Perfect Table Plan – Create a Perfect Seating Arrangement for All Your Events Automatically

Gone are those days when you have to sketch a layout of the event area and allocate seats for your guests in a rough sheet of paper or enter the guest details in an excel and take printout. All these tasks are now made simpler and easier with the Perfect Table Plan software.

You can make use of this software to create the best seating arrangement for all your guests for any type of event you conduct. The software is useful for creating seating arrangement and managing the guest for any type of event ranging from a gala wedding to a small function.

Apart from managing the seating arrangement for the guest, the software also plays a vital role in managing the meals choices and other preferences of the visiting guests.

The various features of the software help you in assigning the neighbor seats for the members of the same family or you can avoid putting feuding relatives in the same table. You can also use the software in generating reports of the guest who have attended the event.



How easy is it to install Perfect Table Plan?

It is very simple and easy to install the software on your Windows or Mac PC. You just need to open the setup file and accept their terms and conditions to start the installation process. The whole installation of the software takes only 5 to 10 seconds. Once the software is installed on your PC, you can directly start using it to create table plans for your events.


What are the features of Perfect Table Plan?

The software offers some good features for creating an effective table planner for all your events and family functions. You can create a table plan, organize meals for the guests and create reports regarding the guests who have attended the function etc. Below are some of the features offered by the software to its users.

  • The software is very much easier, simpler and faster to create an effective table plan for all your events and thereby avoiding a paper or excel for doing the same which is time-consuming.
  • You can easily manage the guest details, RVSP’s, their meals choice and other preferences of the guest.
  • You can either assign the seats for the guests automatically or by dragging and dropping the guest into the created table plan.
  • Another notable feature of the software is that it allows you to work offline without having an internet connection.
  • You can install and then use the software on any number of PC’s you have.
  • You can use the software for creating table plan for any type of event without any restriction on the number of guests. You can use it for a small retirement function or for a large event with thousands of guest.
  • The software allows you to handle the last minute changes easily without any pressure.
  • You can easily create reports and print floor plans, seating charts, escort cards etc.


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How easy is it to use the software for creating a table plan?

Though the user interface of perfect table plan seems simple at the first sight, it takes some time to know about the features and to create a table plan for your events. But once you get to know about it, then you can use it easily to your needs and can create a plan for any type of event.

The below guide will make the task easy for you and let you know how to create an effective table plan for your events and functions.

The entire table creation process is divided into 5 separate tabs namely Guests, Proximity, Tables, Assign, and Output which you can find at the top of the page. You can create a table plan for any event just by sequentially following these 5 steps. Now let’s discuss these 5 tabs in detail.


In this tab, you need to enter the details of all the guests whom you have invited and whom you are expecting for the event. You can import the guest's details which you might be having in separate excel file by clicking the Import button. Alternatively, you can also add the guest's details manually by clicking on the Quick Add, Single, Couple, Family or Group buttons.


After clicking on any one of the above buttons, you need to enter the guest details like name, title, meal preference, RSVP etc. and then click on the add button to add the guests. In this way, you can manually add all the guest details.



The next step is to create proximities between the guests whom you have added in the previous step. If you don’t want any two guests to be seated next, then you can assign a corresponding proximity between them.

This is because sometimes there may be a fight between two peoples and they may not feel comfortable facing each other. So to avoid such complexities, you can make use of this proximity step.

The love symbol indicates that two guests can be seated together; smiley denotes that they can be assigned nearby seats. The blank space means there is no specific condition and they can be seated anywhere.

The violet smiley indicates that the guests must not be assigned the next seats and the danger symbol indicates that there is a fight between the guests and so they must not be assigned seats nearby.



This is the most important step as you will be creating the table layout here. You can choose a table layout from the list available at the side. You can also add text, images to the floor by clicking on the respective buttons present at the top.


After choosing the table layout, you need to enter the details for the table like name, a number of guests in that table, table size, color etc. Once you are done with creating the table layout, you can move on to the next step of assigning the guest to the tables that you have created.



In this step, you can assign guests to all the seats in the table that you have created in the previous step. You can click on the table plan tab and then choose the table from the drop-down menu and can assign guest by dragging them from the left and dropping them in the seats.  You can then move on to the next step.



This is the final step in the table creation process where you can verify all the things that you have created till now. Once everything looks fine, you can go ahead and save the table plan and print it by clicking the respective buttons.


So, by now you would have created a guest list, table plan and assigned guests to the tables for your event.

If you are stuck anywhere and need help, then you can click on the ‘How Do I’ button at the top to go through their tutorial as it contains the answer for almost all the queries that you might face while using the software.



What is the word of mouth for the software?

The word of mouth is really great for perfect table plan on the internet. Almost all the reviews and user comments were positive and encouraging. Most of the reviewers have rated it as the best table planning or wedding planner software available on the internet.

The users who have used the software were also praised it and does not have any major regrets or issues in using it.

Please find below some of the positive testimonials for the software

PerfectTablePlan is not only easy to use but also a truly advanced software tool that can be used by professional event planners. There still are many features and additional settings of PerfectTablePlan that I'll let you discover by yourself. All in all, the application is, as its name says, perfect for all your event planning needs.” – Softpedia

Ideal Solution for anyone that has to regularly put together table plans for any sort of function. Enables you to drag and drop people to places, set VIPs, keep apart those people best separated and group friends and guests with their partners. I've used it for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better with good support and helpful hints from the publishers, and they are responsive to ideas for improvement or enhancements.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

If you like to try perfect table plan before buying it, then you can download their trial version for free. But remember there are certain limitations in the trial version. Though you can access all the features of the software as in the full version, you can create a table plan for a maximum of only 30 guests in the trial version.

So in order to use the software for a bigger event like a wedding, you need to buy their full version.

Perfect Table Plan trial limitation


System Requirement

Windows Requirements
OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 128 MB
Required Processor 166 MHz
Video Resolution 800 x 600
MAC Requirements
OS Supported Mac OS X v10.12 to 10.7
Required RAM 128 MB
Required Processor 64 Bit Intel Processor
Video Resolution 800 x 600


What is the price of the software?

The perfect table plan software comes in three editions namely home, advanced, and professional each with a different set of features based on their requisite.

While the home edition is suitable for creating table event for their own wedding functions, the advanced edition is suited to those who organize events frequently and the professional edition is for the professional event planners.

The price of the home, advanced, and professional edition of the software are $29.95, $74.95, and $299.95 respectively. The price is the same for both the Windows and MAC version and there is no difference.

The above prices are a one-time fee and you can use the software for your entire lifetime in more than one PC without any restriction.

There is a 14-day money back guarantee for the software which entitles you to claim for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the software within 14 days from purchase. While most of the software applications offer 30 days money back guarantee, perfect table plan offers only 14 days.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thus Perfect Table Plan is that software which is most useful for those who organize and conduct events on a regular basis. The software caters to requirements of a variety of peoples ranging from individuals to professional event planners.

You can easily manage the guest's lists, their meal preference and create reports of the entire guest who have attended the function. The software offers a lot more features which you will be getting to know once you start using it.



9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Proximity feature which allows you to assign seats to the guests based on their relationship
  • You can create table plan for any number of guests ranging from a small event to a large wedding function with more than 4000 guests
  • Perfectly suitable for any type of users from a beginner to a professional event planner
  • Some settings and options are a little bit confusing and take time to learn
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