Security is a Myth? Not With IBVPN – My Full Review , I’ve Bought it

Do you do online transactions such as online payment, critically private emails or inputting your personal information such as your credit card information, address, social security number and etc.?

Did you know that these information could be intercepted and acquired by skilled individuals while you are entering them online? 

Security (on the internet) is a myth; you’d hear most people saying it. Even the Pentagon was hacked; these types of incidents would make us believe that security is indeed a myth. However, knowing these things, should we just leave ourselves unprotected against cyber-attacks? Of course not! We’d want ourselves to be protected from attempts to grasps any data we send/receive throughout the internet!

Personally, I would love to be secured at the best way there is for me when I do online transactions. I am at that point where I do a lot of online transactions and I badly need to secure them. So I checked my options online and found out that a VPN software would be the best option to take for me to get secured.

So I went ahead and used a few VPN services such as HideMyAss, ExpressDNS and PureVPN. Then a friend of mine introduced IBVPN to me. I started using it with its 24 hour free full trial and the longer I used IBVPN the more I got interested in it which is why I bought the Ultimate Package.

If you’d like to try the software out, you can get your 24 hour full free trial here without submitting your credit card  ( The Free Trial Button is on The Bottom of The Page )

You basically have to enter your email address and check your mailbox for your login credentials. I will show you what this software has to offer. But first, let me explain what and how a VPN works.



Virtual Private Network? What is That?

VPN is an abbreviation for virtual private network. It is a type of networking security that encrypts the data you send/receive online over a less secured network. This basically means that any data you send/receive on any network is converted into tiny parts which could only be interpreted by you, the sender, and the device you are sending it into.

And in addition to that security, these VPN services would send these information into a pathway that is designed to detect people who are trying to steal your data. Once this pathway (technically it is called a Tunnel) detects that someone is trying to steal your data, it would immediately terminate the current pathway and create a new one wherein no intrusion is detected.

More information is given on this video about VPN and how it works.


IBVPN Installation

Installing Invisible Browsing VPN is just a matter of clicking the next button until the installation succeeds. After the software is installed, you will be asked for your username and password for IBVPN to authenticate if you really are a subscriber may it be free or a premium one.


IBVPN Navigation and Features

I do a lot of things whenever I go online and it would really make me happy whenever the tools I am using are designed to make things easier for me. A great example would be Invisible Browsing VPN. The software’s home screen (Dashboard) already has everything that you need right after you login.


I will discuss these features one by one. Let’s start with…


Location, Protocol and Connect


VPN is a service provided by several companies worldwide and they setup the servers wherein your data will pass through securely on hundred different locations. Whenever you connect to a VPN, you will find the location option available for you to configure. This basically means that you can use their server location to conceal your actual location.

Put it this way: you are sending some data online while you are in Manila, Philippines but if you run IBVPN and select a particular location, such as USA (Los Angeles 3) according to our snapshot above, the address where the data came from that is imprinted on it will be on USA. When manually selecting the servers, IBVPN also lets the user know the traffic or the availability of the server they are selecting.


This option allows the user to choose what type on encryption they would like to use for the current VPN connection. Most of the times, users would just set it up to automatic but maybe for the far too technical people, they prefer a security protocol rather than having it set as automatic.


This button is, as the name states, allows the user to initiate the connection on IBVPN. After you connected, now you can browse internet securely and access website content without any issues. For example if you're outside USA , when you connected to the server in the USA you can access HULU , HBO, BBC



Whenever you experience any power interruption or internet downtime, some applications would stay up and running waiting for it to be reconnected. This creates a possible threat to your connection security especially if the application contains very important or private information.

Thus, Invisible Browsing VPN included Kill Switch, a standard in the VPN industry that ensures the applications that the user has listed in it to be shut down whenever there is any power interruption or internet downtime. The user only needs to ADD the applications on INVPN’s Kill Switch list to utilize this function.



Wanting to watch a movie that is only exclusive overseas? No longer a problem! With IBVPN’s ibDNS navigating these channels has been made possible. And too add to that, streaming movies via ibDNS is much faster than using the regular VPN like other VPN service providers.

How? ibDNS is a Smart DNS service that IBVPN integrated into their software. A smart DNS does not add any security to your connection, such as encryption, it is basically a proxy server that allows the user to change their DNS (basically fake the location) and get access to geo restricted websites or contents.

If you are using an iOS powered device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) you must know that: Hulu Plus and other networks restricted to US are available only if you have a US iTunes account.




For people who are really knowledgeable when it comes to technical stuff, logs are critically important. It allows them to troubleshoot the application’s problem just by reading these complicated logs. That could be done in Invisible Browsing VPN just by clicking this “View Full Log” button.

However, these logs could also be used against the users at some point. If this falls to the wrong hands, your privacy could still be imperiled. This is where IBVPN stands out to other VPN providers; they NEVER keep user logs for themselves. These logs are only stored and hidden in your computer locally and is not being sent to IBVPN servers. That is included in their Privacy Policy.



Of course, Invisible Browsing VPN would not be a successful software if they do not provide assistance to their users whenever they are in need of support and they did it in a very simple manner. The support option is very easy to spot on the home screen of IBVPN. When you click it, it does give 4 options.

