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TrackOff Review – With more and more increase in your online activities, it is becoming increasingly important in protecting yourself from various online thefts, trackers, and cybercriminals. Please remember, that you are continuously being tracked by someone wherever you go on the internet. So it is now critical to safeguard your privacy in this vast online world.

TrackOff, a perfectly designed software comes for your rescue. The software has some efficient programs and mechanisms that can easily detect those who are trying to trace you and your activities by making use of your digital fingerprints. The software keeps deleting your cookies frequently and thereby blocks any ads that might track you.

The software completely masks your identity in the web and makes sure that none of your online activities are being traced and exploited by the hackers.

Though the software seems to be a VPN software, at first sight, it is much more than that. The VPN is just one potential feature of the software as it offers many more features and tools that ensure in protecting your online identity by acting as a perfect shield for your online activities.



How simple is the installation of TrackOff on your PC?


The installation of TrackOff is simple and does not require you to do any complex things to complete it. Just like other commercial software, you need to make a few clicks before starting the installation process. But the process might take a few minutes to complete which is quite long on comparison with other commercial software.


Once the installation completes, you need to make a few more clicks to set up the software before you can start using it. You just need to click next for a series of pages before you are switched over to the home screen.



What are the features offered by TrackOff?

As said earlier, the software offers some great features and tools that offer an effective mechanism which protects your online privacy and keeps you safe and secure in the online world while browsing the internet. Let’s see the different features the software has to offer its users.

  • Each and every computer has a unique ID that is used to identify it. The software ensures in protecting it from hacker and other cybercriminals.
  • TrackOff has an effective tool that can easily remove any tracking cookies present in your browser that might track your activities.
  • The software functions 24/7 in monitoring you and identifying those who are tracking you. The software provides a complete list of all the websites that try to track your information.
  • The software VPN feature ensures in masking your computer's identity and by not revealing the PC’s original IP address.
  • The software’s state of the art technology ensures in blocking any attempts that try to steal your personal, financial and other confidential information.
  • The software provides an option for privately searching the internet without using any search engines. So that none of your searches are recorded and known to anyone.
  • The software automatically detects all the browsers present in your PC and enables protecting on them by default.



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How simple is the user interface of the software?

The user interface of the software is simple and easy to use by any users irrespective of their skills. Though it may look more clustered at the first sight, you might feel its simple interface as you start using it. Let’s discuss in detail the complete interface and its performance in protecting our online privacy.


The home screen displays a broad overview of all the features that were enabled and details of all the trackers who were tracking you. You can also find your privacy score and your tracking ID which changes randomly at frequent time periods.

The privacy score changes as you start enabling more security features of the software. The higher the score, the more secure you are.

The software notifies us whenever a website tries to track our online activity. So we can easily come to know which websites are safe to browse and those who track us.



You can find the list of all the browsers present on your PC and on which the TrackOff is enabled. It is recommended that you enable it on all the browsers present on your PC. The more number of browsers in which TrackOff is enabled, the higher your privacy score.

Browsers detected by the software

My Tracks:

In this section, you can find the list of tracks on all your browsers. You need to delete them frequently to avoid being tracked. Your privacy score increases based on how frequently you clear all the tracks and the cookies. Click on the ‘Select Tracks’ to clear the cookies and browsing history selectively.

Whenever you visit and leave a website, the website leaves a cookie on your browser which can be used to track your online activities. While most often it is difficult to delete these cookies, TrackOff deletes them instantly without leaving behind any traces.

TrackOff MyTracks

Here, you also have options to choose websites that you wish not to be tracked by the software. You can add websites which you trust to the whitelist so that those websites will no longer be tracked by the software. But remember, the more the websites you add to the whitelist, the lesser will be your privacy score.

Whitelisted websites


This feature allows you to mask your original IP address by connecting to a server located in a different region. So your identity is completely masked and your original location or identity cannot be found. But this feature is available only in the TrackOff Elite version.

TrackOff VPN


So here, you can see the complete details of all the tracking activities done on your by various websites. You can also see a list of tracks that were detected and blocked by the software. You can also get a complete report of all your tracking ID’s that were assigned to you while browsing the internet.

Reports section


Here, you can access the general settings of the software and view your account and plans details. Some of the things that you can do here are: change your language, enable or disable notification whenever tracking is detected, and other startup settings.

TrackOff settings


This is the help section which has links for accessing their knowledgebase or FAQ page where you get answers for most of the common issues. You can also contact their technical support team by using the email or toll-free number mentioned in this page.



What do reviewers and users say about TrackOff?

The reviews for the software are good and has many positives as the software promises. Almost all the reviews have unanimously given a decent rating for the software which makes us believe that the software does a decent job in monitoring your online activities.

While the reviews were all good, the user comments were somewhat mixed. While 70% of the user's comments are good, the remaining were bad and have listed some issues that were common to all the negative comments.

Some of the issues that many users reported were the software tends to slow down their internet connection, and sometimes the software makes the antivirus software not to function properly. While we did not experience any such issues with the software, we strongly advise you to try the software on your PC first before buying it.

Please find below some of the positive and negative comments that I came across on the internet.

With its polished and easy-to-understand interface, as well as the simplicity of its features that keep your online privacy safe, TrackOFF Elite is a Prosoft Preferred Product. To get protected, all you need to do is follow the prompts to install any needed browser extensions, enable Browser Protection, and set up a cookie clearing schedule.” – Prosoft Engineering

I really like this software. You can set a schedule to clear the history from all your browsers. Even though I had been manually attempting to clear cookies…etc., there was a ton of stuff still there. This program cleared it all, keeps it clear and I now have encryption.” – User

This item has good intentions and did what it was designed to do but it slowed my internet browsers down a lot! My internet security/anti-virus software has the same capabilities and does just as well without slowing down the browsers. I pretty much regret my purchase since the product key is registered to me for the 1 year and cannot return the item.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of the software?

The software does offer a trial version for its users to have hands on the software before buying it. But there are certain limitations as with other commercial software.

You can use the software only for a period of 30 days and after that, you need to buy the licensed version to continue using it. Again in the trial version, you do not have access to their private search and VPN features which are present only in the TrackOff Elite.


System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Required RAM 512 MB
Required Space 100 MB
Browsers Supported Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera


What is the price of the software?

There are two license packages available for TrackOff namely TrackOff standard and TrackOff elite. The only difference between the two is you will have access to their VPN feature in the elite version and the feature is not present in the standard version.

While the regular price of TrackOff standard and TrackOff elite are $34.99 and $59.99 per year, they are now available at a discount of 25% and hence they can be bought at $26.24 and $44.99 per year respectively.

There is no information about the money back guarantee from the developers. Will try to update this space with any details if I come across in the future.


Verdict and Conclusion:

With increasing frauds and thefts that are taking place in this online world, it is very much essential in protecting your identity and your personal information from getting hacked by cybercriminals.

So TrackOff can be a better solution for this critical problem as it protects us 24/7 from various sources and websites that might track us and try to steal our personal and confidential data. With various tools and features, the software ensures in masking your identity and protecting your digital fingerprint from various online thefts in the dark web.



9.3 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Effectively delete all the cookies that are difficult to remove otherwise
  • Encrypted browsing or VPN that allows you to securely browse the internet by masking our identity
  • Instantly identifies and notifies those websites that try to track our online activity
  • Compatible with most antivirus
  • 30 Day Free Trial Available
  • Encrypted Browsing is present only in the Elite version and not in the standard version
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