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Tubedigger Review – It is a common practice for most of us to download videos on the internet and save it in our PC so that they can be played offline anytime we wish. While some websites provide options for downloading their videos, most of the sites do not have any options for it especially YouTube, the greatest container of different videos.

So here comes TubeDigger, a video downloading software that allows you to download videos from anywhere on the internet. You can download videos by just providing the URL of the video source in the software. Once the video is downloaded, you can also convert them to different formats as per your wish.

With TubeDigger installed on your PC, you can now easily download videos on YouTube with just one click. Not only YouTube, but you can also download videos from any video streaming websites like Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc.



How simple is the TubeDigger installation process?

The installation of TubeDigger is very simple and easy and can be completed with just a couple of clicks. You just need to select the language and accept their terms and conditions before starting the installation process. The installation takes only a few seconds to complete after which you can start directly using it to download videos on the internet.


What are the features and benefits does the software offer its users?


TubeDigger is a simple tool for downloading videos from almost any website on the internet. It also offers some additional features as add-ons for the users. Let’s discuss the different features and the benefits the user enjoys by using the software.

  • Easily download online videos from almost any website across the internet with just a click.
  • The software allows you to record or download the live streaming videos in the same original quality.
  • The software lets you download any video on YouTube and other video streaming sites like Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc. simply by copying the videos URL.
  • You can download all 4K and HD videos from YouTube at the same quality without compromising.
  • The integrated media converter allows you to convert the downloaded video to almost any format you prefer. The software supports over 8 different video formats.
  • The software offers tools that let you extract the audio alone from the video files.
  • With TubeDigger, you can download the subtitles as a separate file from the media sites.


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How simple is the user interface of TubeDigger?

TubeDigger comes with a very simple and easy to use interface that does not pose any difficulties in using it to download videos. You just need to paste the URL of the webpage that contains the video and the download starts automatically. You can find all the features and tools of the software on the home screen itself.

Download Video:

To download a video from the internet, copy the URL of the webpage that contains the video and paste it in the URL address bar at the top of the screen. Then press enter button next to the address bar to navigate to that webpage. The video download starts automatically once the webpage is loaded in the application.

You can view the download progress in the Download space present at the bottom of the screen. You can view all the downloads in this space.

For YouTube videos, you will be seeing a number of downloads in this space which will be equal to the different resolutions available for the video. For example, if the video is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p, then you will be seeing three different downloads in this space.

But remember that not all the resolution of the videos will be downloaded. Only the resolution in which the video is playing on the webpage will be downloaded. If you want 1080p resolution of the video to be downloaded, then play the video in that resolution.

Even if the internet connection is slow, the software tries to detect the best possible bit rate for the video and tries to download it for you.

The buttons present at the left side of the address bar allows you to refresh the page and stop loading the page.

The D-L mode button at the top right corner of the window allows you to switch between the record mode and download mode.


In the below screenshot, you can see that a video from the DailyMotion site is getting downloaded in the resolution in which it is being played.


The below screenshot shows a video downloaded from Vimeo site.


Record Video:

This tool allows you to record live streaming videos just like downloading a video. You cannot download a live streaming video. In that case, you can switch to the record mode and start recording the live streaming. But remember to switch back to the download mode once you finished recording the video.


To convert a video from one format to a different format, click on the convert button at the bottom.

Then select the video file that you wish to convert in the input file area. And select the output format to which you like to convert the video. You can also select the quality of the converted video and other parameters of the output video file.

Also, select the destination location where you wish to save the converted video on your PC. Finally, click on the convert button to start the conversion.


The conversion process is pretty much quick and fast and exhibits performance that is equivalent to a professional converter software. For me, it took only 1 minute 50 seconds for converting 5 minutes 1080P resolution video.


You can find the various settings of the software in this area. You can choose a homepage that you wish to display whenever you open the software. You can also change the output location of the downloaded video. You will be finding different download related settings in this space.


Video folder:

Clicking on this button will simply take you to the folder where the downloaded videos are saved.




What do others say about TubeDigger?

The reviews for the TubeDigger are good and positive and has got some best ratings from most of the reviewers. Except a very few reviewers, none of the others had any issues with the software or its performance. The only issue which a very few reviewers pointed out is the lack of different video formats for converting.

The user comments were also equally good and positive. Almost all the comments that I went through have given more than 4 ratings for the software. I could not find any issues pointed out in the user comments.

Please find below some of the testimonials about the software that I came across on the internet.

All things considered, TubeDigger offers an intuitive environment and useful features for helping users grab videos from the Internet and extract the audio stream. Thanks to its straightforward approach, it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.” – Softpedia

Worked extremely well on the site I needed it and saved me the trouble of having to try and figure out how to use his download scripts I was finding on Github. It seems to be updated pretty frequently which is great to see.” – User


What are the limitations in the trial version of Tubedigger?

TubeDigger offers a trial version for the users to try before buying it. But there are certain limitations in the trial version which restricts you to download only 50% of the videos and only up to 4 Mb while recording live streaming. But there are no such limitations or restrictions while downloading YouTube videos. You are free to download the videos in YouTube completely.

TubeDigger trial limitation


System Requirement

There are no specific system requirements for installing TubeDigger on your PC. All you need is an active internet connection and any one of the following Windows OS installed on your PC.

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP


What is the price of the software?

TubeDigger is available only for Windows PC and not for MAC computers. Also, TubeDigger comes with only one fixed pricing option.

The price of TubeDigger is $25 for a lifetime which must be paid as a single payment. You can also use the software in any number of PC’s as you like just by ordering a single software. Once you purchased the software, you are entitled to get all the software updated for free of cost.

At present, there are no discounts or offers available for the software either with us or on their official website.

The software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows you to claim for a refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Thus TubeDigger is an effective video downloader that allows you to download videos from any website on the internet just by copying and pasting the URL in the software. The additional features like converting videos and recording live streaming videos comes as a value addition to the users using the software. The simple user interface makes it a perfect fit for both professionals and beginners alike.



9.4 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Download videos in the same resolution as they are on the internet
  • Very fast and quick video conversion process
  • Recording live streaming videos
  • Free Trial Available
  • Cheap Price . Lifetime License for Multiple PC
  • Can Download subtitle / extract audio file only
  • The software does lack a few video formats for conversion
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