  1. Contact – allows user to open a support ticket of send an email to the support team.
  2. Support Settings – gives users the capability to clear all logs after you are done seeking assistance with their support team. Also has the Repair OpenVPN and Repair IPSec certificate; both only has to be done when the support team say so or you know what you are doing.
  3. Service Log – is where the logs are shown.
  4. Update – allows the user to update the version of IBVPN.




Click Here to Visit IBVPN Official Website 


My Experience when using IBVPN

I was quite shocked on how the software separated the VPN function and the Smart DNS function to make the movie streaming faster than just doing it via the VPN software. Before I thought I could not play movies without a VPN; but this software really proved me wrong, and I really like it when someone or something proves me wrong. Also, the simplicity of the software’s design, how the developers made everything easier for the users by giving definitions to the options by just hovering into it really impressed me as an Ultimate Package subscriber.

It is really not required for users to be really technical for them to use the software, however, being a bit more knowledgeable of how VPN works may make your security better and be able to utilize this software to its fullest functionality. For me, I just chose the “automatic” setup for the software to do its magic for me and so far, I have no regrets.

One thing that users should know is that if they are doing something that requires an uninterrupted VPN connection do not attempt to switch to Smart DNS. Doing so terminates the VPN connection, thus, you could lose your data. This is basically common sense so I hope nobody makes such mistake.


What Other People Says About IBVPN

I tried checking for some testimonials from other users if they had the same opinion as I do and I found a lot of satisfied IBVPN users.

Great program ad overall the support is really fast and helpfull. I referring to my friends 
-Pietro bocchi -. using ~Standard VPN on December 7, 2016

What takes the longest time: write an email to contact the support-team. From then, the support had a solution in a short time. They answer, take some time to understand your problem and solve your problem. So the only bad thing that can happen: you don't call the support. Guys, you're really fast!
-Ben B. using Ultimate VPN on November 29, 2016

One of the best VPN providers and also a great support team. Special thanks to Barni. 
-Leander J. using Ultimate VPN on November 28, 2016

Dedicated and relentless support 
-Flo F. using Torrent VPN on December 2, 2016



Comparison with other VPN Competitor

Still doubting if Invisible Browsing VPN could really help you? That is totally fine. Unlike most of the VPN software provider, IBVPN provides their doubtful audience a 24 hour full free trial! That is 24 hours of IBVPN’s features without limitations; more than enough time for a user to be contented of the service this software could offer.

I have checked other VPN software and I was more impressed of what IBVPN offers to their users.


Free Trial – As stated above, IBVPN offers a 24 hour full free trial without credit card to their doubtful audience to help them decide if they need the software or not.

Money-back Guarantee – If you experience any unfixable issue or is not very satisfied with the product, IBVPN has a 15 Days Money-back Guarantee. Other VPN providers also offer the same assurance.

Logs – One of the best features of this software is that they don’t keep logs. Pure VPN does the same thing but most VPN providers do not.

Subscription – The best part of IBVPN is if that you only need one feature and doesn’t really need the rest, you have the option to just pick the one that you want via the subscription options that they offer their users.

They have one for just the STANDARD VPN for users who only needs the VPN service. the TORRENT VPN subscription exists for those people who would only need the software due to their excessive peer-to-peer/torrent download. The IBDNS/SMART DNS subscription for those people who only needs the Smart DNS feature to unlock geo-blocked websites. And of course, the ULTIMATE VPN PACKAGE that has all these features.

I bought the Ultimate VPN package mainly because I needed all its features and would make me save more if I take this package. I would encourage you to take the yearly subscription for you could save more from it ($58.06/year). If you’d go for the monthly payment, it would cost you $10.95, not too practical.


System Requirement

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Window 8
Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
Android, WM Smartphones, iPhone, iPad
Any PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP compatible device/software
VPN client available for PPTP users as well
DD-WRT supported routers
Xbox 360/PS3

As what the system requirements show, you can run this software on almost ALL DEVICES!


Verdict and Conclusion

With IBVPN you will have the best possible security you could have out there on the internet. With features properly separated from each other, this software provides full satisfaction to your security needs and your leisure. Support has been regarded as easy to reach and fast responding ones. If you’d check their review page you could see that most of the positive comments are for their support team; and if the support team are good it is most likely that the product is as well.

I’d rate IBVPN with a great 10/10 in its features and also 10/10 in its prizing due to the options they provide for the users.

Overall, it is an easy 5/5 software for me.

To sum it all up, IBVPN provides users a software that would step up your online security, provides options for the users on what subscription they could take and a support team whose reputation is very clear on IBVPN’s review page.

It is indeed a great software to have!



9.5 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Very responsive customer support, you can also live chat too
  • Dashboard is both simple and easy to navigate
  • Logs are not kept by IBVPN servers
  • Applications protected during power and internet interruption by killswitch
  • Wide selection of server. 100+ server from 47 countries
  • Available for Mac, Windows, IOS, Android
  • Provides real-time statistics of connection
  • User can get Free full trial for 24 hours without credit card
  • Secure browsing ensured by the 256 bit encryption algorithms
  • 15 Days money back guarantee if you don't satisfy
  • Users may need to be a bit more technical to get a full grasp of understanding on all of the software’s features such as the type of encryptions to use on the Protocol option. But for standard use, non-technical person can use this software easily
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