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ConvertxtoDVD, formerly known as DivxtoDVD, is a great application to use to convert your video files so they are able to be burned to DVD discs. ConvertxtoDVD supports a wide range of formats for converting video to files that are playable on any DVD player. The application converts your file and then burns to your DVD disc automatically. This saves you the hassle of using multiple apps.

On top of it all the app features the ability to edit & customize your videos before being burned to a disc. Everything from creating menu chapters, subtitles, music tracks, and more. Receiving accolades such as Editors review from Softpedia, Windows 7 download 5 start award, Editors pick from download3k and much more. It brings ease of use and power to the dvd/conversion software ecosystem.

Convert X To DVD 5

ConvertxtoDVD – How it Works:

ConvertXtoDVD 5 was recently updated and released. This version introducing some major updates to the templates, folder management, and hardware decoding. The app works simply by importing your video into the tree view pane. It begins the editing process from there. After your video is imported it displays in the video preview window so you can see all changes made to it.

Under the preview you have access to editing tools such as cutting, cropping, subtitles and so on. This gives you complete control to adjust the video as needed before prepping it for DVD rendering. After all your work is complete simply set your encoding options, hit the “convert”button, sit back and wait.


Features & Benefits:

ConvertxtoDVD packs a ton of features into its simple interface so its definitely worth taking a look under the hood. Some of the features to take note of are:

  1. Format Support= AVI to DVD, MKV to DVD, MOV to DVD, Divx to DVD, WMV to DVD.
  2. Create menus & chapters
  3. Cut videos/split clips
  4. Hard-subtitle support= .idx, .sub, .ass, .srt, .ssa. dvb.
  5. Rotate Video
  6. Video/Audio synchronization
  7. Batch converter
  8. De-Interlacing
  9. Brightness/Contrast video control
  10. Convert NTSC to PAL & vice versa
  11. 2-Pass encoding support
  12. Multi-core optimized
  13. Burn to DVD, Create ISO, Create local PC copy

These features alone make converting & burning files to a DVD format a breeze. No need to worry about incompatible formats or using multiple pieces of software to get the job done as ConvertxtoDVD supports all of that in one application. VSO support for ConverxtoDVD even allows you to also burn multiple copies at once.

The app guarantees that your files converted will be compatible and play on all home DVD players old & new while also having support for all the latest in video/format technology such as 16:9, NTSC/PAL region formats, multiple disc support. Not only is the app accurate in terms of quality, but it’s know for its speed as well in terms of converting and burning to the disc without any issues.

Format support is whats really key to the software. Be it video files from popular ones such as avi, mkv, mov, or audio files like AC-3, all the way down to discs such as DVDR/RW/DL.

Download / Buy ConvertxtoDVD 5 With $10 Off Coupon Here >>


System Requirements: 


Processor Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon

(Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)

512 MB RAM with Windows XP

1 GB RAM with Windows Vista

Hard disk drive with at least 4.3 Gbytes free

DVD Burner 

Operating System

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP – 32 & 64 bit


Summary/Overview + Special Coupon

             The software overall illustrates ease of use and power. The support for a variety of formats makes the whole process a no hassle environment while providing an all in one solution for your video files. Import, edit and finally export are all in one application. It features a clean UI that anyone can pick up on and understand the basic functionalities of the app with room to learn more if they wish to go under the hood and incorporate some other utilities in their video. What convertXtoDVD offers best is the fact that you can import/render clips without much worry. The wide range of support makes it easy to swap files in and out and do your basic editing needs. A colorful range of DVD menus and chapters make it easy to add that customization to your video. So be it a home video for the family or some video project the application has you covered.

Currently you can demo the software and try it out to see for yourself. However, if you want to save on the software check out the link below to buy with $10 off coupon for a 1 year license.

Download / Buy ConvertxtoDVD 5 With $10 Off Coupon Here >>




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