Paragon Hard Disk Manager – 4 In 1 Hard Drive Tools, Efficiently Manage Your Hard Drive

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is one of the best software tool for effectively managing your system hard drive. With Paragon installed on your system, you can easily backup up your hard disk and safeguard all the data and confidential files present in it. With Paragon disk manager, protecting and safeguarding your data is made very easy.

The software is bundled with different tools that allow you to take backup of your hard disk, resolve any boot relates problems, recover your lost data and many more task related to your hard disk. The software allows you to efficiently create a partition of your hard drive by efficiently managing the available space.

With Paragon, you can easily copy data from one hard drive to another in a matter of minutes without the loss of any data files. The software also offers tools that allow you to clear files from your hard drive securely without leaving behind any traces of it.



How simple is the installation process?

The installation of Paragon hard disk manager is very simple and can be completed in seconds from starting the process. You just need to accept the terms and conditions and click on the install button to start the installation. Once the installation completes in a few seconds, you can start using the software to manage your hard drive.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager Features

The software offers a bunch of useful tools and features that helps in effectively managing your system hard drive and thereby maintaining optimal performance of your PC. Let’s see the different features that Paragon Hard Disk Manager offers its users.

  • The backup tool allows you to take safe backup of your system hard disk and store it securely. You can use the backups to restore your system back to normal in case of any software crash.
  • The recovery tool helps in safely recovering the lost data or files due to system failure or virus attack.
  • Partition manager tool allows you to effectively create new partitions on your hard drive or resize the existing partitions if it is running out of storage.
  • Disk wiper feature enables you to securely clean and wipes all your personal data stored in the hard drive before disposing of it.
  • Drive copy features allows you to easily migrate your hard drive while continuing using the windows PC. With this feature, you can easily migrate your old HDD to a new SDD hard drive.


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How simple is the user interface of the software?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager comprises of a very intuitive user interface but needs some technical knowledge to access and use the different tools offered by the software. All the four different tools of the software are categorized into four different tabs and can be accessed by moving to the corresponding tab.

You can see all the 4 different tools under the Tools tab. There are also two other tabs namely Home and Expert tabs which provide access to other features of the software. Let’s discuss each of these different tabs in detail.


In this Home screen, you can access the settings and other information details about the software and your account.


The recovery media builder tool allows you to create a bootable environment of your Windows OS on a USB drive or an ISO file. You can then make use of this bootable file to log into your Windows PC in case of a system failure or OS crash.


Now select the media platform of which you like to create a recovery file and then click the next button to proceed further.


Now select the media format in which you like the recovery file to be created. Also, select the target location on your PC to save the recovery media file and then click Next.


Then finally specify the location of the ADK file of your Windows OS to start the recovery process.



As said earlier, under this tools tab, you can get access to the 4 important hard disk management tools of paragon hard disk manager.

Backup and Recovery:

This tool allows you to create a backup or schedule a backup job of your hard disk and partitions. You can also use the restore tool to restore the system using the backup taken. To take a backup click on the create backup button. A new backup wizard will now open which will guide you through the process of taking backup.


Now enter a name and description for the backup that you are going to take and then proceed to the next step.


Now select the source file that you wish to take backup. The source can be a file, folder, partition or the entire computer.


Now select the target location on your PC to save the backup file.

Now click on the finish button to start the backup process. The software took around 3 minutes for taking a backup of 1 GB file.


Scheduling a backup job is also similar to taking a backup except that you need to mention the time at which the backup job must run automatically.


Restoring a backup file also involves the same steps as that of taking a backup file. You need to select the backup file and then the file that you wish to restore.


Finally, you need to mention the restore method that you like to use for the restore operation.

There are three different restore methods available from which you must choose the most desired one.


Partition Manager:

Under this tab, you can find tools that allow you to split a partition, undelete a partition and redistribute the free space among the available partition.


Use the Undelete partition to recover the partitions that were deleted at some time and there were unallocated space available in your PC. If there is no unallocated space available, then you cannot use this tool. In my PC, there is no unallocated space and so this tool cannot be used in my disk.


Split partition allows you to split the partition into multiple partitions and allocate space accordingly.

Redistribute free space helps in analyzing the free space and redistribute them to the partitions that run out of storage space.

Disk Wiper:

This tool allows you to safely delete all the important and confidential data in your hard disk without leaving behind any traces of it. This feature can be useful to erase your complete hard disk if you are trying to dispose of it.

Disk Copy:

The disk copy tool can help in migrating your hard disk from an old HDD to a new SDD device in simple steps.

Expert View:

Again in this space, you can access all the different tools present under a different section of the software under one roof. Click on each tool to open the respective tool wizard and start using the tool.



For any help on how to use the paragon hard disk manager, you can access their knowledge base or use their forum to get help from other members in the community. Both these help option can be accessed by navigating through the help button at the top.




What do others say about the software?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager has got excellent reviews and ratings from the online reviewers who have reviewed the software. Most of the reviewers have given their editor choice award for the software and declared it as the best hard disk manager available on the internet.

In total contrast to the reviews and ratings from the reviewers, the user comments were really bad and only a handful of users have given a good rating for the software.

The most common complaint that I came across was the software did not work or even open on their PC and the support offered was very horrible as they do not address any critical issues.

So, this cannot be ignored as such and these many negative ratings from the users have to be considered while buying the software. Though I did not experience any issues that were mentioned above with the software, I would recommend you to download the free version and try using it to see if it works fine for you.

Please find below some of the positive and negative comments that I came across on the internet.

Anyone who manages Windows computers needs Paragon's hard disk management and repair utility, which has the best-chosen and most-reliable features for managing disks and recovering files.” – PC MAG

If your request is simple their service is great; if your request is difficult, they disappear.” – User


What are the limitations of the trial version of the software?

Paragon Hard disk manager does offer a trial version for its users to try using it first before buying the full version. There are certain limitations in the trial version of the software. You cannot use the Disk wiper and Drive Copy tool in the trial version.

Also, you cannot use the Split Partition and Redistribute free space tools that are available under the partition feature in the trial version. To make use of all the available features and tools without any restriction, you need to buy the full version.

System Requirement

OS Supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Required RAM 1 GB
Required Space 300 MB
Required Processor 1 GHz


What is the price of the software?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager does not offer multiple license packages, unlike other commercial software applications. There is only one license available and it is only for the Windows PC.

The price of the software is $49.95 for lifetime usage. Therefore you just need to pay one time and use it for your lifetime.

At present, there are no offers either on their official website or with us. Kindly have an eye on this space to know about any offers if pops up in the future.

Also, there is no information about the money back guarantee of the software available on their official website.


Verdict and Conclusion:

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is one of the best hard disk manager available on the internet which allows you to efficiently manage your hard disk space and the files present in it. With the software, you can easily take a backup, split partition, safely clean the files and migrate your hard drives all bundled together in a single interface.

Also, since the user comments are bad for the software, I would suggest you to first download and try using the trial version before buying the software.



8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Multiple tools combined into a single interface
  • Backup operations perform at a high speed
  • Disk partitioning and migration are made easy and simple
  • Free Trial Available
  • Lifetime License
  • User comments are bad because the support and sometimes the software does not work
  • Need Some Technical Knowledge
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