple lines, then the column mode allows you to type the sentence in multiple lines at once.



In this tab, you can find tools for formatting the text file like inserting spaces, converting lowercase to uppercase and vice-versa to make the file more presentable.



The tools here allows you to control the display of various settings of the software.

The fonts button can be used to change the font of the text. The line change indicator will indicate you the lines that are yet to be saved which you might have changed.


You can see a number of checkboxes at the file menu. Each of these options will insert some indications to your text file that makes working with the files much easier.

Space/ tabs tool will display dots in the place of spaces in the file. Line endings tool will display some special character at the end of each line.

Ruler will display the horizontal scale that you see at the top of the text window. Line numbers will display the line numbers at the side. Document map will display the entire document and highlight the place where you are currently working at the side.

Active line highlight and column highlight will highlight the line and column where the cursor is located.

There are some more tools that are not of much importance except to select and highlight words and maximize the screen size.



As the name suggests, this is the tab which is most useful for the programmers as you can work on any coding languages you like. First, select the programming language that you wish to work by using the ‘View as language’ drop-down box. So that any syntax error that you make in the code will be notified instantly.

The comment and uncomment tools allow you to add a particular line as a comment in the code or uncomment a particular comment line and make it as a normal line of code.

‘Select to brace' button will select the block of code that is within the flower braces ‘{}’


The remaining tools that are present here can be used exclusively for developing a complete HTML file. You can find almost all the HTML elements here. You can just click on them and their corresponding markup will be added into the file.


The live preview tool allows you to preview your HTML markup directly at the side window. So thereby avoiding the need to save and open the file each time in the browser and thereby saving your time.


Similar to the live view, the browser view will display how the HTML markup will be displayed on a browser. It is similar to the live view option except that your webpage is opened in the entire text area.


You can use the tools here to create, delete, edit or open a new web development project.



You can use the tools here to control the layout of your UltraEdit application window on your PC. You can use the various layout options to insert them into your application window.

You can also select a new theme or layout for your application by clicking the themes and layout button.


The file view will display the file view block at the side. Function list will list all the functions used in the code as a separate block in the side screen. Similarly, other tools will open their corresponding blocks in the screen.



The tools available under this tab allows you to split your text editor screen either vertically or horizontally. So you can work on two different areas on your code at the same time which is a great feature that is of utmost use to the programmers.

Other tools present here allows you to move between the different tabs and text files that you have opened in the software.



This tab provides some advanced tools like FTP client, adding macros to your code, encrypting and decrypting files, etc.

You can run a DOS command like a .bat file from your software by clicking the Run DOS command. Similarly, you can run any .exe files or application files present on your PC by clicking the Run windows program button.


So, as we said earlier, the software is comprehensively packed with a set of rich tools that makes writing codes in different programming languages more flexible and robust. It can also be an effective web development framework for web developers as it offers a robust set of tools that simplifies the task of creating webpages.



What do others say about the software?

After going through the various reviews for the software on the internet, I observed that the performance offered by the software is really top notch as I could not find even a single review that has given a lesser rating for the software. The average rating that I observed for the software is 4.5 out of 5 stars after going through all the reviews which is really a rare scenario.

On the other hand, the user comments were also equally great as almost all the comments that I went through have only positives to tell about the software. I could very rarely find any negative comments. [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#dd9933″ size=”1″][/icon]So after reading the comments and reviews, I would definitely recommend you to go ahead and use the software for coding your projects.

Please find below some of the testimonials that you can find about the product on the internet.

UltraEdit 19 is a feature-rich and powerful text editor. It doesn't just have a kitchen-sink list of features. It's got a kitchen sink full of bells and whistles crammed inside another sink. If you're not already committed to a text editor, and you use one, buy UltraEdit 19” – PC World

I've been using Ultra Edit for about twenty years. it works great and the support is top of the line. Every function works perfectly. I've never hit a bug in twenty years.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

UltraEdit does offer a trial version for the users to try before purchasing it for using as a perfect text editor for coding your projects. The only limitation in the trial version is the time period for which you can use the software for free.

Yes, you can make use of the free version only for 30 days and after that, you might not be able to use the product. But, you get access to all the features in the trial version and there are no restrictions on it.


System Requirement

There are no specific system requirements for installing UltraEdit. It just works fine with any of the Windows OS that is mentioned below.

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP


What is the price of UltraEdit?

The only concern that I have with the software is its price. It is quite high for a text editor software like UltraEdit as there are many text editors which are available for free, though they may lack the extensive set of features present here.

Another thing is you cannot buy UltraEdit alone as it is available only as a bundle package with one or more software. So, there are two bundle packages available for you to buy namely UltraEdit and UltraCompare combo and IDM All Access package.

While the price of UltraEdit and UltraCompare combo is $79.95 per year, the price of the IDM All Access Subscription is $99.95 per year. Again, please note that the software is available only as a yearly subscription plan and not as a one-time payment. The only positive thing here is that you get a 50% offer for the second year.

So, from both the plans, it looks like IDM All Access subscription turns out to be a worthy deal for our money as you get a total of 5 different software from IDM. The 5 software that are available in this Package are UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UEStudio, UltraFinder, and UltraFTP.

So, I would recommend you to go with the IDM All Access subscription as the price difference between the two packages is only $20 but you get 3 different software in addition.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for the software. So, if you don’t like it, then return it anytime and get a full refund.


Verdict and Conclusion:

UltraEdit is a perfect text editor that is suitable for creating any type of text files or code files of any size. The support for various programming languages and a number of web designing tools makes it a perfect choice for the programmers and web developers.

The software also offers an extensive set of features that allows you to work on text files of any size with ease. The software is a perfect fit and a dream tool for software programmers who work on complex projects and coding programs most of their time.



8.2 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Multi-caret / multi-select feature that allows you to make multiple selections at once
  • The split-screen feature that allows you to work on different sections of your code at the same time
  • FTP client that enables you to open or move your update code to any remote server by connecting from within the software
  • Column mode feature using which you can edit your code vertically along the Y-axis
  • Free Trial Available
  • Have a lot of positive review from many user
  • The user interface looks more cluttered
  • The price of the software is bit expensive
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